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Spikers are Tier 1 Archæans that appear in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. As their name implies, they are capable of shooting projectiles from their arms.


Spiker are a new Archæan variant produced by the Chimera Parasite in response to human efforts. They can be identified by the carapace spikes covering their bodies and their arms. When attacking, a Spiker will use its carapace arm to shield the weak point located in its head. Like other Archæans, Spikers will unleash a howl to alert nearby Archæan variants if they gain sight of a threat.

Spikers specialize in long-range engagements with their ability to shoot armor-piercing projectiles out of their arm. The high-density fluted projectiles have a sub-sonic velocity and cause atmospheric distortion when fired. Projectiles are generated in their arm appendage and will dissolve soon after they are fired. The pulpulsion mechanics it uses to accomplish this are unknown but REACT scientists have theorized that it is similar to the Bloaters detonation ability. Projectiles will need to regenerate within the Spiker once depleted.

Further mutations of the Parasite have resulted in the creation of the Storm Spiker variant.


Spikers are one of the few Archæans that can fire projectiles at players. Their projectiles are fairly accurate and leave behind a blue trail. Spikers will cover their head with their left arm while firing with their right arm but will leave their heads exposed when they pause to regenerate their spikes. They will also strike players with their arms if they get too close.

Like Grunts, Spikers can be dispatched quickly with a few shots to its weak point in its head. When be shot at by a Spiker, it is advised to take cover or start zig-zagging around an area. Once it stops to regenerate spikes, players should take advantage and fire at its head.

Storm Spiker[]

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Storm Spiker.jpeg

A Storm Spiker is a special variant of a normal Spiker. It can be identified by the pink tendrils and veins covering its body. Unlike normal Spiker, a Storm Spiker shoots highly damaging projectiles with homing capabilities. Projectiles can be blocked with Field Walls or can be destroyed by shooting at them, similar to a Tormentor's large projectile. Like a normal Spiker, Storm Spikers will leave the weak points in their heads vulnerable while reloading.



Mira Study Portrait.pngSpiker Studies (New York City)

Smoke 'Em
Objective Cover a Spiker with Smoke. 7,500 XP

1 Codex Entry
Brief "Spikers have the ability to shoot deadly projectiles. Some explosives and abilities can incapacitate them." - Mira
Logbook INDEX Update: "Trace Bacteria"

"Copper from Statue of Liberty was traced back to a mine in Norway. But it was mined over a century ago. Eliza, was the Chimera bacteria here before the Outbreak Event? And what does INDEX mean that they're not an exact match. Are we dealing with something different than what was in New Mexico?" - Mira

Gunned Down
Objective Kill 3 Spikers before they shoot suppressive fire. Charms Logo Common.pngDespyked Charm

7,500 XP
Brief "When Spikers are alerted to your presence, they will initiate a Howl. This makes them vulnerable for a brief moment before they jettison their spikes. Act fast!" - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Communication among Archæans"

"Spikers and Grunts use audible Howls, Nests seem to use subsonic electrical signals and chemical trails. Why so many different ways? There's some connection for all of it... Jordan, you ARE nuts... but you're also very observant. Biochem will have lab results on Sprawl soon." - Mira

Objective Kill 2 Spikers with their Weak Points while their head is unprotected. 7,500 XP
Brief "Spikers' innate defense makes them difficult to take out. They protect their weak head with their arms. Patience and precision are key." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Human-like"

"Jordan, I was reading over your notes and Operator reports on Grunt & Spiker. Did you notice that many of you used the words: 'Human-like". You don't think...? I'll talk to Eliza and get back to you." - Mira


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Don't Talk to Rangers Achievement.png Don't Talk to Rangers Kill 150 Tormentors and Spikers. 15G Bronze

Ubisoft Connect[]

Image Name Description Reward
De-ranged Challenge.png De-ranged Kill 50 Harassers or Spikers 50 XP