Not to be confused with the map, Streets of Milan (Map).

Streets of Milan is the fourth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow. The multiplayer version of the level is Streets of Milan (Map).


The heavily armed police convoy which was escorting the remaining prisoners has been ambushed. Intel shows a well-organized militia involved in the assault. However, the lead vehicle operator radioed for backup, and police managed to contain them in before it was too late. Due to the early time in the morning, the armed men did not get too many hostages, but you still have them to worry about. They're currently established in the city center. The men are requesting safe passage to Macedonia in exchange for the hostages, but the Italians aren't negotiating.


Mission 4 Alpha
John Clark - Up and at em, People. We have a live one here. It looks like Colonel Magomedov had more friends than we though. The Polizia convoy taking the surviving terrorists from our last op got ambushed at 0200 hours this morning. As you can see from this photo, the rescue operation was very carefully planned.

Mission 4 Bravo
The blocker vehicle came up from here, stopping the convoy dead. Then some more tangos showed up to extract their comrades. The Polizia put up a good fight, but they simply got outnumbered.

Mission 4 Charlie
The escape didn't go quite so smoothly, though. The driver on the lead vehicle radioed in for backup. And the Polizia got reinforcements in there in a hurry. The terrorists retreated into the city center, and the police sealed them in. That leaves us with the dirty work.

Mission 4 Delta
We're lucky this happened so late, or these streets would have been crawling with civilians. As is. The tangos did manage to take a few hostages. The leader of the operation is offering to hand them back over in exchange for safe passage to Macedonia. The Italian Government isn't negotiating, and our job is to make that decision look good.

Mission 4 Echo
This is a map of the area where the police have them contained. They're using a church as their base of operations. and they've fortified all of the approaches. You can see that the hostiles have set up barricades at these points here. Some of those barricades may be rigged with explosives, so be careful approaching them.

Mission 4 Foxtrot
Remember, this is a tight urban center we're talking about. That means balconies and rooftops. Perfect snipe points for enemies. Keep your eyes up as well as open, and remember to think vertically. Otherwise, it'll be too easy for the tangos to get the drop on you.

Mission success

John Clark - That was a near thing, gentlemen. According to the Polizia, there were no escapees and no stragglers, so all of the tangos are either down or being held. Good work clearing those rooftops - those had the potential to be nasty. Intel is starting to piece together connections on your last few operations. When they have something more concrete, I'll bring it to you.

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