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Team Survival, also known as Team Adversarial, is a gamemode featured in several installments of the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise. Each player on a team has one life. A team is declared the winner once all players on the enemy team have been eliminated. Should the match timer expire, the team with the most surviving players will win the match. Several variants of the gamemode have introduced across multiple installments.


  • Recon/Regroup - Each team must either spot or kill all enemies or they must get the most team members regrouped at their base to win. Available in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.
  • Free Backup - Each map features neutral AI fighters. These fighters will attack the enemy team once freed. Up to three fighters are available to provide support for each team. Available in Raven Shield in the Iron Wrath expansion.
  • Gas Alert - Players have a 30 second air supply that must be constantly refilled from terminals scattered throughout maps. Available in Raven Shield in the Iron Wrath expansion.