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Subway Station is the first mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow. The multiplayer version of the level is Subway Station (Map).


Apparently, a group of armed robbers were interrupted during a heist, and they have fled into the underground sections of London. However, intel has revealed that two of the terrorists were seen lugging something heavy into the train cars. Smells like a bomb if you ask me. Two hostages were taken before the subway station was cleared, so rescuing the hostages will be your first priority. Once word has been reached that the terrorists are under attack, make your way to the train cart, and defuse the bomb.


Mission 1 Alpha
John Clark - Welcome back to the field, gentlemen. I hope you're not feeling too rusty, because we have a situation that requires your attention. What you're looking at is a still from WNM News footage - a shootout between London Police and armed gunmen earlier today. According to witnesses, the tangos were interrupted during an attempted robbery, and after engaging police, they fled into the underground.

Mission 1 Bravo
Here's where it gets sticky. This is from the security cameras on the platform. You can see that we've got at least 5 tangos here, heavily armed. At the back you can see two of them lugging something big. It's an explosive device, and as you can see here, they've set it up on one of these two train cars.

Mission 1 Charlie
To make things worse, they managed to take two hostages before the police cleared the station. You're going to need to secure both of the hostages before you go after the bomb. They're being held separately in these small rooms, here and here.

Mission 1 Delta
You'll be inserting here, at the subway entrance. There are tangos patrolling the platform here and here. And you'll need to take them out quickly. Once word gets back to the terrorists on the subway car that you're there, they'll start the timer on the bomb. You'll have to move quickly at that point, and you may have to split the team.

Mission 1 Echo
Here are the blueprints of the station. You'll note the position of the entrances and the long sightlines down the platforms. Use those pillars for cover when you can. Also, bear in mind that there are tangos on both platforms, and you may be under fire from the flank while you're in the subway car. Keep low, and good luck.

Mission successEdit

John Clark - The London Police's emergency response section is handling the cleanup on the subway mission. Good work shutting that one down with no casualties and minimal damage to the station itself. The hostages are at a local hospital for observation, but they'll be fine, and the tangos are all down or in custody. The only question is this: why were snatch-and-grab thieves toting that kind of explosive firepower? It's a question we're going to have to look into more deeply.

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