• Hello Medlone.

    After proper thinking, and then some busy days, the thought had come to me.

    I noticed my counterarguments were not aligning with yours, and that in some respect they were subjective, so essentially made my arguments not so friendly to deal with. I apologize for that.

    To get to the point, I agree now that your idea of Synergy/Counter would work better than what I am pressing for.

    What I was trying to "compete" for was more detailed descriptions. However, what I really wanted at the core was to also not build a guide, but more of an outline of base stats. This meant my "suggestions" went out the window, as they were subjective and as you mentioned are better done on a guide. On the other end, I do want to push for giving Operators stats of their gadget, which could get lengthy but would grant viewers an essential blueprint of how the gadgets work. These elements are important and shouldn't be over-simplified.

    If you have any squabbles with what I'm stating above, please let me know. I once again apologize for my stubbornness of before.

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