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Studies are a series of challenges featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. They task players with a variety of objectives to complete as part of REACT's efforts to learn more about the Chimera Parasite.

Studies are available in sets which make up a Research Deck for each Incursion Region. Each set features three challenges which must be completed in order to progress to the next set. Completing Studies will reward players with large amounts of XP, lore and Codex entries, or cosmetics. Crisis Events introduce timed Studies that introduce exclusive REACT Tech and cosmetics.

When an active Study requires a specific Archaean archetype, the chance of that archetype spawning is increased.

VR Training[]

Mira Study Portrait.pngSo It Begins...

The First Lesson
Objective Make a first run of the VR Training. 1,000 XP

1 Codex Entry
Brief "REACT has developed this state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Training Facility to prepare all Operators for what awaits. We can't send you down there cold." - Mira
Logbook "Archæans are an extraordinary enemy. VR Training will teach you REACT Protocols and Parasite behavior to ensure your reaction times and skills are unwavering when you face them." - Mira
Using REACT Tech
Objective Cover 5 Archæans with Smoke. 750 XP
Brief "When fighting Archæans, you will need every tool at your disposal. REACT R&D is constantly working on prototypes Test the equipment and weapons thoroughlv in the VR Training Facility." - Mira
Logbook "Our database is continuously updated with the latest intel from REACT scientists and Operator incursions. We'll keep developing tech to give you the edge against the Archæans." - Mira
The Incursion Protocol
Objective Extract from the third Sub-Zone. Headgear Logo Common.pngPhantom Sight Headgear

750 XP
Brief "The Hot-Zone encompasses 3 Sub-Zones each one separated by an Airlock. This is to effectively contain the Chimera threat and protect Operators during incursions." - Mira
Logbook VR Training Report.

"Nice reaction times! Tracking your biometrics helps us anticipate your situation. We may not be down there with you, but everyone aboard the Pioneer has your back." - Mira

Mira Study Portrait.pngBreeding Ground

Parasite Ecosystem
Objective Take down 5 Nests. 1,500 XP
Brief "Nests are the source of Archæans. They will remain dormant unless a nearby Archean triggers an alert. Approach with extreme caution." - Mira
Logbook VR Training Report.

"Well done. As you experienced, the Archean environment is as hostile as the enemy itself. Every step is a calculated risk. It's a lot to take in, so take a break if you need to." - Mira

Light Steps
Objective Stealth Kill 10 enemies. 1,500 XP
Brief "The Chimera ecosystem is complex and enemies are easily alerted. Use the VR Training Facility to develop the best tactics for Incursion Protocols." - Mira
Logbook VR Training Report.

"You're thinking on your feet! We can't fully predict enemy behavior or the impact of the environment on Operators. So being adaptable and self-reliant is essential." - Mira

Combat Ready
Objective Complete all Objectives within VR Training. Coslogo-common.pngPhantom Sight Uniform

1,500 XP
Brief "To get the maximum benefit and prevent unnecessary risks within the Hot-Zones, please complete the entire VR Training sessions. Being fully trained will help provide you with the skills to reach the third Sub-Zone and gather valuable intel." - Mira
Logbook VR Training Report.

"There was never any doubt about the skill level of our Operators. We needed to prepare you for the unknown. So now that you've seen what we're up against, are you ready?" - Mira

New York City[]

Mira Study Portrait.pngIntro To Nests

Look Up
Objective Ping 5 Nests on walls or the ceiling. 2,500 XP
Brief "Nest must be located quickly during incursions. Remember they can be found on any surface: walls, ceilings, rooftops. You'll know one is nearby when you hear its distinctive murmuring sound." - Mira
Logbook Entry NY-034:

"Incursions are underway! We don't know what to expect. The role of REACT and our Operators is to collect intel in order to contain the Archæans. Ash has ordered us all to record everything: our research, thoughts... concerns. Well, we have to start somewhere, let's dig deeper into the Nests" - Mira

Nest Popper
Objective Kill 7 Nests. Charms Logo Epic.pngCoop Charm

2,500 XP
Brief "Nests incubate almost all "Archæan" variants. It is unclear how they determine which Archæan type to make. We need to know more..." - Mira
Logbook Entry NY-045:

"The Nests' ability to generate types of Archæans depends on several factors we don't fully understand. This on its own doesn't suggest higher-intelligence, but maybe it shows they're trying to problem-solve? We need to determine how Intelligent they are." - Mira

Nest Removal
Objective Kill 3 Dormant Nests. 2,500 XP
Brief "Nests are dormant until they are awakened by an alerted Archæan or signaled by another nearby Nest. Once awakened they'll create Archæans and propagate Sprawl. You need to get rid of them before this happens." - Mira
Logbook Entry NY-058:

"It's surprisingly hard to measure intelligence in non-humans. We need help from all REACT departments - which made me think of Hives! Nests appear to function as a colony structure. Bees and Ants have a clear hierarchy of drones and soldiers. Do the Archæans function with a Hive Intelligence?" - Mira

Ash Study Portrait.pngScouting Ahead

Resource Tagging
Objective Ping 3 different Supply Cases. 3,500 XP

2 Codex Entries
Brief "Coordinate with your Squadmates to exchange Ammo, Medkits and REACT Tech to whoever needs it most." - Ash
Logbook Status Report: Rescue

"REACT's Field Team came through again! Samples from the Statue of Liberty are safely onboard the Pioneer. More confirmation that everyone is an essential part of this team. This was a good day." - Ash

Plan Ahead
Objective Use any command from the Chat Wheel. Weapon Skins Logo Common.pngDot Matrix Weapon Skin

3,500 XP
Brief "If you intend to trigger an Airlock transition or call a chopper from Extraction Point, it's always better to let your squadmates know." - Ash
Logbook Status Report: "Spores"

"Elena, An Operator returned from an incursion with Blinding Spores attached to the gear. It made me think of mushrooms. Not sure how spores fit with your hive theory, but maybe it's a lead." - Ash

Let it Glow
Objective Make 3 enemies bioluminescent through a wall. 3,500 XP
Brief "The REACT UV Light is an essential piece of equipment. Use it to trigger the Archæans' bioluminescence and reveal their Weak Points." - Ash
Logbook Entry NY-082:

"Bioluminescent properties in the Chimera means the Archæans are seeing the world in a different spectrum. Is it used for communication or camouflage? Why are there more questions than answers?" - Ash

Thermite Study Portrait.pngKilling Basics

Primary Practice
Objective Get 5 Kills with your Primary weapon. Charms Logo Rare.pngDice Charm

5,000 XP
Brief "One of your main jobs on these incursions is to kill Archæans. Stay on guard and watch every reaction. Do not underestimate them." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical NY-203:

"Archies don't like to be killed. Go figure. That said, it seems they have more than a few defensive tricks. I think the most unnerving is that Howl. Is that a call for help or a wall of pain?" - Thermite

Secondary Practice
Objective Get 5 Kills with your Secondary weapon. 5,000 XP
Brief "To get in and out of the Hot-Zone in one place, you must master all weapons at your disposal. There are no bad ways to kill an Archæan." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical NY-098:

"Operators did a good job on kills. They're dying and we're not. So that's something to celebrate. It's interesting that some of our methods of killing them seem to cause the Archies to leave some Sprawl residue." - Thermite

Warm Up
Objective Get 15 Kills or Assists in a single Incursion. Weapon Skins Logo Common.pngSmog Cloud Weapon Skin

5,000 XP
Brief "The more you kill Archæans, the more you'll understand them. Watch and learn their movements and traits to stay ahead of them." - Thermite
Logbook To Eliza and Elena

"Let's talk about the Sprawl... I'm watching the incursion recordings and the way it moves... this is gonna sound crazy, but it's like it knows where it's going. Have a look before you tell me I'm nuts." - Thermite

Mira Study Portrait.pngGrunt Management

Grunt Tagging
Objective Ping an unalerted Grunt. 6,000 XP

"Grunt" Codex Entry
Brief "Grunts are the most common type of enemy you'll encounter. You need to learn how to recognize one." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Grunts"

"Jordan, You mentioned the Archæans reactions and that got me thinking about individual intelligence. We need to study Grunt behavior up close. Since we think they're talking to one another. What are they saying?" - Mira

Aim for the Head
Objective Kill 5 Grunts with their Weak Points. Charms Logo Rare.pngTargeted Charm

6,000 XP
Brief "A headshot is the best way to kill a Grunt. Aim for their head for a one-bullet victory." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Spores and Fungi"

Eliza, Your mushroom hunch came back with some interesting results. Mycellum filaments found on the fungi behave like our brain's neural network. I'm waiting on INDEX and the Biochem lab to see if Chimera works this way too." - Mira

Base Samples
Objective Kill or Assist killing 15 Grunts. 6,000 XP
Brief "Even the lowest ranking enemy soldier can cut an Operator down. Grunts move fast and their direct attacks can cause severe damage." - Mira
Logbook Tactical NY-387

"Ash mentioned that testing intelligence in chimpanzees is done with experiments on problem-solving and tool use. So we need to compare the Grunts in a similar way. We need to capture a specimen! INDEX will help us run some tests." - Mira

INDEX Study Portrait.pngCore Performance

Objective Complete 3 Objectives. Charms Logo Common.pngKeycard Charm

7,500 XP
Brief "A great deal of preparation goes into Objectives. Make sure to look at the Objectives' list in the Incursion Brief to prepare yourself accordingly." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis NY-006542: "Grunt Intelligence"

"Initiating series of tests on Chimera Archæan Grunt specimen following request from Dr. Elena Maria Alvarez. Behavioral comparative tests between Chimera Archæan Grunt and Pan troglodytes (Chimpanzee). Neural comparative tests between Chimera [Undefined] Spores and Mycelia Fungi." - INDEX

Intel Target 1
Objective Earn 11,000 XP. 7,500 XP

"Operation Outbreak" Codex Entry
Brief "Completing your Incursion Objectives is the best way to gather intel. This valuable intel enables REACT to learn more on the Parasite, it's presence and effect on the Regions." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis NY-00986: "Trace Bacteria"

"Extensive tests conducted on Statue of Liberty samples indicate Chimera bacteria detected. Copper originated in Norway. Detailed comparisons indicate Bacteria is not an exact match with samples from the Outbreak Event." - INDEX

Objective Safely extract from the second Sub-Zone or later. 7,500 XP
Brief "Each time you go deeper into a Hot-Zone, it puts you up against stronger Parasite activity. But, this means opportunities to gather better intel." - INDEX
Logbook Research Report: "Sound Aberrations"

"While infiltrating through Sub-Zones, some Operators are reporting 'strange sounds'. Sensors verify Aberrations occur in mid to low frequency range." - INDEX

Thermite Study Portrait.pngGetting Sneaky

Deploy Cover
Objective Deploy 1 Barricade or Reinforcement. 7,500 XP
Brief "Use Barricades and Reinforcements to control the flow of Archæans in a space and gain the upper hand." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical NY-611

"I came up with a tactical way to test if Archies can problem-solve: Barricades. What happens when they run toward the charges as we sabotage their Arch Spines?" - Thermite

Objective Stealth Kill 3 enemies with Takedowns. 7,500 XP

"Barricading and Reinforcement" Codex Entry
Brief "Archæans can be sensitive to sound. Avoid a head-on assault to prevent them from sounding an alarm. Use stealth." - Thermite
Logbook Research Report: "Sound Aberrations"

"This is interesting... Looks like Operators were able to get clearer audio recordings around Aberrations. Ash, They swear they're hearing Russian. What does that make you think of? INDEX has all the data." - Thermite

Well Prepared
Objective Kill or Assist killing 3 enemies with a Suppressor equipped. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngPatina Weapon Skin

7,500 XP
Brief "Suppressors dampen weapon sounds, reducing the chance of alerting distant enemies. However, they inflict less damage to the target." - Thermite
Logbook Research Update: "Grunt Intelligence"

"To Eliza and Elena, have you read the INDEX results? No sings of individual adaptive behaviors in either the Spiker or Grunt. I mean we should be relieved at least. Right?" - Thermite

Mira Study Portrait.pngSpiker Studies

Smoke 'Em
Objective Cover a Spiker with Smoke. 7,500 XP

"Spiker" Codex Entry
Brief "Spikers have the ability to shoot deadly projectiles. Some explosives and abilities can incapacitate them." - Mira
Logbook INDEX Update: "Trace Bacteria"

"Copper from Statue of Liberty was traced back to a mine in Norway. But it was mined over a century ago. Eliza, was the Chimera bacteria here before the Outbreak Event? And what does INDEX mean that they're not an exact match. Are we dealing with something different than what was in New Mexico?" - Mira

Gunned Down
Objective Kill 3 Spikers before they shoot suppressive fire. Charms Logo Common.pngDespyked Charm

7,500 XP
Brief "When Spikers are alerted to your presence, they will initiate a Howl. This makes them vulnerable for a brief moment before they jettison their spikes. Act fast!" - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Communication among Archæans"

"Spikers and Grunts use audible Howls, Nests seem to use subsonic electrical signals and chemical trails. Why so many different ways? There's some connection for all of it... Jordan, you ARE nuts... but you're also very observant. Biochem will have lab results on Sprawl soon." - Mira

Objective Kill 2 Spikers with their Weak Points while their head is unprotected. 7,500 XP
Brief "Spikers' innate defense makes them difficult to take out. They protect their weak head with their arms. Patience and precision are key." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Human-like"

"Jordan, I was reading over your notes and Operator reports on Grunt & Spiker. Did you notice that many of you used the words: 'Human-like". You don't think...? I'll talk to Eliza and get back to you." - Mira

Thermite Study Portrait.pngKilling Basics 2

Stay Low
Objective Get 3 Kills with firearms while prone. 7,500 XP
Brief "Prone and Crouch positions helps you to move more quietly and to shoot more accurately. Vary your tactics depending on terrains and situations." - Thermite
Logbook Personal NY-122

"After a workout with a few Operators in Pioneer's gym, I got lost near the lab bays. I saw the captured Grunt there. Even on its own in that tank it gave me the heebie-jeebies. Those things aren't some rabid animal. Hell, we don't know what they are. But we'll figure them out. ...Also, Pioneer needs more maps in the corridors." - Thermite

Objective Get 3 Kills with a Muzzle Brake equipped. 7,500 XP
Brief "Effectiveness of weapons and attachments depend as much on your skills as on the situations. REACT encourages you to experiment with new gear during Incursions." - Thermite
Logbook Research Report: "Sound Aberrations"

"During recent Incursions we've managed to capture more sound aberrations. They sound like voices. All of the equipment is new and working fine." - Thermite

High Precision
Objective Get 5 Kills through Destructible surfaces. Charms Logo Common.pngWall Bang Charm

7,500 XP

"Aberrations" Codex Study
Brief "REACT UV Light can detect nearby Archæans through walls. This enables you to eliminate them from a safe distance." - Thermite
Logbook Research Report: "Human-like"

"Elena, You're suggesting the Sprawl has properties that — what — replicating? So Archæans are copying humans and animals? Gee... zuz." - Thermite

INDEX Study Portrait.pngPerformance Check-In

Safety First
Objective Complete an Objective without going into a DBNO state. Charms Logo Rare.pngDBNO Charm

7,500 XP
Brief "While completing incursion Objectives is a crucial contribution to intel, the Health and Safety of Operators is paramount." - INDEX

"Uploading Operator Incursion bio-monitoring data...

Following orders from Jordan Trace, Director of Tactics and Planning, Operator health data must be updated after each incursion to identify any signs of health deterioration." - INDEX

All Together
Objective Complete 3 Objectives and extract with a full squad. 7,500 XP
Brief "'No one left behind'. REACT considers safety of their personnel a priority. Operators are closely monitored at all times during Incursions." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis NY-017630: "Sprawl Behavior"

"Analysis of Sprawl indicates an active interest to explore its environment. It seeks other multicellular organisms and demonstrates some ability to problem-solve. This information is shared as encoded memory within an extracellular matrix. Suggest Comparison to 'Biofilm'." - INDEX

Health Conscious
Objective Extract with at least 50% Health and at least 1 Objective completed. 7,500 XP
Brief "Determining whether to exfiltrate or venture further into the Hot-Zone is a calculated decision only you can decide. Consider all variables before risking your life and that of your team." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis NY-032367: "Sound Aberrations"

"Ongoing analysis of Sound Aberrations confirm Russian language, dated 1966. Note that transmissions are not recorded playback. Suggest research on 'shared memory'." - INDEX

Ash Study Portrait.pngThe Chimera's Intelligence

Signs of Intelligence?
Objective Complete all 27 New York Studies. Charms Logo Epic.pngThe Big Apple Charm

25,000 XP

"Sprawl" Codex Entry
Brief "The key to winning this war lies in the hands of REACT and our efforts to understand every aspect of how the Archæans function. So far, REACT has only begun to scratch the surface of the complex abilities it possesses." - Ash
Final Report - Chimera Intelligence.png

Final Report NY-0637: "Chimera Intelligence"

"All aspects of the Chimera bacteria are contained within the Sprawl. It's a complex organism that appears to use a memory replication process. This enables the organism to share its memories. While there is no individual intelligence within Archæans, the Chimera is clearly capable of learning." - Ash

San Francisco[]

Mira Study Portrait.pngStudies In Defusal

Objective Take Down 3 Breachers or Bloaters. Weapon Skins Logo Common.pngCarrara Weapon Skin

10,000 XP

"Bloater" Codex Entry
Brief "Breachers & Bloaters are volatile Archæans that explode on contact. Bloaters leave behind a gas which is noxious to Humans. Both can be defused safely with a Takedown." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Breachers and Bloaters"

"Chimera Bacteria is capable of creating variations with specific behaviors and purpose. For instance, aggression within Breacher and Bloater is a direct response to our presence within their dens. Why would the Chimera use energy to create a variation that destroys itself?" - Mira

Objective Ping an unalerted Breacher or Bloater. 10,000 XP

"Breacher" Codex Entry
Brief "Act fast to perform a Takedown on Bloaters & Breachers or risk being caught by their explosion." - Mira
Logbook Entry SF-041

"Eliza, Since we detected Chimera bacteria in New York, REACT has been working to confirm traces in San Francisco. Why here? Geo lab suggests testing the lunar samples stored at the Foundation." - Mira

Stop Hitting Yourself
Objective Kill 3 enemies with Breacher explosions. Charms Logo Common.pngBreacher Backsack Charm

10,000 XP
Brief "Target the head of a Breacher or Bloater to prevent them from exploding. However, when surrounded by other Archæans, target the vulnerable point on the Breacher's back for multiple kills." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Motive"

"The Chimera Bacteria is spreading. So far we're not seeing the pattern or reason. With our Operators facing such dangerous variations as Breacher and Bloater, we need to be open to the theory that it has some purpose behind its actions. What does the Chimera want?" - Mira

Thermite Study Portrait.pngTarget Practice

Boom Specialist
Objective Kill 10 enemies with Explosives. 10,000 XP
Brief "Explosives deal strong damage to Archæans and will prevent Sprawl being left behind." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical SF-061

"Been thinking a lot about the Outbreak Event in New Mexico compared to these current mutations... During recent incursions, Operators are reporting even higher levels of aggression. It's like it understands better ways to fight us now. What changed?" - Thermite

Holo It's Me
Objective Kill 5 enemies with a Holographic sight equipped. Weapon Skins Logo Common.pngCubist Weapon Skin

10,000 XP
Brief "Use Holographic sight when targeting enemies from a distance. A momentary loss of peripheral vision to gain precision may be worth the risk." - Thermite
Logbook Personal SF-038

"I swear I hold my breath each time I send an Operator back in. But for every kill... every piece of intel or sample, Elena's R&D Team has a chance to create better equipment for us. We need to get ahead of this thing." - Thermite

Lethal Challenge 1
Objective Get 20 Kills or Assists in a single Incursion. 10,000 XP
Brief "Certain Archæans must be eliminated from a Hot-Zone to lower the zone's overall threat level." - Thermite
Logbook Research Report "Archæan Aggression"

"The longer we stay in the Hot-Zones the level of aggression increases tenfold. Hostile Swarms are unrelenting. And it works for them, because we have no choice but to exfil. Is this instinct or is there motive behind it? Looks like I have a date with INDEX." - Thermite

INDEX Study Portrait.pngMid Performance

Stay Healthy
Objective Have at least 60% Health after completing 1 Objective. Charms Logo Rare.pngSerum Tank Charm

10,000 XP
Brief "Operators should always be aware of their Health status. Any downed Operator without a squadmate to help will be considered MIA, leaving REACT to mount a rescue mission." - INDEX

"Health data of Operators returning from incursion are in the process of being uploaded into CODEX and will be filed alongside 'Operational Valuations'." - INDEX

Objective Extract from the third Sub-Zone without going into a DBNO state. Weapon Skins Logo Common.pngHazardous Weapon Skin

10,000 XP
Brief "INDEX will indicate when your vital signs are low. Choose a Health Boost or consider exfil." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis SF-034762: "Archæan Aggression"

"Jordan 'Thermite' Trace, Director of Tactics and Planning requested analysis on targeted aggression among Chimera Archæan variants. Plant tests in airlock indicate some mutations display hostile responses toward other lifeforms.
Query: 'Is it targeting specifically?'
Answer: Insufficient data. Experiments are ongoing."

Intel Target 2
Objective Earn 25,000 XP. 10,000 XP
Brief "Remember! The Primary goal of incursions is to obtain data on Archæans and its presence in the Region. Killing all enemies in one mission is not expected." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis SF-026498: "Chimera DNA in San Francisco"

"Early experiment results from both New York and San Francisco confirm the chemical genetic signature of Chimera bacteria. It is probable that other locations exist. ...Extensive analysis is ongoing." - INDEX

Mira Study Portrait.pngCaustic Buddies

Keep It Clean
Objective Kill a Sludge without it dividing. 10,000 XP

"Caustic Sprawl" Codex Entry
Brief "Sludge will multiply unless killed with explosives or shotgun rounds." - Mira
Logbook Entry SF-0189

"REACT departments are busy studying ways to slow the Sprawl. With Sludge being the most aggressive version we really to focus on even better tech to stop it. Who knows what other versions the Archæans will throw at us." - Mira

Watch Your Step
Objective Kill or assist in killing, Sludge without being hit by them. Charms Logo Rare.pngSludge Charm

10,000 XP
Brief "Sometimes Archæans leave Sludge deposits when dying. In case of Spontaneous Sludge mutation, REACT sensors will detect these Deposits and alert Operators before they enter the Hot-Zone." - Mira
Logbook Entry SF-0413

"Eliza is right. We can't expect immediate answers to everything, so we need to keep asking questions. We know Sprawl moves toward chemical markers. Is it attracted to those areas for a reason? And... is there a way to cut it off, or somehow slow it down?" - Mira

In The Walls
Objective Shoot or Ping 1 Sludge on the ceiling. 10,000 XP
Brief "Unlike some Archæans, Sludge lacks the ability to Howl or raise an immediate alarm." - Mira
Logbook Entry SF-0428

"I noticed Pioneer's Maintenance team working on the air filtration system near the Singularity Research Bay. Toxic residue from Sludge eroded the equipment. I'm assured everything's up and running now." - Mira

Ash Study Portrait.pngCoordination

Stay Healthy
Objective Get 5 scan Kills or Assists. 10,000 XP
Brief "The Chimera Biome is vast. Utilize Scan Grenades and Recon Drones to scope out as much area as possible. More eyes on the enemy the better!" - Ash
Logbook To Elena and Jordan, Archæan Aggression

"Like I told you offline, you're putting too much pressure on yourselves. Revisit Operator reports and the experiment data: Archæans don't always kill the organism they attack. Why? Is there something in that?" - Ash

Dedicated Scanner
Objective Scan 10 enemies in a single Incursion. Weapon Skins Logo Common.pngDeep Space Weapon Skin

10,000 XP

"Blinding Spore" Codex Entry
Brief "Recon Drone is a useful tool to scan enemies but it has limited battery. To save power, take shortcuts and use the Drone Holes installed in several walls." - Ash
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera DNA in San Francisco"

"Elena, I have a team testing the Chimera Bacteria DNA samples in airlock lab and comparing them to any DNA samples on a meteor fragment from the San Francisco UFO museum. We'll narrow this down." - Ash

Spore Spotter
Objective Destroy 5 Blinding Spores without them attaching on anyone. Charms Logo Epic.pngBlinding Spore Charm

10,000 XP
Brief "Clear nuisance Spores thoroughly. Remove any attached Spores before they rupture and block the Operator's vision." - Ash
Logbook From Director Eliza Cohen: Attention All REACT Departments

"By now everyone has seen the genetic sequencing results that say the Chimera variants are multiplying: 'Spores are an example that the Chimera improves after merging with different organisms.' The recommendation is to increase our genomic surveillance. So that's what we're going to do! It's discouraging but each of you is here because you're the best at what you do. We can solve this! - Eliza." - Ash

Thermite Study Portrait.pngShooting Drills

Calculated Kill
Objective Score 4 Kills within 2 seconds. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngRoasted Gunmetal Weapon Skin

10,000 XP
Brief "REACT Operators are highly skilled. They know what sometimes the best method is to observe and wait for the best time to attack." - Thermite
Logbook To Eliza,

"I see your point. It's true, maybe I've been target fixated on aggression levels. I wouldn't say that I think it has a 'personal vendetta against us.' I just can't shake how it reacts to Operators specifically. Anyway. You're right, there is a bigger picture here. I'll follow your lead." - Thermite

Objective Kill or Assist killing 5 stunned Archæans. 10,000 XP
Brief "There's only limited time when an enemy is stunned. Act fast and remember: stunning an Archæan opens the way for a Takedown." - Thermite
Logbook Personal SF-0563

"REACT has San Francisco contained pretty well. And so far, there are no signs of Archies activity beyond the places we already know. That's good news! Maybe we should lock 'em in Alcatraz." - Thermite

Lethal Challenge 2
Objective Get 20 Kills or Assists in a single Incursion. 10,000 XP
Brief "Some Targets can be easily eliminated alone. Elite targets require communication with your Squad to launch a coordinated assault." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical SF-1891

"Some members of our squad are better at catching the subtle things. They told me to rewatch their incursion footage: Archies go into a frenzy when the squads attempts to deploy Foam into the Nutrient Nodes. They attack the injectors more than Operators." - Thermite

Thermite Study Portrait.pngStealth Variety

Get Around
Objective Stealth Kill an enemy in each Sub-Zone in an Incursion. 10,000 XP
Brief "A 3-person squad requires 2 Operators to activate the Airlock sequence in order to proceed to next Sub-Zone. REACT insists deployed Operators collaborate effectively." - Thermite
Logbook Personal SF-012

"Took a break (boss' orders!) and ran into Jack and Yumiko in the canteen. Those two are an effective team. ...Dang! It's good to just hang out and have a laugh with friends." - Thermite

No Howls
Objective Complete an Objective without triggering any Howls in the Sub-Zone. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngDigitize Weapon Skin

10,000 XP
Brief "Further into the incursion, Chimera activity increases and Archæan counterattacks are deadlier. It's critical to not trigger alerts when delving deeper." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical SF-1267

"The further Operators venture into the Hot-Zones the more aggressive the Archies get. That much we know. It's clear we're triggering the aggression, so our Operator's job is to determine the best ways to evade those triggers." - Thermite

Muscle Memory
Objective Take down 10 enemies. 10,000 XP

"REACT Blade" Codex Entry
Brief "If struggling to Takedown enemies, utilize REACT Gear to incapacitate them. Only unaware enemies can be taken down and sampled with the REACT blade." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical SF-1498

"Operators pointed out that while in stealth, Archies' alert system isn't as sharp. I thought that meant it's just how good our team is but I see their point: The Archies aren't necessarily detecting a 'scent' but are triggered by a direct threat." - Thermite

Mira Study Portrait.pngSower Mitigation

Sower Vulnerability
Objective Kill or assist in killing a Sower with its Weak Point. 10,000 XP

"Sower" Codex Entry
Brief "Sowers will deploy mines when evading attacks. When in pursuit be careful not to trigger them or risk being blinded by flash." - Mira
Logbook Entry SF-0598

"The guys said I need to stop watching Incursion footage while I eat lunch. The Sower isn't exactly as entertaining as cat videos... It's strange that Sower doesn't have any extreme aggression like the other mutations. It runs away unless it's cornered. What benefit is there for the Chimera to create something non-aggressive?" - Mira

Fancy Footing
Objective Kill or Assist killing a Sower before setting off any of its mines. 10,000 XP

1 Codex Entry
Brief "The best tactic against Sowers is to corral them. Work fast to take them out." - Mira
Logbook Personal SF-0149

"Honestly, I'm feeling as though a sower mine has screwed up my vision. Something we're not seeing. If they've found Chimera's genetic signature here in San Francisco on a meteor fragment... how did it here without us knowing? Something about the chemical signature and spreading that we're not fully seeing. Need ice cream *and* INDEX results!" - Mira

Objective Destroy 3 Sower mines without setting them off. Coslogo-common.pngRiot Squad Uniform

10,000 XP
Brief "Sower mines can easily be defused without firearms or explosives." - Mira
Logbook Entry SF-0644

"Watching videos of the Sower with a few of the Operators, reminded us all of a scared animal. And then Ela nailed when she suggested it was 'a distraction'. The Sower may not directly aggressive but it's designed to lure and trap the Operators. Was it created as another adaptation specifically to deal with us?" - Mira

INDEX Study Portrait.pngPerformance Check-In

Full Sweep
Objective Complete 3 Objectives and extract with a full squad. 10,000 XP
Brief "In the event that all incursion Objectives are complete, REACT encourages immediate extraction. Operator safety is our key priority." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis SF-0329630: "Chimera's Genetic Signature"

"Data confirms Sprawl instinctively seeks chemical markers consisting of its genetic signature. This enables it to reconnect, replicate and spread. Therefore, it will only spread to locations marked with traces of Chimera Bacteria." - INDEX

Health Maintenance
Objective Extract with at least 60% Health after completing 3 Objectives. Headgear Logo Common.pngRiot Squad Headgear

10,000 XP
Brief "Incursions are volatile and dangerous. Clearing all Operator Objectives should be a source of pride. REACT appreciates your efforts." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis SF-0346722: "Chimera DNA in Other Locations"

"Meteor fragments in the San Francisco museum is part of meteor debris discovered in a secluded part of Alaska in 1950. A Molecular Bio team has been deployed, under the orders of Eliza 'Ash' Cohen, REACT Director of Operations." - INDEX

Intel Target 3
Objective Earn 35,000 XP. 10,000 XP
Brief "Operators should complete as many Objectives as possible during each incursion. Only with this dedication can REACT obtain the information that will someday defeat the Archæans." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis SF-041131: "Aggression Response"

"Detailed analysis has determined Chimera behavior mirrors that of human autoimmune system. Aggression and mutations variants as essentially 'antibodies' that target invaders. Attacks on Operators during REACT Incursions is seen a Bacterial Stress Response." - INDEX

Ash Study Portrait.pngThe Chimera's Motive

Why does it attack?
Objective Complete all 27 San Francisco Studies. Charms Logo Epic.pngFrisco Charm

50,000 XP

"Sludge" Codex Entry
Brief "Sprawl seems driven by an instinct to reunite with itself and seek new organisms in its path. What's the connection between that and its aggression?" - Ash
Final Report - Chimera Motive.png

Final Report SF-2987: "Chimera Motive"

"When under increasing threat a Bacterial Stress Response is triggered within the Chimera. The aggressive reaction is in direct proportion to the threat is perceives. In this case, our Operators. The Archæan variants are an ever-evolving defensive response to us that function like antibodies. It's unclear if the Bacterial Stress Response and the Chimera's urge to reconnect are linked. Is the Chimera Sprawl an ever-evolving immune system?" - Ash


Mira Study Portrait.pngTheatre Of Torment

Stun Still
Objective Kill or Assist killing 2 stunned Tormentors. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngBloodsucker Weapon Skin

15,000 XP

"Tormentor" Codex Entry
Brief "Tormentors shapeshift into Sprawl form in order to move. You have different options to stop them, such as using a stun grenade, Ela's Grzmot mine, or even Sledge's charged hammer swing!" - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Nature of the Chimera."

"How can one organism copy from so many complex and diverse behaviors? How do we explain Tormentors and their ability to alter shape and generate energy projectiles? What other unique — bizarre! — properties does the Chimera have?" - Mira

Objective Destroy Tormentor projectiles with firearms. 15,000 XP
Brief "The Tormentor has two types of projectiles. The stronger projectile is slower. This should provide plenty of time to react and defuse it before it reaches you." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Classification"

"Eliza, We know this Chimera strain is some evolved variation of the Outbreak Event. This shapeshifting bacteria is unlike anything we've seen on earth. How different is it compared to earth-borne bacteria?" - Mira

Explosive Reaction
Objective Damage 2 Tormentors with Explosives. Charms Logo Common.pngHotspot Charm

15,000 XP
Brief "Some enemies may be too hard to deal with using regular weapons. Remember, REACT Tech and abilities are there to help you." - Mira
Logbook Entry AK-0096

"The Tormentor emerges from within the Sprawl. It uses projectiles and can even be reabsorbed. ¡Madre mía! It's impossible to get my head around. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen with my own eyes." - Mira

Ash Study Portrait.pngEye In The Sky

Specialised Scanner
Objective Scan 15 enemies. Weapon Skins Logo Common.pngOvergrowth Weapon Skin

15,000 XP

"Lurker" Codex Entry
Brief "Utilize Abilities wherever possible. Pulse's Cardiac Sensor, for instance, will detect MIA Operators." - Ash
Logbook Personal AK-0832

"Every incursion has me on edge. We couldn't do any of this without the Operators risking their lives to run these field tests. Elena and her R&D Team are working 24/7 to give them the best gear for the job. That makes me feel better about the odds." - Ash

Piercing Eye
Objective Get 5 Kills through Destructible surfaces. 15,000 XP
Brief "Look for destructible walls, floors and ceilings. Make good use of the environment and utilize line of sight to protect you during engagement." - Ash
Logbook Research Report: "Orpheus Meteor"

"A team searched the abandoned Orpheus Astroscience Labs. Orpheus had its team studying a meteor since the 1950s. Around the time of the Outbreak Event the lab was shut down. So far it looks as though all research data has been destroyed but my team on the ground tells me the equipment gives us some clues." - Ash

Scout Ahead
Objective Ping 3 Lurkers, Rooters and Smashers. 15,000 XP
Brief "Keep battle-ready at all times. Recon enemy locations to alert your team." - Ash
Logbook Research Report: "Visible Spectrum"

"To Elena and Jordan, Additional data on Chimera types: Lurker, Rooter, and Smasher is on its way. Check out the electromagnetic radiation lab tests on the Lurker's cloaking ability. Maybe there's more to the molecular structure of the Chromatophores than we thought. Seems that we aren't seeing everything." - Ash

Thermite Study Portrait.pngSilent Killer

Silent Streak
Objective Score 5 Stealth Kills in a row. Enemies must not be alerted. Charms Logo Epic.pngTactical Nightlight Charm

15,000 XP
Brief "Attacking from behind will kill most Archæans. Only Elite Smashers require several Takedowns before they are eliminated." - Thermite
Logbook Personal AK-0295

"These Incursions aren't getting easier. Just when we think we've seen it all, Archies throw a different trick at us. Fine. Like Dad used to say, 'Everything's a teaching moment.' We'll learn every reaction, tactic — every DAMN trick — they throw at us." - Thermite

Dormant Destruction
Objective Kill 10 dormant Nests. 15,000 XP
Brief "Unless required to monitor Nests with Autotrackers, we recommend you eliminate dormant Nests otherwise they will transmit an alarm." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical AK-2067

"Every Autotracker we have is trained on those dormant Nests and still we can't unpack how so many Archæans can emerge from a single Nest." - Thermite

Objective Perform 3 Stealth Kills on different types of Archæans in a single Incursion. 15,000 XP
Brief "Do not underestimate the different Archæans. Before attempting a Takedown consider its behavior, movement patterns, and reactions." - Thermite
Logbook Research Report: "Visible Spectrum and Nest Activity"

"Eliza, Did you see the Autotracker readings I sent from the last incursions? Even if there's no visible activity around the Nests, it seems there is activity! I want to say I know what I'm looking at... Waiting to hear what the Physics team thinks." - Thermite

Mira Study Portrait.pngLurker Busting

Lurker Vulnerability
Objective Obliterate 1 Lurker with its Weak Point. Charms Logo Epic.pngBlooming Lurker Charm

15,000 XP
Brief "The head of the Lurker is shielded with a durable carapace. Wait for the carapace scales to open before shooting this Weak Point." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Dormant Nests"

"Jordan's mention of the dormant Nests made me wonder... Since the Lurker's invisibility traits are in another spectrum, maybe Nests also have an energy that isn't visible to us or our sensors." - Mira

Specialised Reveal
Objective Uncloak a Lurker with REACT Tech or Operator Abilities. 15,000 XP

1 Codex Entry
Brief "Lurker will become visible when shot at. However, it's best to utilize methods that don't alert them or other nearby Archæans." - Mira
Logbook To Eliza,

"Orpheus Lab had its own Tachyon Detector. Question is, why were they studying quantum phyiscs in association with a meteor?" - Mira

Grand Reveal
Objective Uncloak 3 non-Lurker Archæans. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngStealthy Intruders Weapon Skin

15,000 XP
Brief "The Lurker has the ability to render itself and other enemies invisible. If a Lurker is in the Sub-Zone, recon tools are your best option to prepare for any encounter." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Complexity"

"The Archæans' ability to create variants such as the Lurker, display a complexity that is beyond a simple bacteria. What if our initial assessments were wrong? Maybe INDEX has the latest genetic sequencing results." - Mira

INDEX Study Portrait.pngAdaptability

Trait Adjustment
Objective Complete an Objective while Parasite Mutations are active in an Incursion. Charms Logo Rare.pngExplosive Charge Charm

15,000 XP

"Cloaked Archæans" Codex Entry
Brief "Different types of Archæans can alter Hot-Zone ecosystems. Choose gear and equipment carefully." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis AK-380981: "Visible Spectrum"

"Some Chimera Mutations have complex traits that require further Intel. Initial findings Indicate that the Lurker's chromatophore ability to cloak itself and other Archæans is utilizing the quantum principles found in the process of photosynthesis. " - INDEX

Health Maintenance
Objective Complete 3 Objectives without going into a DBNO state. 15,000 XP
Brief "The Chimera ecosystem is relentless and unforgiving. If you regularly need your squadmates' help to set you back on your feet, consider equipping some REACT Gear that can prevent these situations. " - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis AK-187301: "Chimera Classification"

"Query: How does Chimera Bacteria compare to earth-borne bacteria?
There is insufficient data to determine the total number of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasitic organisms currently existing on Earth. While Chimera Bacteria possesses some similar characteristics, its unusual properties have not been detected in any known earth-borne bacteria."

Intel Target 4
Objective Earn 45,000 XP. 15,000 XP
Brief "Completing Objectives is the most direct way to gather intel. Performing actions such as Takedowns will also provide us with valuable samples for Intel." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis AK-187549: "Chimera DNA Results"

"Samples obtained on recent incursions have been processed. Next Generation Genomic Sequencing indicate Chimera's DNA pairs exceed 20 billion and contain complex cell structures not found in other bacteria." - INDEX

Thermite Study Portrait.pngUnderhanded

Deadly Accuracy
Objective Score a 5 Weak Point Streak with firearms. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngZeroed Weapon Skin

15,000 XP
Brief "Performing a Headshot is the most effective way to obliterate an enemy and ensure there Is no remaining Sprawl." - Thermite
Logbook Research Report: "Vanishing Sprawl"

"It isn't that our Operators have issues taking the Archies out. It's that none of us can make sense of what "taking It out" means. The targets vanish! The team and I assumed Sprawl went underground. There isn't always evidence of that. So... where the hell does It go?" - Thermite

General Stunner
Objective Kill or Assist killing 10 stunned Archæans. 15,000 XP
Brief "Not all Archæan have the same Weak Points. Though several may be vulnerable In the head, others are not. REACT UV Light will help detect these Weak Points." - Thermite
Logbook Personal AK-0128

"Talking Singularity isn't exactly my wheelhouse. Sounds like Elena and the Physics lab are onto something. I'd be lying If I said I understood even half of it. The Tactical Department's role is much more clear: Kill as many of them as we can." - Thermite

Achilles' Exploit
Objective Obliterate 10 Archæans with their Weak Points. Charms Logo Common.pngSweet Spot Charm

15,000 XP
Brief "Direct battles with the Archæans is only one of REACT strategies. Operators gather Intel to help understand them." - Thermite
Logbook To Eliza and Elena,

"Can you believe the DNA results on the Chimera? What If It holds the cure to Cancer or Alzheimer's or — everything?" - Thermite

Thermite Study Portrait.pngSilent And Deadly

"Always Ready"
Objective With a Suppressor equipped, Stealth Kill 5 Archæans with their Weak Points. Weapons Skin Logo Legendary.pngWinter Slush Weapon Skin

15,000 XP
Brief "REACT encourages its Operators to customize their gear and uniform, so long as those customizations do not jeopardize mission Objectives. " - Thermite
Logbook Tactical AK-1025

"Our stealth ops are seeing solid results! Alaskan cold doesn't appear to affect the Archies. Another reason to hate them... Anyway, makes me wonder if they're affected by anything, like our geomagnetic field." - Thermite

No Howls 2
Objective Complete an Objective without triggering any Howls in the Sub-Zone. 15,000 XP
Brief "Some Archæans are easily alerted to your presence. Objectives such as Nest Tracking require maximum discretion." - Thermite
Logbook Personal AK-0333

"Being in the Hot-Zone has any number of unsettling things — that Howl for one. But Operators tell me it's the Singularity stuff that really unnerves them. As Elena studies that... I told them to think of their role as a vaccine injected into a body to fight a virus. I don't why they laughed." - Thermite

Objective Take down 10 enemies. 15,000 XP
Brief "If Takedowns are a problem, try incapacitating the enemy first with a Grzmot mine, smoke or stun grenades." - Thermite
Logbook Research Report: "Orpheus Meteor"

"REACT is testing samples of the Orpheus meteor. There are theories that it could've come from impact debris that formed the moon 4.5 billion years ago. Is that why it was special to them?" - Thermite

Mira Study Portrait.pngUnrooting

Rooter Vulnerability
Objective Obliterate a Rooter with its Weak Point. 15,000 XP

"Rooter" Codex Entry
Brief "Rooter attacks can be dodged, and will release its grip if inflicted with enough damage. Flanking is the most effective tactic to reach the Weak Point on its back." - Mira
Logbook Personal AK-2106

"Gustave believes the Chimera bacteria could uncover leaps in human medicine. Along with his Operator duties, he's asked Eliza to assign him to the Biomed lab. There is still so much we don't know. The complexity of this organism has behaviors we haven't yet identified. It could be too dangerous. But then... REACT is the only organization that could explore these avenues safely. And Doc is Doc. How can Eliza say, 'no'?" - Mira

No Touchy
Objective Kill or Assist killing 3 Rooters before they root anyone. Charms Logo Epic.pngMaximus Rekt Charm

15,000 XP
Brief "Rooters are a challenging enemy. Coordinate with your squadmates and ensure someone is maintaining line of sight on the Weak Point of its back." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Root System Phenomenon"

"While the function of the Rooter's root system is understood, it's unclear how it seems to appear from 'nowhere'. Does this have anything to do with visible spectrum? These phenomena are connected. Sending all data to INDEX for extensive analysis." - Mira

Objective Stun 3 Rooters. 15,000 XP
Brief "It takes firepower to disengage from the Rooter's root system. Don't risk valuable time and ammo: Use Stun Grenades or other gadgets to free yourself." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Quantum Properties"

"Jordan! I've been so busy I only just read your Tactical Log. When you mentioned geomagnetic fields that made me think of bird navigation. Did you that bird navigation utilizes quantum properties? So does photosynthesis! If that is true, it isn't beyond the realm of possibility that an organism like the Chimera is utilizing this as well. If this is right, I'll buy dinner!" - Mira

INDEX Study Portrait.pngPerformance Check-In

Objective Extract with at least 80% Health and at least 2 Objectives completed. Weapons Skin Logo Epic.pngScarred Weapon Skin

15,000 XP
Brief "Boost low Health in Hot-Zones with Medkits or Operator abilities. Beware, all Health Boosts are temporary. All Operators need proper rest aboard the Pioneer." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Report: AK-902120: "Bio Lab Alert"

"Bio Lab has issued a localized lockdown. Thawed Chimera Bacteria is attempting to spread toward other samples within storage. Containment measures have been activated. Sensors detect high-energy particle spike when the Chimera detects its signature. Request to test individual Chimera samples near Confinement System in the Singularity Research Bay has been approved by Eliza Cohen, REACT Director of Operations." - INDEX

Intel Target 5
Objective Earn 55,000 XP. 15,000 XP
Brief "Venturing further into an incursion provides better intel. Specimen samples are valuable to REACT and therefore will increase the amount of intel received." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis AK-9987012: "Nutrient Nodes"

"Nutrient Nodes appear to function as food resource similar to nitrogen-based fertilizer. Nutrient exchange is activated and controlled by the Sprawl. Collecting all data from all REACT departments confirm Sprawl as bacteria." - INDEX

Self Sufficient
Objective Reach the third Sub-Zone without using any Ammo refills. 15,000 XP
Brief "Ammo Refills are limited within the Hot-Zones. Manage your resources carefully. Sometimes one bullet is all you need." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis AK-99893001: "Quantum Properties"

"Confirm that Quantum Entanglement properties have been observed by REACT Department experiments and tests. This behaviors is not a side effect of REACT or systems aboard Pioneer. Quantum properties are present within the Sprawl itself." - INDEX

Ash Study Portrait.pngNature Of The Chimera

Science behind the Phenomena?
Objective Complete all 27 Alaska Studies. Charms Logo Epic.pngSoaring Alaska Charm

75,000 XP
Brief "We're left with questions that are fascinating and terrifying. The Chimera Bacteria could open the way for advances in medicine and technology that may not otherwise be possible. But we can't sight of the challenge we're up against." - Ash
Final Report - Chimera Nature.png

Final Report AK-0327: "Chimera Nature"

"Sprawl is a bacterial network that possesses quantum properties. It has the ability to share nutrients, energy and information across large distances. It appears to place itself in a state of quantum entanglement where its particles remain physically linked despite being separated across these distances. How it developed this ability and how far it can ran is currently unknown." - Ash

Truth or Consequences[]

Thermite Study Portrait.pngSneakssassin

Double Down
Objective Stealth Kill 3 Archæans with their Weak Points. 20,000 XP
Brief "Archæans' weaknesses are rare. These already powerful enemies are made stronger and faster when they come in contact with the Sprawl. Prevent them from walking in it." - Thermite
Logbook Personal ToC-012

"The way things have been going, I shouldn't be surprised we're back in New Mexico. It all came back to me in a flash: The first Outbreak Event up against Archies and us wondering if there will ever be an end to it." - Thermite

All Alone
Objective Stealth Kill 3 enemies in each Sub-Zone during an Incursion. Charms Logo Common.pngBiofilm Sample Charm

20,000 XP

"REACT Origins" Codex Entry
Brief "Archæans will only target Operators they notice. Even if a squadmate has triggered an alert, you can remain in stealth as long as no Archæan has detected you." - Thermite
Logbook Personal ToC-023

"Coming back to where it all started raises more questions. Back then we thought we knew where it came from. Thought we understood it. I guess we were wrong. But now we have REACT and Incursion Protocols on our side." - Thermite

In the Smoke
Objective Kill 5 Archæans while they are covered in Smoke. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngOath Of Excellence Weapon Skin

20,000 XP
Brief "Smoke is a useful tool, but it obstructs the Archæans' vision as well as the vision of Operators. Be careful with it." - Thermite
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Origins: From Space or Earth?"

"This whole time, I thought it was clear that the Chimera came from the Soyuz capsule. How does that explain New York, San Francisco, Alaska, and here in Truth or Consequences? Is it all part of one source? Where does it really come from?" - Thermite

Thermite Study Portrait.pngHighly Trained

Mass Stunning
Objective As a Squad, Kill 15 stunned Archæans. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngRotten Steel Weapon Skin

20,000 XP
Brief "New weapon accessories and modifications are produced frequently. REACT R&D works to keep its Operators on the cutting edge for every Incursion." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical ToC-0321

"Even without research from REACT's team of scientists, Operators on the front line could tell that the Archæans have changed. As they adapt we have to adapt faster. Even now we're having to create new protocols and tools to have a chance in this war." - Thermite

Special Abilities
Objective Kill 5 enemies with Operator Abilities. 20,000 XP
Brief "All REACT Departments work to ensure that each Operator is well-rounded in skill and ability. Operators are provided with the best equipment and technology to aid them during an Incursion." - Thermite
Logbook To REACT R&D, "Chimera Underground"

"Elena, I'm guessing your department had a heads up before Eliza's alert to all departments: 'high concentration of Chimera beneath Truth or Consequences'. No pressure, but we need whatever new tech your department can get us." - Thermite

Boom Specialist 2
Objective Kill 20 enemies with Explosives. 20,000 XP
Brief "If you try to use an expended explosive, INDEX will remember you ran out of it." - Thermite
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Origins: From Earth?."

"INDEX has matched microbial life found deep in the bedrock in Alaska to that of the Chimera Bacteria. It isn't that unusual. Earth is home to other organisms that are billions of years old. Stromatolites are the oldest bacterial colony on earth and are 3.5 billions years old. So has the Chimera been here all along?" - Thermite

Mira Study Portrait.pngSmashing

Frontal Assault
Objective Damage 3 Smashers with firearms without hitting their Weak point. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngModus Operandi Weapon Skin

20,000 XP
Brief "Evolving tactics are a must against Smashers as their dorsal Weak Point is difficult to expose. Shoot, move, and communicate. That's the name of the game." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Origins: From Space?"

"Results of numerous tests confirm the Orpheus meteor contains deposits of fossilized Chimera Bacteria. Is it possible that somehow the Chimera came into contact with both the meteor and Soyuz Capsule? Is there a common link somewhere in Space?" - Mira

Smasher Vulnerability
Objective Kill or Assist killing a Smasher with the Weak Point on its back. Charms Logo Legendary.pngSmashing Success Charm

20,000 XP

"Smasher" Codex Entry
Brief "Smashers are extremely robust and their thick carapace protects most of their body from gunshots. Aim for their Weak Point to take them down quickly." - Mira
Logbook To Jordan, "Adaptations"

"Your mention of adaptation in your Tactical Log is true, the Archæans have morphed a great deal. Some are so different and yet kept the same abilities. Like why hasn't the Smasher changed much since the Outbreak Event?" - Mira

Missed Me
Objective Lure a Smasher to charge without hurting anyone in the Squad. 20,000 XP
Brief "When up against a Smasher use Explosives or outwit its charging attack in order to move behind and perform a Takedown." - Mira
Logbook Entry ToC-0231

"This is exciting... the Physics department has looped me in on something. Rewatching the video logs from Operators up against the Smasher they noticed particle behavior they described as 'weird'. In physics terms that translates as 'quantum'. They're pouring over their other research and will keep me in the loop." - Mira

Ash Study Portrait.pngAll-Seeing

Dedicated Scanner 2
Objective Scan 15 enemies in a single Incursion. 20,000 XP

"Proteans" Codex Entry
Brief "A selection of our REACT Tech has been specially tuned to detect Archæans. Use them to avoid nasty surprises." - Ash
Logbook Research Report: "Protean link to Singularity"

"I've redirected some resources so the Biolab and Physics teams can join forces. They're looking further into the connection between Proteans and the Singularity. What is the connection between the two? Does the Singularity generate the Protean? Perhaps it's the other way around? This feels like a chicken-egg question." - Ash

Spore Spotter 2
Objective Destroy 10 Blinding Spores without them attaching on anyone. 20,000 XP
Brief "Cleansing a zone of its Blinding Spores makes progression much easier. Just ensure not to alert Archæans nearby when doing so." - Ash
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Origins: From Earth?"

"Opinions across the Pioneer are almost evenly split on where Chimera originated. Jordan is more convinced it was here all along, while Elena makes compelling arguments for Space. I'm reserving my opinion for now. Though if I'm honest, things like the Blinding Spores seem so adapted to earth, as if it's developed naturally in this ecosystem." - Ash

No Cover
Objective Score 10 kills through Destructible surfaces with firearms. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngCauterized Weapon Skin

20,000 XP
Brief "REACT UV Light will highlight surfaces covered in Sprawl." - Ash
Logbook Personal ToC-2871

"Both Elena and Yumiko have been consulting with Masaru "Echo" Enatsu on some tech details. They forwarded me his long — very detailed — message with his theory that a master AI is behind this whole thing and that we're all trapped in a simulation. Wow, I need a good laugh today." - Ash

INDEX Study Portrait.pngEfficiency

Intel Target 6
Objective Earn 60,000 XP. 20,000 XP
Brief "Research and analysis is REACT's first and foremost job. With each successful Incursion a little bit more of the puzzle is solved." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis ToC-098256: "Sound Aberrations."

"Recently obtained intel provided by deployed Operators confirms "Voices" are not recorded playback transmission. Additional analysis indicate some elements of Russian language. Recent Deep Space Probe transmissions have detected similar sound aberrations. Comparison tests are underway." - INDEX

Can't Touch This
Objective Complete an Objective without taking any damage. 20,000 XP
Brief "Intel is gathered while completing Objectives. Failing to extract in time or ending up MIA will result in lost intel. However, the intel can be retrieved if Operators are later rescued." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis ToC-210043: "Chimera Underground"

"Sensor readings indicate increased density of the Chimera Bacteria deep below ground. Due to the earth's warming temperatures this organism is thawing. Running analysis on tremors within different Hot-Zones." - INDEX

Objective Extract with at least 80% Health from the third Sub-Zone. Charms Logo Epic.pngGlobetrotter Charm

20,000 XP
Brief "When things get too hectic to maintain positive control of a situation, a tactical retreat is preferred to imminent demise." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX Analysis ToC-300211: "Investigation: Quantum Properties in Chimera Bacteria"

"REACT Biology and Physics Department Directors have requested a summary of all data concerning Quantum Properties. Request approval by Eliza 'Ash' Cohen, REACT Director of Operations.

Processing... Please Stand By."

Mira Study Portrait.pngApex Predator

Objective As a Squad, kill an Apex without it damaging anyone in the Squad. Charms Logo Rare.pngApex Charm

20,000 XP

"Apex" Codex Entry
Brief "With the ability to generate other Archæans, the Apex is unusual even among Parasite creatures." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Origins: From Space?"

"A heated discussion between biologists and astrophysicists spilled into the corridor. Apparently Orpheus was studying the 'Theia' theory where 4.5 billion years ago, a Mars-sized planet crashed into Earth, and created the Moon. There's little evidence this event occurred at all. REACT's Astro lab and INDEX are going to try and make some sense of this." - Mira

Objective Kill or Assists killing 15 Archæans summoned by an Apex. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngCaustic Outburst Weapon Skin

20,000 XP
Brief "The Apex is the only Archæan that cannot be killed with a Takedown. Don't risk your safety trying it." - Mira
Logbook Personal ToC-0108

"Hundreds — maybe thousands of the world's best scientists within REACT, and none of them have any evidence to show that something like the Apex could've originated on Earth. Wouldn't we have seen it by now, some archaeological record? It's too ... alien. I think Jordan is wrong about it evolving on earth." - Mira

No Casting
Objective Kill an Apex before it generates any Nests. 20,000 XP
Brief "Apex are force multipliers. Deadly and versatile, it is imperative they not be allowed to activate others to their aid. Ambushes and cordon efforts to isolate them should be the approach." - Mira
Logbook To Jordan

"The Apex's ability to generate matter isn't a play of light! REACT's Physics department has detected the high-energy particle spikes. This tells us so much! It means there's a connection to an 'elsewhere'! It helps answer questions about the Parasite's nature. Hang on to your hat, Jordan: What if the Parasite was actually from a Parallel Universe? Maybe our SINGULARITY ... is part of the string theory. Isn't it something REACT should consider?" - Mira

Thermite Study Portrait.pngDead Accuracy

Back To Basics
Objective Kill 15 Archæans by shooting their Weak Point with firearms. Weapons Skin Logo Epic.pngCaution Risk Weapon Skin

20,000 XP
Brief "Not all Archæans have the Weak Points. Observe carefully." - Thermite
Logbook Personal ToC-0204

"After tactical briefing I joined Aria, Chul, and others in the canteen. Seamus said that Archie's Weak Point reminds him of his gran's haggis. I thought haggis was gross enough. Will. Never. Eat. Again." - Thermite

Objective Get 20 Kills through Destructible surfaces. 20,000 XP
Brief "As they are created quickly, Operators must be fast and efficient when dispatching Archæans once Nests have been awakened." - Thermite
Logbook Personal ToC-0316

"Elena won't let the space ET thing go. She's super smart — that's a given. But she's stubborn too. The core samples, the multiple locations... to me all the evidence points to the Chimera originating on Earth. Maybe the Outbreak event wasn't the first. What if it was thawed during the Cretaceous era or — okay. I'm not suggesting it wiped out dinosaurs... Alright, I need to rethink this."

Objective Score a 7 Weak Point Streak with firearms. 20,000 XP
Brief "Many Operators carry good luck charms when undertaking difficult tasks. The psychological effects of carrying lucky objects or doing luck-bringing rituals can not be dismissed." - Thermite
Logbook To Elena

"Pretty sure all of Pioneer heard the hollering cheers from the Physics department. Okay... so while you lost me at multiverse and string theory, I am intrigued (maybe a bit weirded out) by how that ties to INDEX's note: 'Chimera has the ability to generate singularities.' I don't need to understand it to know it's a game changer." - Thermite

Thermite Study Portrait.pngThe Final Sneak

Objective Kill 15 dormant Nests. 20,000 XP
Brief "Clearing out Nests that create dangerous Archæans seems like a common-sense strategy to de-escalate Hot-Zones." - Thermite
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Origins: From Earth?."

"Observing the dormant Nests as they awaken in the Sub-Zones make me wonder if the thawing permafrost is causing them to wake up. That would prove they're here already, far below ground. Half of the scientists on REACT have been looking into space assuming the Chimera Bacteria was brought attached to the Soyuz capsule and then there's the other half who think it's been here all along. Eliza and I are on the same page." - Thermite

Alone But Never Lonely
Objective Score 10 Stealth Kills in a row. Enemies must not be alerted. 20,000 XP
Brief "The REACT Threat Sensor warns Operators when they turn into potential Targets from Archæans. Regularly check your hand." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical ToC-9838

"Just adding my personal note to INDEX 'Operator Status Check'... With everything they've seen and been through, every one of our Operators has gone above and beyond. I want them to know that I've always got their backs." - Thermite

In The Mist
Objective Complete 3 Objectives without triggering any Howls. Coslogo-legend.pngCaution Risk Uniform

20,000 XP
Brief "To locate an Objective, try utilizing the Drone. It's less likely to alert the Archæans." - Thermite
Logbook Tactical ToC-10129

"After debrief with Operators from recent incursions we outlined some tactical strategies in dealing with Archæans. We were discussing how the Howl is more evidence that this thing has some earth-based evolution. It's unique, as Elena pointed out. But those animal-like vocalization have to connect it to earth-based lifeforms." - Thermite

INDEX Study Portrait.pngPerformance Check-In

Objective Complete 3 Objectives without going into a DBNO state. 20,000 XP
Brief "REACT will never leave personnel behind in the Hot-Zone. All efforts will be made until everyone is returned safely to the Pioneer." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX RESULT: "Chimera Origins: From Space?"

"Collation of all REACT research data, including traces of bacteria detected on Soyuz capsule and traces detected on meteorite samples, indicate a connection to the dark side of the moon.

INDEX can confirm with a high probability that the Chimera Bacteria originated from space."

Objective Complete 3 Objectives in less than 15 minutes. 20,000 XP
Brief "Rushing to complete an Objective could prove dangerous. First, gather intelligence to assess the situation." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX RESULT: "Chimera Origins: From Earth?"

"Collation of all REACT Earth Sciences Data, including Seismic Triangulation, Microbial and Sediment tests, identify and date Chimera bacteria within the earth's mantle.

INDEX can confirm with a high probability that the Chimera Bacteria originated on Earth."

Objective Reach the third Sub-Zone without using any Health refills. Headgear Logo Epic.pngCaution Risk Headgear

20,000 XP
Brief "There is an extraction point in every Sub-Zone so you can leave if the risk becomes. Make sure you bring any downed Operators home safely." - INDEX
Logbook INDEX RESULT ToC-990372: "Investigation: Quantum Properties in Chimera Bacteria"

"Chimera Bacteria has the ability to reproduce matter at any given time in Space, across all locations where and 'when' it has existed. Foreign organisms are abosrbed and then interlinked within its own memories. Its ability to generate singularities indicate it stretches throughout the Cosmos." - INDEX

Ash Study Portrait.pngOrigins Of The Chimera

Where did it come from?
Objective Complete all 27 Truth or Consequences Studies. Charms Logo Epic.pngTruth Or Consequences Charm

100,000 XP
Brief "Is it from Earth or Space? Looks like both are true. Truth or Consequences is a return to the beginning, except in this case, the beginning was the start of the Universe." - Ash
Final Report - Chimera Origins.png

Final Report ToC-9037: "Chimera Origins"

"The Chimera originated in the early formations of the Universe. During inflation it was carried across vast distances of space and deposited across an unknown number of worlds. Its unique properties suggest it has survived across unmeasured distances. It seeks out its genetic signature and has secured that signature on Earth. Encoded within its network are memory remnants that suggest it holds intel beyond the Observable Universe.

At this point, the question that really nags at me and I doubt even INDEX can answer: If this complex organism copies whatever it encounters... What future threat does this hold for Earth?"
- Ash


Thermite Study Portrait.pngSpillover #1

Objective In Spillover, as a squad, clear 30 Archæan Assaults. Charms Logo Epic.pngCombat Souvenir Charm
Brief "The Sprawl Colonies might have an impact on the generation of Archæans. As a security measure, we need to analyze the Sprawl generated by Archæan enemies." - Thermite
Logbook Crisis Log SPL: "Generally, we observe a sudden increase in generation of Archæans when the Parasite experiences stress. This generation come at a high energy cost. Current data indicates production of larger groups is increasing. Where — how — is it drawing the energy to make them?" - Thermite
Shock Treatment
Objective In Spillover, as a squad, dissolve 18 Sprawl Colonies in one attempt. Weapons Skin Logo Epic.pngSwift Bushwhack Weapon Skin
Brief "The apparition of the Sprawl Colonies in an enigma. By analyzing their remains after dissolution, REACT should be able to learn more about their purpose." - Thermite
Logbook Crisis Log SPL: "We've got one mystery solved surrounding the Sprawl Colonies: We've learned that the Parasite stores energy reserves within them. They get charged up when the Parasite is dormant. That fuels them for later. When a Colony is attacked, it channels even more energy, which heightens their aggression levels..." - Thermite
I See You
Objective In Spillover, Perform 30 Headshots kills of invisible Archæans. Headgear Logo Epic.pngDesert Kingsnake Headgear
Brief "The Sprawl Colonies seem to empower certain Archæans. We must study this specific link in the Sprawl generated by Archæans remains." - Thermite
Logbook Crisis Log SPL: "The 3 different Sprawl colony formations we observed can share properties with groups of Archæans when threatened. This release of specific DNA attributes through the sprawl (like invisibility, attached spores, or increased lethality) gives them deadly offensive abilities. More reason to increase our containment efforts." - Thermite
Strike Team
Objective In Spillover, as a squad, destroy all Sprawl Colonies and extract 3 times. Coslogo-legend.pngDesert Kingsnake Uniform
Brief "A larger amount of Sprawl Colonies samples will help us understand their purpose. We need to dissolve more of them." - Thermite
Logbook Crisis Log SPL: "We have a breakthrough! The colonies appear to be working as an evolutionary reaction to the Parasite's environmental stress, resulting in a more controlled and aggressive response. If this continues, the zones will be overwhelmed by their numbers and Archæans could breach our containment protocol. We have to stop them from spreading." - Thermite
Objective As a squad, kill 500 Archæans with your primary or secondary weapon. REACT Tech Icon.pngAuto-Turret REACT Tech
Brief "New REACT Tech for incursions is in development at our R&D Department. For its testing phase, we need to gather ballistic data from encounters with Archæans." - Thermite
Logbook Crisis Log SPL: "Our analysts have gathered a large amount of ballistic data in the Hot-Zones. Bullet impacts, Parasite traces... Using this data for our machine learning, we built this REACT Auto Turret. It was especially developed for defense against multiple targets like Archæan swarms. Its features are simple: when deployed, it will detect and shoot any threat." - Thermite

Thermite Study Portrait.pngSpillover #2

Objective Complete all 5 Crisis Studies. N/A
Brief "The sudden change in the Parasite's behavior requires reacts full attention. Using the complete crew of our scientists, we will hopefully shed light on this unprecedented Parasite Mutation." - Thermite
Final Report - Mutability.jpeg

Crisis Log SPL: "Thanks to our studies, we've been able to understand the chaotic nature of these Parasite Mutations: we can only predict within a few days, as the parasite is sensitive to subtle initial conditions. The spectacular nature of such mutation confirms the need for a Crisis Protocol to address future threats. Our presence and attempts to contain the parasite increases our chances..." - Thermite

Nightmare Fog[]

Nightmare Fog #1

Tree Weakening
Objective In Nightmare Fog, as a squad, weaken Toxic Trees 3 times. Charms Logo Epic.pngDizzy Charm
Brief "The Toxic Tree, Neoplasm, these groups of nests… They're all connected. You'll have to weaken the links so INDEX can analyze fog residuals.." - Ash
Logbook Crisis Log NMF: "The Nightmare Fog shares its core chemical properties with the Chimera Fog, which we already knew about. What's different, now that's the surprise... After a comparative spectral analysis, the most probable match for its particular mix of gasses and dust is... in the filaments of the Crab Nebula, 6,500 lightyears away. How can this be possible? It's got Mira pacing though." - Ash
Tree Annihilation
Objective In Nightmare Fog, as a squad, destroy a Toxic Tree without weakening it 2 times. Weapons Skin Logo Epic.pngREACT Terminus Weapon Skin
Brief "We'll learn more about the Toxic Tree, even in its various states. Field reports say it's possible to destroy an unimpeded tree. That will be valuable data." - Ash
Logbook Crisis Log NMF: "Toxic Trees are both fascinating and fear-inducing. Its carapace protects the delicate organism on the inside which spreads the Fog. Tendrils at the top analyze the air, adjusting the Fog's composition, and transmits that information via underground channels. Just looking at these pictures gives me the chills." - Ash
Sane In The Brain
Objective In Nightmare Fog, destroy a Toxic Tree and extract without your Neurotoxin Level reaching a critical state 3 times. Headgear Logo Epic.pngNoxedimus Headgear
Brief "This Fog has a debilitating effect on us, but Neurostims can help boost the brain's resilience so we can still study it." - Ash
Logbook Crisis Log NMF: "Pioneer post-incursion cells helped us monitor our Operators' health. The lab listed the Nightmare Fog symptoms: short-term memory loss, disorientation, euphoria, anxiety, paranoia and... hallucinations. Thermite compared it to the Martini effect that deep-sea divers experience, but worse, as the effects last longer. Didn't know he was into of scuba diving..." - Ash
Full Exposure
Objective In Nightmare Fog, destroy a Toxic Tree and extract without dispersing more than 3 hallucinations by bullets 3 times. Coslogo-legend.pngNoxedimus Uniform
Brief "Destroying Toxic Trees will help REACT conduct the necessary studies to learn about the Fog's purpose.

R&D will need large data sets. Do whatever it takes in the field." - Ash

Logbook Crisis Log NMF: "Crisis Log NMF: With regards to our recent advancements, we've determined that the Nightmare Fog is a widespread chemical defense system that protects the Parasite.

The Toxic Trees also make use of other structures to spread the Fog further. This phenomenon is baffling our scientists, but Mira intends to demystify this Fog." - Ash

Nest Removal
Objective As a squad, take down 80 nests. REACT Tech Icon.png Rush Pistol REACT Tech
Brief "For REACT R&D to fine-tune this new tech, they need INDEX to collect Operator data on adrenaline levels during Takedowns." - Ash
Logbook Crisis Log NMF: "Crisis Log NMF: Thanks to the data INDEX gathered, the Rush Pistol is ready. Each shot allows for accelerated blood clotting, thus better injury

mitigation. It also increases maximal oxygen uptake, resulting in an overall boost in speed and conditioning. And…… now that we have it, Thermite has updated his pep talks with: "No one lags behind." - Ash

Nightmare Fog #2

Crystal Clear
Objective Complete all 5 Crisis Studies. N/A
Brief Reports keep coming in about the Nightmare Fog. Despite the dangers, it's our only chance to understand it. This fog. We've got to find out everything we can and get to the bottom of it.
Final Report - Crystal Clear.jpeg

Crisis Log NMF: "Mira sent me the latest data on the Crisis studies. We made another breakthrough. We have evidence that links the Nightmare Fog and the Crab Nebula to our theory that crises are Parasite Mutations, albeit on a larger scale. They're the resurgence of the Parasite's past defensive behaviors. It draws from its microbial memory to figure out the best way to survive. We now understand how this happened overnight." - Ash