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    02:04, February 18, 2019

    Are you sure about it being the same? It has a different name in-game than Cap's. Also looks a bit different, too. Not to mention it having different options for attachments(I think, I know for sure the ACOG is different, maybe some others). I think we should at least do the same thing for it as the Six12 page where you can view the Six12 and the Six12 SD. And then also add a trivia section to the page and state the differences between Grid's and Cap's.

    ah well we should all probably just wait until rouge-9 (god bless that man) does our job for us and actually determine how different it is, you know ubi has a tendency to lie in the stats screen, and if any stats are different we should make it seperate or something

    ay and also just a thought, but it would be super cool to be able to browse through all the guns and all the other info in a similar format to R6's menus. you could look at character's 3D models, skins for guns, all that stuff. IDK if it's even possible, but i think everyone would love that. hell maybe if enough people ask for it we can get ubi to do it themselves and add some sort of gallery to the R6S website.

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    • oh hey yet another thing, the P10 RONI isn't a SMG, its actually a Machine Pistol. IDK how to edit the weapon table, but that should be changed. Also add the differently named weapons to the weapon table like the Six12 SD but just have it redirect to the Six12 page to avoid any confusion about missing guns. It might make sense to someone who is involved with editing the wiki, but to most of the people who just visit to read stuff, it's probably more confusing.

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    • All footage released to public so far shows it being the same. Name difference doesn't matter, the only different attachment is new "Scope" (which replaced ACOG) and it is the same gun model and gun itself (even stat-wise for now with obvious feed system difference). I'm actually doing it "Six12" way, there's no different in-game descriptions though - they're shared. I'll do my own checks in TS server. Trivia bit should be okay as long as it not too big or over-explain things.

      I agree that Ubi's info being not so reliable, but that's why we use it for now - so we can fix it to actual ones later if they're wrong.

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    • To second message: P10 RONI is an SMG. Source. Edit: As for table: it really shouldn't, it will be only more confusing imo. Both instances you used as example are just name of weapons (SIX12, M249) with added "words" (SIX12 SD, M249 SAW) which most people don't use and they're overwhelmingly mostly the same weapons stat-wise and looks-wise. I understand your suggestions, but everything is really okay so far and not everyting needs to be over-simplified for wikis.

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    • I mean, the P10 RONI if made IRL should be classified as a machine pistol, and also it's referred to by Ubi AS a machine pistol. Source

      The P10 RONI is a modified version of the P10 Pistol. The P10 in this case has been converted into a machine pistol (or carbine or whatever the hell it's classified, I just learned of the existence of RONI myself like less than two hours ago, the company says that you can convert your pistol into a "pistol carbine", if that's even a real thing, so I'm just calling it a machine pistol) using a RONI kit. Calling this an SMG would be like calling the V308 an LMG just because of its huge magazine.

      So, in conclusion, the in-game menus are actually incorrect here. I think Ubi will never actually update it even though it would probably take a few minutes to fix. seriously how hard is changing display text, Ubi.... lol

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    • also, secondary SMGs are not machine pistols, but they are listed in the wiki as machine pistols

      perhaps change the table by seperating primary weapons from secondary weapons?

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    • also also, the GIGR and SASR aren't listed when you look at the DLC Operators when using the tool at the top of the page, along with Fortress and the new australian map not being listed under DLC maps when using that same toolbar. And the halloween event when looking at gamemodes.

      (I have never edited a wiki before this day and I'm too lazy at this point to fix all of the errors I'm noticing myself, so I'm just listing them all to you man. Sorry if I'm blowing up your feed, lol)

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    • I know about P10 RONI being listed as a machine pistol in Ubi's blogpost and how it's actually a machine pistol irl too. With that said, in-game information is the priority and, like BF wiki stated: "No matter how "Badly inaccurate" a certain weapon/vehicle/faction and such is, it does not add to the article and is not notable in the long run." So all we are doing is put information available from the video game itself. So, that's why there are SMGs and MPs - because they're classified as different weapon types in Siege.

      As for Top Navigation having no new info - I'll update it. Edit: done.

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    • other stuff to add/fix

      P10 RONI uses the same red dot sight as the other full auto secondaries and has a unique holo sight, should probably mention that on its page

      Jackal's PDW9 is the only gun in the game that does more damage the farther away you are, should probably mention that in its page

      pulse's gadget isn't in the heartbeat sensor page

      you get a visual notification now when you are inside the range of a mute jammer as a defender

      dokkaebi's calls now last 18 seconds, phones can be automatically turned off by mute jammers, and if in range of a mute jammer, Dokka can't call you

      more to come

      also just a offhand thought, Ubi should really make it so that all operators have names that can be shortened to one or two syllables so it's easy to say. Montagne > Monty, Caveira > Cav, Capitao > Cap, but i can't find a way to shorten Dokkaebi without it sounding weird. It just feels weird saying after killing her "doke's dead" or "dokka's dead", idk why but it just does man

      dammit ubi

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    • This info is going to be added for sure, no worries. I'm closing this thread though if "M249" thing is resolved or discussion was useful. Don't use my wall as "things to do". There's a lot of new information which was dumped by Ubi in that reveal, so it's expected to be added, just not as fast - wiki is a community project, everyone can add that info - just make sure to be inline with how it was done in older pages and provide source. For example, I'm waiting for official "Operation Burnt Horizon" website to launch to use as reference and Test Server.

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