"No hostage. No bomb. Just loot. Will you make it out alive with a fortune, or will you fall in the crossfire? The Grand Larceny event begins now!"
— Official Description

The Grand Larceny is a limited-time event in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was introduced during the Operation Void Edge expansion. The event ran from May 5, 2020 to May 19, 2020.

The event takes place on the map Headquarters which is a modified version of the original Hereford Base prior to its rework. The map is themed around a British warehouse from the 1920s that houses a mobster hideout as opposed to a killhouse.


Grand Larceny Rules

The event introduces the Stolen Goods gamemode which is a modified variant of the Secure Area. Like the standard gamemode, it pits two teams of five players against one another with the goal being to eliminate all members of the opposing team. The new aspect of the gamemode is that the Attacker's primary objective is to secure and open safeboxes located around the map. After three safeboxes have been opened, the Attackers will be declared the winners. The preparation phase and, consequently, Drones are absent from each match.

Each Operator has a preset loadout that cannot be changed. Each loadout consists of a shotgun which can be used to blow out the floor and ceiling of each room. Unlike normal multiplayer, metal bars are not present when destroying the floor, thereby allowing players to reach lower levels with ease as well as cutting off routes for the opposing team. Additionally, this allows players to destroy the floor underneath safeboxes, allowing them to fall to lower levels.


A majority of operators are available for use in the gamemode and do not require ownship in normal multiplayer to be used. The following operators are unavailable for use in the event:


Alpha Packs

As with other events, The Grand Larceny features limited-time Alpha Packs containing Headgear, Uniforms, Weapon Skins, and a Charm that are themed around the event. There are 31 cosmetic items in The Grand Larceny Alpha Pack collection with no duplicates awarded in packs. Packs are obtained through completing Ubisoft Club challenges or by purchase with Renown or R6 Credits.


Maverick Honest Worker Headgear Maverick
Honest Worker
Hibana Career Woman Headgear Hibana
Career Woman
Echo Classy Delinquent Headgear Echo
Classy Delinquent
Maestro Business Fedora Headgear Maestro
Business Fedora
Kaid Grizzly Veteran Headgear Kaid
Grizzly Veteran
Gridlock Neat Misdeed Headgear Gridlock
Neat Misdeed
Amaru Flapper Chic Headgear Amaru
Flapper Chic
Wamai Newsboy Headgear Wamai
Fuze Madcap Headgear Fuze
Warden Clean Operative Headgear Warden
Clean Operative


Hibana Vehement Vice Uniform Hibana
Vehement Vice
Maverick Blue-Collar Uniform Maverick
Gridlock Enterprise Independent Uniform Gridlock
Enterprise Independent
Amaru Bold Rebel Uniform Amaru
Bold Rebel
Fuze Danger Stunt Uniform Fuze
Danger Stunt
Echo Misdemeanor Scandal Uniform Echo
Misdemeanor Scandal
Kaid Plaid Style Uniform Kaid
Plaid Style
Maestro Front Leader Uniform Maestro
Front Leader
Warden Dapper Garb Uniform Warden
Dapper Garb
Wamai Striped Syndicate Uniform Wamai
Striped Syndicate

Weapon Skins

Steel Barbs ACS12 Skin ACS12
Steel Barbs
Fortified Flair SuperNova Skin SuperNova
Fortified Flair
Silver Spiral AK-12 Skin AK-12
Silver Spiral
Branching Section AUG A2 Skin AUG A2
Branching Section
Dexterity Deluxe TCSG12 Skin TCSG12
Dexterity Deluxe
Lavish Print F90 Skin F90
Lavish Print
Florid Engravement M590A1 Skin M590A1
Florid Engravement
Mineral Welkin AR-15 Skin AR-15.50
Mineral Welkin
Elegance Design MP5SD Skin MP5SD
Elegance Design
Golden Triumph ITA12S Skin ITA12S
Golden Triumph


Surprise Performance Charm Suprise Performance


The Roaring Riches Bundle is available for the duration of the event for 40000 R6S-renown-icon or 960 R6S-credits-icon.

Deco Artistry Universal Skin Seasonal
Deco Artistry
Crafted Six Charm Crafted Six

Ubisoft Club Challenges

Image Name Description Reward
The Grand Larceny Challenge Icon The Grand Larceny Gain the upper hand with the Ubisoft Club Challenge. Get 20 kills in The Grand Larceny playlist to earn a Grand Larceny Pack. Grand Larceny Alpha Pack
150 XP
Overtaker Challenge Icon Overtaker Challenge Take the lead with the Ubisoft Club Challenge. Win 10 rounds in The Grand Larceny playlist to earn a Grand Larceny Pack. Grand Larceny Alpha Pack
150 XP
Riches Challenge Icon Riches Challenge Destroy everything with the Ubisoft Club Challenge. Win 1 match in The Grand Larceny playlist to obtain the Secured Currency charm. Secured Currency Charm
150 XP


Weekly Challenges

Concept Art




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