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|birthplace = [[wikipedia:Saint Petersburg|Saint Petersburg]] (Leningrad), [[wikipedia:Russia|Russia]] ([[wikipedia:Soviet Union|USSR]])
|birthplace = [[wikipedia:Saint Petersburg|Saint Petersburg]] (Leningrad), [[wikipedia:Russia|Russia]] ([[wikipedia:Soviet Union|USSR]])
|dob = November 3, 1967
|dob = November 3, 1967
|age = 50
|height = 6' 0" (1.83M)
|height = 6' 0" (1.83M)
|weight = 189.5lbs (86KG)
|weight = 189.5lbs (86KG)

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Rainbow Six Siege - Tachanka's Operator Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Tachanka's Operator Video

Alexsandr "Tachanka" Senaviev (Russian: Александр Сенавьев) is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


Born into a Red Army family, Senaviev enlisted when he turned eighteen. After the Soviet Union pulled out of Afghanistan, Senaviev was transferred into the Spetsnaz shortly before the collapse of the Union.[1]

Psychological Profile

Calm in crises. Alex harbors a joyous, if acerbic outlook. He has a limited social filter, which has gotten him into trouble in the past.[2]

Gameplay Description

A Heavy Armored Operator, Tachanka comes equipped with the deployable mounted RP-46 Degtyaryov machine gun that can be used by both teammates and enemies alike. With a frontal shield to protect incoming fire at the user's head, it can be used to anchor a position and block off corridors or doorways with sustained fire.

  • The Mounted LMG gives a potent level of protection. When deployed, it will cover its area of sight with surprising efficiency.
  • The LMG has a rate of fire of 550 RPM.
  • The LMG holds 60+1 rounds and has 179 rounds in reserve. It deals a maximum of 66 damage per shot.
  • Once deployed, the LMG can be used by anyone. Since it's not exclusive to Tachanka's use, after placing it down, Tachanka can take care of other duties during the Preparation Phase without needing to attend to his LMG.
  • Tachanka can pick up the LMG after deploying it to reposition it.
  • When unmanned, the LMG can be destroyed by gunfire.
  • On the LMG is a frontal shield that protects the user of the Mounted LMG from gunfire that is aimed at their shoulders or above. It is breakable once it has faced enough damage.
  • The mount has a turning limitation of a 60 degrees cone in all directions.
  • Using a Deployable Shield will help users of the turret to be protected from body/leg shots from a given direction.
  • As a gun, setting aside its combat capabilities as an LMG, the Mounted LMG has above normal environmental destruction, being able to penetrate through two surfaces with one shot and destroy portions of walls more than other guns.


  • Once the Operator mounted on the LMG is killed, it is possible to use the LMG to counter Defenders.
  • Montagne is impervious to bullets coming from the front, and this includes Tachanka's Mounted LMG.
  • Ash is capable of shooting her Breaching Rounds to destroy any Deployable Shield protecting the legs of the mounted Defender, or create an explosion in their vicinity.
  • Fuze can surprise whoever is mounted on the LMG, as dismounting will take enough time out of their capability to escape Fuze's Cluster Charge.
  • Capitão's Asphyxiating Bolts is very effective to the stationary Defender on the Mounted LMG, burning them if they don't escape in time.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget
Tachanka Badge New

Mounted LMG
RP-46 Degtyaryov Machine Gun

"Deploys a Mounted LMG with a ballistic shield protecting the head from frontal shots."
— RP-46 Degtyarov Machine Gun Description

A collector of antique weapons, Senaviev prefers to use original parts rather than modern variants from Somalia, Libya, and Syria, to maintain his RP-46. He utilizes the international collector's market for replacements or will mill his own components when parts cannot be located or are not cost-effective to acquire.


Tachanka's Quotes
Ash's Briefing
  • "From under a lot of dead bodies. They all looked surprised."
Outbreak: Sierra Paradise
  • "Come on. This is a terrible perimeter."
  • "Target located. Explosives ready."
  • "Come on, how did not Jäger see his attacker approaching?"
  • "Come on. Jäger couldn't have crash just a little closer?"
  • "He will be fine. And if he's not? I will never let him hear the end of it."
  • "Personalno, I prefer when the enemies come to us." (Russian: персонально)
  • "Relax, malysh, when it's over, I'll buy you some vodka." (Russian: малыш)
Outbreak: Sierra Veterans Wing
  • "This doctor. Why should we trust her?"
  • "Save the doctor, save the world. I like it when things are simple."
  • "They shouldn't have known we would be here. Something is wrong."
  • "We found the doctor. Let's move."
  • "Don't worry. Tachanka is here."
  • "We're almost there. Not long now."
Outbreak: The Nest (Cutscene)
  • "Coincidence?"
  • "Soviet. Very old. Wait..."
  • "I'm Russian. So I'm supposed to know something about it?"
  • "What's the plan?"
Outbreak: The Nest (Gameplay)
  • "Do we even know what we'll be up against?"
  • "Do not ask, what you don't want to know."
  • "Thermite sighted."
  • "Thermite acquired."
  • "Guys, you are all lucky I was here."
  • "I like the way you think."
  • "Fence offline."
  • "We'll be out of here soon enough."
  • "It takes all kinds to make the world turn."
  • "Generator online."
  • "Ohhhh! So it is one of ours."
Outbreak: Jäger
  • "Defend Jäger!"
  • "Jäger's down!"
  • "Jäger's under attack!"
  • "Protect Jäger!"
Outbreak: Doctor Mackintosh
  • "The doctor's under attack!"
  • "We need to protect the doctor!"
Outbreak: Explosives Defense
  • "Charge replaced."
  • "Enemies on the explosives!"
  • "Explosive under attack!"
  • "Thermite placed. Now we see the battle of American explosives and American steel."
Outbreak: Resupplying
  • "All better."
  • "Ammo's full."
  • "Ammo refilled."
  • "Come to Tachanka, baby."
  • "Do you need anything?"
  • "First aid applied."
  • "First aid here!"
  • "Get your ammo!"
  • "Grab some ammo."
  • "Have you tried this?"
  • "Let's keep going."
  • "I am ready."
  • "I feel whole again."
  • "Medkit here."
  • "Mm-hmmm."
  • "Refill complete."
  • "Refill here."
  • "Refill over here."
  • "Refilling ammo!"
  • "Resupply!"
  • "Take what you need, I'll cover you."
  • "Call me in for support if you need it."
  • "Check the perimeter."
  • "Check your toys."
  • "Do not worry."
  • "Go ahead, impress me."
  • "I've seen it all."
  • "Just don't play hero. It never works."
  • "Let me know if you need heavy resistance."
  • "Rely on your senses, not your tech."
  • "Stay alert and silent."
  • "Stay calm."
  • "Try not to get killed, yes?"
  • "We are not out of the woods bratan." (Russian: братан.)
  • "Whatever you say."
  • "Vesomyy argument gotov." (Russian: Весомый аргумент готов.)
  • "Yes, yes, I know."
Deploying Mounted LMG
  • "D-28, loaded and ready!"
  • "DP-28, mounted and loaded!"
  • "DP-28, mounted and ready!"
  • "DP-28 Up! Lock and loaded!"
  • "Gun mounted! Good to go!"
  • "Let them come!"
  • "LMG, mounted and loaded!"
  • "LMG, mounted and ready!"
  • "Lock and loaded!"
  • "Killing zone deployed!"
  • "Time to get serious!"
Picking Up Mounted LMG
  • "Going mobile!"
  • "Going mobile again!"
  • "LMG no longer mounted!"
  • "My work is done!"
  • "Packing up!"
  • "Picking up LMG!"
  • "Time to move!"
  • "Time to pack it up!"
  • "Time to push forward!"
Setting Barbed Wire
  • "Razor wire up."
Setting Deployable Shield
  • "Ballistic Shield deployed!"
  • "Mobile cover deployed!"
  • "Shield is up!"
Scanning Enemies
  • "Enemy located!"
  • "Enemy position detected!"
  • "Hostile is detected."
  • "Hostiles!"
  • "Hostiles in sight."
  • "Floor is reinforced!"
  • "Floor reinforcement complete!"
  • "I've reinforced the wall!"
  • "Wall can withstand assault!"
  • "Wall fortification complete!"
  • "Wall reinforced!"
  • "Wall reinforcement in place!"
  • "Barricade deployed!"
  • "Barrier up!"
  • "Door barricaded!"
  • "Cover me, reloading!"
  • "Emptied mag, swapping!"
  • "Loading magazine."
  • "Reloading!"
  • "Swapping mag!"
  • "Swapping mags!"
No More Ammunition
  • "Ammo out."
  • "I'm out!"
  • "Out of ammo!"
  • "Out of ammunition!"
  • "Here, take this."
  • "I won't let you die."
  • "On your feet!"
  • "Stay with me, bratukha." (Russian: братуха)
  • "You'll be okay!"
  • "You will live."
Friendly Fire
  • "Friendly! Cease fire!"
  • "Friendly Fire!"
  • "Watch your fire! Friendlies in range!"
White Masks Reloading
  • "Hostiles are reloading!"
  • "Hostiles swapping mags!"


  • A Tachanka (Russian: Тачанка) is a horse-drawn platform with a heavy machine gun in the back. It was used with great success by Russian forces in the Eastern Front in WWI and later by the various factions in the Russian Civil War.
  • The RP-46 in real life is a metallic belt-fed variant of the Degtyaryov machine gun, while its in-game form is modified to resemble the original Degtyaryov machine gun, using a pan-shaped magazine, the original curved stock without a pistol grip, and no spring tube protruding from the rear of the receiver.
  • The DP-28 in reality fires in an open bolt configuration, meaning that one in the chamber would be impossible, unlike the in-game counterpart, which holds one in the chamber. This error is shared with other guns with an open-bolt configuration.
  • Tachanka wears a Maska-1SCh helmet, which was in use by the Russian MVD until being largely replaced by the aluminum ZSh-1-2, and then the ZSh-1-2m and ZSh-1-2mr, which features integrated comms. The K6-3, a Russian FSB titanium helmet, is available as an alternate headgear and has a Gear Craft SS-Leto patterned helmet cover.
  • Tachanka wears a Gorka 4 in KZS pattern and Fort Defender 2 with an SSO/SPOSN Avizent Smersh over it and two DP-28 mag pouches.
  • Tachanka's ballistic shield has "Lord" (Russian: Лорд) on its side panels, a reference to the community meme "Lord Tachanka".
  • According to the Red Crow Patch Notes, Tachanka was the Operator who proposed to ban the ACOG Scope from use with the SMG-11 during the International Advanced Firearm Conference.
  • Tachanka is known to drink and flirt with fellow Spetsnaz Operator and CBRN specialist Lera "Finka" Melnikova.[3]

Gameplay Video

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile TACHANKA-0

Rainbow Six Siege - Operator Profile TACHANKA-0

Tachanka's RP-46 Damage Test - Rainbow Six - Siege

Tachanka's RP-46 Damage Test - Rainbow Six - Siege

Patch Changes


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