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"Team Rainbow has been called to raid an abandoned theme park on the shores of Hong Kong. Lead a lethal raid in this challenging perimeter. Get ready to discover a colorful and eclectic new map filled with dynamic and fast-paced face-offs."
— Ubisoft Description

Theme Park is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was introduced in the Operation Blood Orchid expansion[1]. The map was later reworked in the Operation Shifting Tides expansion.


  • Bomb
    • 2F Office & 2F Initiation Room
    • 2F Bunk & 2F Day Care
    • 1F Armory & 1F Throne Room
    • 1F Lab & 1F Storage
  • Secure Area
    • 2F Office
    • 2F Day Care
    • 1F Throne Room
    • 1F Lab
  • Hostage
    • 2F Initiation Room
    • 2F Bunk
    • 1F Armory
    • 1F Lab
  • 5 Hatches


The most notable change in the rework was the removal of the entire rail platform inside the map. Aside from the train, this also includes the rail overlook, lift car, and their ramps. This results in the map lines of sight being constricted to prevent spawn peeks.

The East and West sections of the building have been brought closer together, with Yellow Corridor (previously named Cafe Corridor) and Bunk connected to Office and Initiation Room through breakable walls.

Inside the building, there are a few things to notice, which mostly involve the East section. The downstairs area has been remodeled with a thematic that represents the map’s origin, with the Gargoyle and Haunting Dining bomb sites replaced with the Throne Room and Armory pair. The new Gong Room in this area also becomes the main entrance, with Arcade Entrance being blocked off South-West. Dragon Stairs, previously named Haunted Stairs, now faces East instead of North.[2]

Map Layout[]





  • The name of the theme park, "彩虹遊樂園", translates to "Rainbow Amusement Park" in English.
  • An arcade found in the 1F Arcade Entrance is marked with the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege logo, and has the character art of Jäger and Thermite with a Platinium II rank emblem and the name "BostonBearJew" underneath it shown on the side of the machine. BostonBearJew is an actual Rainbow Six Siege player who had passed away on March 21, 2017. The arcade's displayed contents are in the style of a Uplay player profile, depicting BostonBearJew's avatar, playtime, and other info, with the phrase "Keep playing forever" displayed underneath it. In Operation Shifting Tides, the arcade was made indestructible.[3] 
  • The name said player chose is a reference to Quentin Tarantino film "Inglorious Basterds" (Sic), one of the characters in Lt. Aldo Raine's Jewish only squad in the movie.  Donny Donowitz, played by Eli Roth, was given the nickname "Bear Jew" by the Nazis, in reference to being a giant of a man whose favorite weapon was a baseball bat.  The Boston part of the name is because Donny has a Boston accent, and it's implied he played baseball professionally before joining the Army.
  • Arcade cabinets with the logo of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (another Ubisoft game) on their sides can be found in the 1F Arcade Entrance.
  • The Victoria Harbour can be seen towards the south side of the map. This would place the relative position of the map at the southern edge of Kowloon, which is north of the Victoria Harbour.
  • A cutout photo board on the map shows cartoonified versions of Operators Ash and Sledge.