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The subject of this article, Tactical Board, has been cut from the final version of a Rainbow Six game.

Tactical Board on Bank

The Tactical Board was an external feature of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege available on the Rainbow Six Siege Official Website. It allowed players to plan out tactics on the floor plans of each map in multiplayer, Situations, and Terrorist Hunt, depending on the situation and their respective gamemodes. The feature was removed sometime in 2019. Battle Planner is an unofficial service that functions in a similar manner to the Tactical Board.

Creating A Tactic

Step 1: Select a Mode

  • Secure Area (Defenders)
  • Secure Area (Attackers)
  • Hostage (Defenders)
  • Hostage (Attackers)
  • Bomb (Defenders)
  • Bomb (Attackers)
  • Situation
  • Disarm Bomb
  • Protect Hostage
  • Extract Hostage
  • Terrorist Hunt Classic

Step 2: Select a Map

Step 3: Whiteboard 8

  • Up to four layers may be created
  • Place Operators on the floor plans for the selected map
  • Place actions on the floor plans for the selected map