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"Our thoughts and prayers will be with you. Take care, and... how does John put it...? "Watch your six"."
— Susan Holt

Susan Holt is a character featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.


Susan Holt was born in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia in 1970. She earned a BA/MA in History and Political Science at Northwestern University in 1993. Susan later met and married avant-grade artist Adam Holt in 1995. In 1997, she earned a PhD in Political Science at Georgetown University and became an assistant to Professor Kissinger at the same university. Her thesis on "Rogue States and Madmen: Defining Power in the Wake of the Cold War" made mass media headlines and won her admission to the more straitlaced Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) as a Chief Analyst in 1998.

Rogue Spear[]

In 2001, a series of terrorist attacks around the world led Rainbow to collaborate with the SSI in order to find out who was supplying the terrorists. Holt was assigned to advise Rainbow on all incidents during the investigation. On October 4th, terrorists seized a seawater treatment plant in Oman and were threatening to release a neutral toxin into the local water supply. Holt speculated that whoever supplied the terrorists with the toxin was probably an ex-KGB agent or crime boss with connections to the Russian military and Islamic terror underground. A month later, Rainbow discovered the perpetrator to be Russian crime boss and leader of the Oil Mafia, Samed Vezirzade. Due to the current political chaos in Azerbaijan, Rainbow was unable to apprehend him through normal channels. With Vezirzade's hatred of the west well known, Holt stated that she believed Vezirzade had launched his own private war and would stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

On January 14th, 2002, intelligence from Vezirzade's dacha revealed that criminals were illegally buying weapons from a source within the Russian military. Holt informed Rainbow that the men who were buying the weapons worked for a Russian gangster named Maxim Kutkin, son-in-law of the "Russian Godfather", Lukyan Barsukov. Rainbow successfully interrupted the next reported arms deal and recovered brief cases of $2 million USD and weapons weapons-grade plutonium. Rainbow tracked the material to a Russian Navy storage facility for tactical warheads, led by Colonel Viktor Rudenko. With Rudenko having a perfect service record up until this point, Holt explained that the Russian military was suffering from internal turmoil and had not properly paid several units in over a year. Rainbow successfully extracted Rudenko from the site and interrogated him. Rudenko stated that he had sold plutonium to Kutkin twice before.

In order to obtain more information, Rainbow stole several computer files from Vezirzade's Georgian dacha. Vezirzade retaliated by sending men to storm a opera house in Prague, taking Czech President Jan Hasek hostage in the process. Holt surmised that Vezirzade had done this to prove that he could strike anywhere in the world whenever he wanted. Additionally, she stated that President Hasek was probably targeted due to his recent crackdown on Czech organized crime.

On March 3rd, Rainbow uncovered the location of Kutkin's weapon production facility at an abandoned radar base near the Siberian town of Svetlogorsk. After Rainbow successfully destroyed the facility, Holt discovered that the informant who had been supplying Rainbow with information about Vezirzade and Kutkin for the past few months was Lukyan Barsukov. With Kutkin's location still unknown, Holt traveled to Barsukov's home with hopes of obtaining information. While visiting Barsukov, however, Kutkin's men arrived and took both of them hostage at his spa near Smolensk, Russia. Rainbow was able to successfully rescue Holt and Barsukov before they could be executed. Holt praised Rainbow for their efforts and concluded that Kutkin's increasing unpredictably was the result of his plans being repeatedly foiled.

Barsukov informed Rainbow that Kutkin was planning to personally deliver his two remaining nuclear bombs to Vezirzade's men at a train yard in Moscow. Rainbow intercepted the deal on March 22nd and killed the man they believed to be Kutkin. On March 27, however, Kutkin was revealed to be alive after taking control of a Ukrainian nuclear power plant to trigger a nuclear meltdown. Holt briefed Rainbow to be careful during the operation and prayed for their safe return. Despite heavy opposition, Rainbow was able to take back the power plant, killing Kutkin and his remaining followers.

Psychological Profile[]

Dr. Holt is aggressive, smart, and unorthodox. Her analysis of powerful people's motives have only been proven wrong when she has had incorrect information; high level operatives in various intelligence services have risked their careers in order to furnish her with accurate product. Additionally, she gathers a great deal information herself, from pattern analysis of mass media, direct intercepts, and even more dangerous methods.