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"Choose your puppet and satisfy your sweet tooth in Sugar Fright, a new in-game limited-time event."
— Event Description

Sugar Fright is a limited timed event in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was introduced during the Operation Shadow Legacy expansion. It took place from October 27, 2020 to November 10, 2020.

The Sweet Hunt gamemode takes place on a new map, Neighborhood. Attackers and Defenders are known as Tricksters and Treaters respectively in whatnot form (parodying The Muppets).


"When I was a little girl, Halloween was my favorite holiday. Mom always said eating too many treats before bed would give me bad dreams. She was right. I found myself trapped in a surreal candy-induced dream.

Psst...TRICK-OR-TREAT MOTHER*****! Welcome to MY nightmare. I'm not trapped in here with you, you're trapped in here with ME!"

— Frost

On Halloween night, Frost indulged herself with candy before dozing off and succumbing to her dwindling sugar rush. As a kid, her mother warned her against eating treats before bed. Frost should have heeded her mother's advice as she found herself trapped in a candy-induced dream fighting against familiar looking puppets in a place only known as the "Neighborhood". Now a puppet herself, Frost must fend her life and escape the abyss of her mind alive and satiated.


Sugar Fright Rules.PNG

The objective of Sweet Hunt is to obtain 50 sweets dropped from player kills in one round of 10 minutes or less. If one team gains 50 sweets in under 10 minutes the game will automatically be over. Players may block the opposing team by picking up the sweets of killed allies before the other team. Grabbing a teammate's sweets once they die will result in no points for the player's team.

Fall damage and friendly fire is disabled, along with self-inflicted damage. Only three primary weapons are available along with each designated handgun. Grabbing a sweet from a killed enemy or teammate will instantly replenish 25 health. If killed, players will enter support mode before respawning after five seconds. Upon respawning, players will be invincible for 3 seconds. Unique gadgets are disabled and are instead replaced with Stun Grenades and Frag Grenades. Each grenade has a charge to gain another. Stun Grenades can only hold 9 while Frag Grenades can only hold 2.

Leaving a match will cause an Abandon Penalty to be issued, blocking players from matchmaking in the Ranked and Unranked playlists for 30 minutes. Additionally, the mode can also be played as a Custom Game.


The mode limits players to choosing between five Tricksters and five Treaters.



  • Frost (Tireless Puppet)
  • Pulse (Wistful Puppet)
  • Ela (Impetuous Puppet)
  • Castle (Diplomatic Puppet)
  • Goyo (Unassuming Puppet)


Alpha Packs[]

As with other events, Sugar Fright features limited-time Alpha Packs (with faces similar to a Dragon Quest slime) containing Headgear, Uniforms, Weapon Skins, and Charm that are themed around the event. There are 32 cosmetic items in the Sugar Fright Alpha Pack collection with no duplicates awarded in packs.

All players are awarded a free Alpha Pack for logging in for the first time during the event. Afterwards, packs are obtained through completing Ubisoft Club challenges or by purchase. Alpha Packs may be purchased with Renown alongside R6 Credits.


Frost Drowsy Dolly Headgear.PNG Frost
Drowsy Dolly
Pulse Re-Animated Headgear.PNG Pulse
Ela Bonfire Narrator Headgear.PNG Ela
Bonfire Narrator
Castle Hemoglobin Buff Headgear.PNG Castle
Hemoglobin Buff
Goyo Fabric Monster Headgear.PNG Goyo
Fabric Monster
IQ Slasher Enthusiast Headgear.PNG IQ
Slasher Enthusiast
Zofia Spooky Textile Headgear.PNG Zofia
Spooky Textile
Nomad Stitched Apparition Headgear.PNG Nomad
Stitched Apparition
Capitao Trick O' Treater Headgear.PNG Capitao
Trick O' Treater
Thermite Cackling Dummy Headgear.PNG Thermite
Cackling Dummy


Frost Tireless Puppet Uniform.PNG Frost
Tireless Puppet
Pulse Wistful Puppet Uniform.PNG Pulse
Wistful Puppet
Ela Impetuous Puppet Uniform.PNG Ela
Impetuous Puppet
Castle Diplomatic Puppet Uniform.PNG Castle
Diplomatic Puppet
Goyo Unassuming Puppet Uniform.PNG Goyo
Unassuming Puppet
IQ Ambitious Puppet Uniform.PNG IQ
Ambitious Puppet
Zofia Untamed Puppet Uniform.PNG Zofia
Untamed Puppet
Nomad Ambitious Puppet Uniform.PNG Nomad
Unwavering Puppet
Capitao Commanding Puppet Uniform.PNG Capitao
Commanding Puppet
Thermite Trickster Puppet Uniform.PNG Thermite
Trickster Puppet

Weapon Skins[]

Battle Fabric Seasonal Skin.PNG Seasonal
Battle Fabric
Woven Yarn 9mm C1 Skin.PNG 9mm C1
Woven Yarn
Woven Yarn 552 Commando Skin.PNG 552 Commando
Woven Yarn
Woven Yarn 556XI Skin.PNG 556XI
Woven Yarn
Woven Yarn ARX200 Skin.PNG ARX200
Woven Yarn
Woven Yarn FO12 Skin.PNG FO-12
Woven Yarn
Woven Yarn M762 Skin.PNG M762
Woven Yarn
Woven Yarn M1014 Skin.PNG M1014
Woven Yarn
Woven Yarn PARA Skin.PNG PARA-308
Woven Yarn
Woven Yarn UMP45 Skin.PNG UMP 45
Woven Yarn
Woven Yarn Vector 45 Skin.PNG Vector .45 ACP
Woven Yarn


Wooden Puppet Charm.PNG Wooden Puppet

Operator Bundles[]

Players may purchase event cosmetics in bundles for each "Whatnot" Operator featured in the event. Bundles cost 1680 R6S-credits-icon.png apiece.

Frost Final Ghoul Bundle.PNG
  • Frost Drowsy Dolly Headgear
  • Frost Tireless Puppet Uniform
  • 9mm C1 Woven Yarn Weapon Skin
Pulse Foam Creature Bundle.PNG
  • Pulse Re-animated Headgear
  • Pulse Wistful Puppet Uniform
  • M1014 Woven Weapon Skin
Ela Horripilation Bundle.PNG
  • Ela Bonfire Narrator Headgear
  • Ela Impetuous Puppet Uniform
  • FO-12 Woven Yarn Weapon Skin
Castle Terror Toy Bundle.PNG
  • Castle Hemoglobin Buff Headgear
  • Castle Diplimatic Puppet Uniform
  • UMP 45 Woven Yarn Weapon Skin
Goyo Night Jitters Bundle.PNG
IQ Papier Macabre Bundle.PNG
  • IQ Slasher Enthusiast Headgear
  • IQ Ambitious Puppet Uniform
  • 552 Commando Woven Yarn Weapon Skin
Zofia Shock Puppet Bundle.PNG
  • Zofia Spooky Textile Headgear
  • Zofia Untamed Puppet Uniform
  • M762 Woven Yarn Weapon Skin
Nomad Haunted Hour Bundle.PNG
  • Nomad Stitched Apparition Headgear
  • Nomad Unwavering Puppet Uniform
  • ARX200 Woven Yarn Weapon Skin
Capitao Cold Sweets Bundle.PNG
Thermite Dusk Wool Bundle.PNG


Ubisoft Connect Challenges[]

Image Name Description Reward
Party Challenge Icon.PNG Party Challenge Play a match of Sugar Fright with a team of 5 to earn a Sugar Fright Pack. Sugar Fright Alpha Pack
25 XP
Fright Challenge Icon.PNG Fright Challenge Win 3 matches of Sugar Fright to obtain the Burnt Manikin Charm Burnt Manikin Charm
25 XP
File:Carnage Challenge.PNG Carnage Challenge Eliminate 100 enemies in Sugar Fright to earn a Sugar Fright Pack. Sugar Fright Alpha Pack
25 XP