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Special Agent Tim Noonan is a character that appears in Rainbow Six


Tim Noonan is a former football player who played defensive for Stanford University before joining the FBI to become a Special Agent. He became an expert in tactical electronics and surveillance and was assigned as technical backup for the Hostage Rescue Team under Gus Werner. This expertise got him transferred to the newly formed Rainbow counter-terrorism unit in 1999. He was placed on Team 2 under Domingo Chavez.

Shortly after Rainbow's formation, a hostage situation erupted at a commercial bank in Bern, Switzerland. Noonan was among the members of Team 2 that had been dispatched to handle the situation. After Chavez met with Marius Roebling of the Bern Police, Team 2 geared up and arrived at the bank. Disguised as a member of the Swiss Police alongside his teammates, Noonan set up his computer pulled up the building's floor plans.

After Hans Richter identified Ernst Model and Erwin Guttenach as two of the terrorists, Noonan carefully made his way around the outside of the building and planted several video surveillance cameras and audio devices. Roebling and Paul Bellow had the Swiss Police give a press conference at this time in order to distract the terrorists during Noonan's efforts. The cameras allowed Noonan to determine the location of each terrorist though the ambient noise of the area made it impossible to hear what they were saying. Chavez, Eddie Price, and Noonan then reviewed the floorplans and determined that they could only breach the building from the front and rear entrance. Once Chavez signaled for the raid to begin, Noonan provided surveillance overwatch. Following the mission's success, Noonan uploaded pictures of the site to the Rainbow communication room to be reviewed by John Clark and Peter Covington.

Afterwards, Noonan spent a large amount of time training with Team 2 in order to become a full fledged Rainbow operative. A few weeks later, Noonan joined Team 2 on their second mission in Vienna, Austria where Erwin Ostermann and his staff had been taken hostage. Like in Bern, Chavez had tasked Noonan with installing several surveillance cameras around Ostermann's estate. Unfortunately, the facility had too many windows which prevented Noonan from accessing the second and third floors without being noticed by the terrorists. Noonan then suggested that the conditions were perfect for thermal viewers to start working, which Chavez agreed. A few minutes before midnight, Eddie Price arrived at the home disguised as the getaway helicopter pilot. Chavez waited until the remaining terrorists had left the building and ordered Team 2 to engage and eliminate them which ended with success.

Once Team 2 arrived back at Hereford Base, Noonan informed Clark during a meeting that Rainbow needed jamming equipment for future missions. This would prevent any terrorists that may be posing as pedestrians from calling their accomplices on the inside and telling them what was going on. Clark agreed and was told by David Peled that the technology existed within the NSA and Israel. Peled then stated that training for the equipment would be minimal and that Noonan could easily manage it. A few days later, Noonan went through a NSA contact at Fort Meade, Maryland, and was able to secure a program called "Cellcop" for Clark during a staff meeting. Noonan explained that it blocked all local calls not using a 777 prefix. He also told Clark that he had the program on thirty floppy discs that could be installed by local police with instructions for them printed in up to six languages.


  • As a former football player, Noonan was one of the largest Rainbow Operators at the time, standing at six feet tall and weighing two-hundred pounds.
  • Despite his size, Noonan admits that he is not nearly as tough as the other members of his team.
  • He is mentioned by Irena Morales in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas.