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SquadFinder is a service available for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Introduced as part of the Operation Shadow Legacy expansion, it gives players an easy tool to find a squad tailored around their preferences. It was released on August 17th, 2020.


SquadFinder allows players to create a profile based on their in-game data and play habits and set-up a request following their game sessions, languages, playstyle and game mode. The matching system will then connect them to players with similar stats and with good compatibility. From then on, you can send and accept friend requests, allowing players to gain new teammates and friends to join the fight.[1]


  • Enables players to submit squad requests for the Quick Match, Newcomer, or Ranked playlists.
    • Allows players to search for specific playstyles which are selected during profile set up. Players may choose from the Rusher, Breacher, Intel, and Support playstyles for Attackers and Roamer, Anchor, Intel, and Trapper playstyles for Defenders.
    • Features a calendar which informs the service of what days and periods of time the player is available to play.
    • Has the option to indicate whether or not the player has a microphone and if a matched squadmate is required to have one.
  • Allows players to receive invitations from other players.
  • Stores player profiles for users who have accepted invitations from the player or users the player has accepted an invitation from.
  • Sharing of service on Twitter

Profile Set Up[]

SquadFinder Validation Icon.png

To use the service, players must first login with their Ubisoft account and then set up their SquadFinder profile. The following items are required to set up a profile.

  • Platform
  • Region
  • Language
  • Timezone
  • Attack Playstyle (Optional)
    • Rusher - The first to go into the fray. Comfortable with 1v1 gunfights.
    • Breacher - Destroy walls, floorboards, wooden barricades and ceiling.
    • Intel - Get access to intel that allows the localization of targets.
    • Support - Cover your teammates and help them go through combat unscarred.
  • Defense Playstyle (Optional)
    • Roamer - Roam the map looking for opportunities to attack.
    • Anchor - You are the last line of defense.
    • Intel - Get access to intel that allow the localization of targets.
    • Trapper - Set up traps to ambush attacks.