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Terrorist Hunt is a PVE gamemode featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. While similar to past iterations of the gamemode, it features additional objectives similar to the Multiplayer.

Map Layouts

The White Masks have different methods of impeding the on-site Operators. They will often trap rooms and hide behind shields or other objects.

Lone White Masks

Most of the time, a White Mask on the map will simply be by themselves, or with others. This can include Ambushers hiding behind deployable shields, or Roamers moving around one of the floors and hiding in rooms. The map's Bombers will generally roam the whole map, moving in straight lines through hallways, although they will generally approach an Attacker's location if they hear gunshots.

Trapped Rooms

The maps will often have several rooms that littered with either Nitro Cells or Barbed Wire. Both are often situated in chokepoints to an objective.

Reinforced Rooms

Generally, a Terrorist Hunt will only contain one or two reinforced rooms. These usually contain the objective. In a reinforced room, most doors and windows are barricaded and have Barbed Wire in front of them. Walls will be reinforced and the room will almost always contain an Engineer, as well as several Ambushers hiding behind deployable shields and other kinds of cover, as well as a couple of Roamers. They may also place Nitro Cells near doors or windows.

A supply box is also found in those rooms; depending on the difficulty, each box may be used for 7 times or 5 times. In the Article 5 situation, the boxes can be used indefinitely. Supply boxes take around 10 seconds to use. In addition to replenishing reserve ammunition, using one also reloads both primary and secondary weapons. They refill most generic gadgets, but do not provide extra Deployable Shields.


Terrorist Hunt currently features four different gamemode variations. Each features three difficulties that increase the stakes of each mode as well as a number of enemies. They are Normal, Hard, and Realistic.

The difficulty modes affect enemy precision, damage, and Operator health on revival. Enemy behaviors also change with increasing difficulty: on Hard games, enemies sometimes guess-fire through walls and flank Operator by going outside; on Realistic games, both behaviors become much more aggressive.

Terrorist Hunt Classic

Terrorist Hunt Classic is the normal mode of Terrorist Hunt. Similar to the original Terrorist Hunt, this mode simply involves eliminating a set number of White Masks in a map. The only possible ways to lose is for the entire Attacking team to die or let the timer run out.

Depending on the difficulty setting, the number of enemies and the allotted time will be different:

Difficulty setting Enemies (Includes Bombers) Number of bombers Allotted time
Normal 22 2 N/A
Hard 26 3 12 minutes
Realistic 30 4 (needs verification) 15 minutes

On Realistic difficulty, not all terrorists are spawned when the map begins. More waves of enemies will arrive, sometimes from outside, after a set amount of kills.

On all difficulties, when the number of living White Masks is down to 3, they will all immediately learn the location of the Operators and will attempt to hunt them down.

Generally, the White Masks are usually on their lonesome defending a certain area, alongside a couple of Bombers that roam the map. However, it can also have one or two reinforced rooms.

Protect Asset

Protect Asset involves defending a civilian in a fortified area from five waves of an increasing number of enemies.

The Defenders have a preparation phase to fortify their position before being assaulted by waves of White Masks.

Difficulty setting Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Preparation time
Normal 8 enemies 8 enemies 10 enemies 11 enemies (1 bomber) 30 seconds

Needs further testing*

Upon defeating all enemies in the round, players will then have another short preparation phase before the next round begins.

The Defenders will lose the game if all of them have been eliminated or their asset has died.

Running outside will cause an Operator's death instead of being simply spotted. They will have 10 seconds to return inside before they die instantly.

No Ambushers will spawn on Protect Asset, the main enemy being Roamers.

Hostage Extraction

Hostage Extraction tasks players with extracting a hostage. In this mode, the Hostage will spawn in a random location from the usual "Hostage" multiplayer choices. The White Masks will usually place the hostage in a reinforced room, and there will often be one other reinforced room on the map, which may be located above or below the hostage room.

Floors containing reinforced rooms will usually contain a large number of White Masks, while other floors will contain a minimal amount of them. If a map has three floors or more, there will often be a floor that is completely empty. When the Hostage has been retrieved, more White Masks will spawn around the Extraction Site. All White Masks in a certain radius, as well as a few from the extraction point, will move to the operator which grabbed the hostage.

If the White Masks kill the hostage (most likely by luring their gunfire via a drone), the Attackers will lose.

Disarm Bombs

Disarm Bombs tasks Attackers with infiltrating and disarming two bombs individually. Upon planting the defuser within the Bomb's room, the team must defend it from the White Masks for 60 seconds before moving on to the next Bomb. There will always be two reinforced rooms on the map containing the bombs, these may be on the same floor or on two different floors.

Similar to Extract Hostage, floors without a reinforced room will contain few White Masks, and there may be a floor with none of them.

When the first bomb is defused, multiple Engineers will spawn on the map and reinforce walls around the map.

Attackers are notified when the defuser is being attacked, with the progress shown with a red icon. The White Masks can be interrupted with Stun Grenades and Ying's Candelas, or shooting them outright.

Enemy Archetypes

Main article: White Masks
The White Masks, the primary enemies in Terrorist Hunt mode, are trained to barricade, reinforce and set up traps and ambushes but are separated into archetypes that specialize in different tactics developed to combat against the outnumbered Rainbow team.

Unnamed OPFOR Units

In addition to the White Masks, Situations 1, 2 and 6 feature these enemies of unknown agenda and affiliation. These enemies use the AI and weaponry of the Ambusher enemy archetype when on defense. On attack, they act the same as attacking Roamers and Engineers but non-Ballistic Shield users will only use the L85A2.

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