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Chief Analyst, Strategic Studies Institute. Born in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, in 1970. BA/MA History and Political Science, Northwestern, 1993. PhD Political Science, Georgetown, 1997. Assistant to Professor Kissinger at Georgetown. Thesis on "Rogue States and Madmen: Defining Power in the Wake of the Cold War" made mass media headlines and won her admission to the more straitlaced SSI in 1998. Married to avant-garde artist Adam Holt since 1995; no children.

Dr. Holt is aggressive, smart, and unorthodox. Her analysis of powerful people's motives have only been proven wrong when she has had incorrect information; high level operatives in various intelligence services have risked their careers in order to furnish her with accurate product. Additionally, she gathers a great deal information herself, from pattern analysis of mass media, direct intercepts, and even more dangerous methods.

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