• Good evening (fron where I am, anyway),

    Nice move there seperating the post-2012 setting games.

    However, I have a couple questions:

    A. Why is Quarantine non-canon? Where did that info get out? Any articles/announcements?

    B. Will the Siege portion have its events?

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    • The reasoning is that Outbreak was considered non-canon and Quarantine is based on Outbreak. Essentially a zombie game, Quarantine doesnt really fit into the Siege timeline.

      Siege timeline will eventually be filled out.

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    • So Op. Chimera as a whole is noncanon? The only one?

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    • Hola,

      Why no reply? 444Aldo113  is also my account.  Anyway, another bunch of questions:

      What were Broken Wing and Urban Crisis about? What were their date settings, locations and stuff?

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    • Im not sure. I am not too familiar with games before Vegas. Chimera has not been mentioned since it ended so unless we get further information, its considered non-cannon.

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    • A FANDOM user
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