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Specimen is an objective featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It tasks players with luring an Elite Archæan to the Extraction Zone and capturing it.


Upon entering the subzone, players must first locate the Elite Archæan, either with recon gadgets, abilities, or line-of-sight. The difficulty of the Incursion will determine the enemy tier of the Elite.

Once found, players must aggro the Elite and lure them back to the LZ. Alerting the Elite will also alert all enemies in the area. Players must be carful not to kill the Elite as doing so will fail the objective. To help prevent this, the Elite's health bar is displayed above it. When luring the Elite, too much distance will cause the Elite to stop following the player.

Once at the Landing Zone, players must arm the trap by interacting with the console. Should too much time elapse after the trap is armed, it will be reset and will have to be rearmed. If the trap has to be rearmed 2 times, the INDEX will say "Temporary Stabilisation detected. Caution is recommended." Despite this, it has no gameplay difference, and the players are not penalised based on how many activation attempts of the capture net are needed. If the elite steps onto the capture net while the trap is armed, REACT Foam will be released, causing the Elite struggle, in a unique animation depending on the enemy type, before inevitably falling to the ground, immobilized. This will cause the objective to be a success.