• Hey again. If and when this particular navbox turns out a bit... messy and a bit muddled, should we change it from a CTU categorisation to that of a Year theme? Like, put Release Operators in the first Category and categorise that into Attackers on the Top and Defenders on the bottom, then Year One in the second and Year Two into the third one in a similar way? And put the coloured themes of the overall year (e.g. Gold for Year One, Obsidian or Carbon Fibre for Year Two)? Maybe not now, I'm just saying, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the current one probably won't look as good in the long run.

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    • You mean like this? (I didn't applied colors there because it doesn't look good or I couldn't find best solution there)

      I don't like it to be honest. But it might be the only solution in case of Years 3+. I still like the idea of CTUs, but they really start to take too much space (Yeah, I tried already), so... we'll see. I'll experiment with it to find good result.

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    • The last one looks aesthetically pleasing with the CTU's country flags being displayed under the listed operators.

      Also I created two pages about the two game mechanics within rainbow six siege do not know if I should continue improving those articles or let someone else do it.

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    • Okay. So far, I like the new look for the DLC navbox. That being said, is it possible for a similar aesthetic to be utilised for the Operator navbox?

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    • I don't think it will be good to hide any operator under collapsible table since it's pretty important information. I changed DLC one because it has an "ongoing" status and names for older operations are not really important for player's knowledge.

      Operator navbox just needs to be less vertical and use horizontal space more (and I got one idea for that). So... DLC one is not universal, but more like for hiding unnecessary information. I'll be experimenting more after I setup my sandbox, so you all can see what I have in mind.

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