• I apologize for being so long winded about the Trivia on the SPAS 12 and 15, I already talked to Awy about being more brief and keeping it relevant.  I realized it was way too long and began to shorten it right as you compacted it, so I was moving to fix it, albeit it seems even what I solved wouldn't have been to y'all's liking.

    Genuinely, I'm sorry.  Firearms are my biggest passion and I sometimes go into long tangents without realizing it.

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    • No, I get it. Really, a lot of the things you said would be better suited to be described on the Gun Wiki, with appropriate references of course. As you should've gathered by now, the main concern here is to point what's wrong with the gun to its real-life counterpart, rather than going on about the history. There are other avenues for that.

      Rule of thumb: if you can't explain something in, at most, three sentences or less, or perhaps it can't be explained without making multiple bullet points, some of it is likely unimportant to the context of the page, or subpage.

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    • Perhaps I should look on Gun Wiki.  Just so happens I'm a huge Siege player and I like learning about the lore, and I see the section on firearms seems a bit bare.  Like on most wikis, you learn something about the subject that usually isn't obvious in game, and it seems a lot of them lacked that extra little fun fact.  Either way, if I edit from here on out, I'll keep your 3 sentence rule in mind.

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