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The Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six franchise features several different timelines of events.

The "Vanilla" timeline takes place from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Two new timelines were created with Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Take-Down – Missions in Korea, lasting five months in 2003, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, which features a new Rainbow operating as early as 2012. Another new timeline was created with Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, which follows on from the vanilla timeline but discounts everything after 2010 in the others. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine is a sub-timeline of Siege and considered non-canon.


Vanilla Timeline


December 4



  • The Orca's Smile is built for Northstar Ltd.

August 21

  • Lars Beckenbauer is born on a farm near Chemnitz on the Czechoslovakian border in what was, at the time, the German Democratic Republic (East Germany).


October 12


September 21


June 8


February 12

  • Genedy Filatov is born in Pskov, Pskovskaya Oblast, USSR.

June 6

  • Roger McAllen is born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


  • John Brightling earns a BS in Chemistry from Cornell University.
  • Catherine Winston is born in Los Angeles, California.

April 14

  • Timothy Hanley is born in Margaret River, Australia.

December 24

  • Gerald Morris is born in Birmingham, Alabama.


May 24

  • Arkadi Novikov is born in Minsk, in what is now Belarus.

October 14

  • Antonio Maldini is born in Milano, Italy.

November 2

  • Annika Lofquist is born in Göteborg, Sweden.


September 27


January 1

January 12

March 30

  • Renee Raymond is born in Kansas City, Missouri.

June 6

  • Louis Loiselle is born in Paris, France.


  • John Clark is recruited by the CIA. Since then, he has taken part in numerous covert operations, including both intel gathering and direct action.
  • John Brightling earns a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Virginia.
  • Lars Beckenbauer is drafted into the East German Army.

May 1

  • Shawn Rivers is born in Southend-on-Sea, UK.


  • Lars Beckenbauer is assigned to East German Border Patrol from 1971–76.

July 14

  • Tracy Woo is born in Los Angeles, California.

April 3

  • Jamal Murad is born in Bani Swayf, Egypt.

July 9

  • Dieter Weber is born in Munich.


  • Daniel Bogart attends the University of Iowa on a track and field scholarship

August 23

  • Homer Johnston is born in Boise, Idaho.


March 3

  • Ayana Yacoby is born in Tel Aviv, Israel.

December 12

  • Pak Suo-Won is born in Kangnung, South Korea.


  • John Brightling earns a MD from the University of Virginia.

May 17

  • Jorg Walther is born in Saarbrücken, Germany.


July 25

  • Kure Galanos is born in Nicosia, Cyprus.

September 10

  • Karl Haider is born in Graz, Austria.

November 20

  • Francisco Franco dies in Madrid.


  • Lars Beckenbauer is arrested by the GDR State Security Service (Stasi) under suspicion of involvement in several high-profile defections.
  • Daniel Bogart graduates from the University of Iowa with honors and a degree in law enforcement and begins working as a patrolman in Keokuk’s police force.


  • Lars Beckenbauer is released for lack of evidence and discharged from the army. His movements and activities from 1977–84 are unknown.


February 2

  • Brian Armstrong is born in Boston, Massachusetts.


  • The Horizon Corporation is founded by John Brightling.
  • Daniel Bogart is discharged from Keokuk’s police force. He would later marry and have two children, settling down in Maine.


  • John Clark begins his involvement in US narcotic interdiction efforts in South America.


  • Daniel Bogart is hired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


  • Rumor that Lars Beckenbauer was a member of the 'Libellen', an underground group held responsible for several bombings of East German governmental offices in the summer of 1981. The current German government neither confirms nor denies this.
  • Genedy Filatov serves in army of former Soviet Union, 1981–85, including tour of duty in Afghanistan.


  • Ding Chavez joins the U.S. Army.
  • Timothy Hanley attends Australian Defense Force Academy in Canberra, 1983–87.
  •  Santiago Arnavisca begins attending the University of Seville.


  • Ding Chavez begins serving with the 7th Infantry Division. He would earn the rank of Staff Sergeant.
  • Alain DuBarry attends the Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique (ESIEE) in Paris, 1984–1989.


  • Louis Loiselle begins training DGSE recruits in 1985.
  • Lars Beckenbauer resurfaces when he is granted asylum by West Germany after a risky crossing of the Baltic Sea in a small sailboat.
  • Lars Beckenbauer is married.
  • Catherine Winston earns a BS in Biology from the California Institute of Technology.


  • Andrew Burke joins the Royal Marines.


  • Ding Chavez is recruited into the CIA for narcotics interdiction in South America.
  • Genedy Filatov is recruited by "Alfa" counter-terrorist group.
  • Daniel Bogart begins serving in the FBI Hostage Rescue Team.
  • Upon graduation from the Australian Defense Force Academy in Canberra, Timothy Hanley is recruited into newly formed 1st squadron of the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR) and remained with this unit when it was organized into the Australian Tactical Assault Group (TAG) shortly thereafter.


  • Ding Chavez is discharged from the US Army, becoming a full-time CIA employee working under his father-in-law John Clark. He would later have a wife (Patricia) and serve in undisclosed activities for the next ten years (until 1999).
  • Santiago Arnavisca graduates from the University of Seville and joins the Guardia Civil.


  • A nuclear terrorist attack occurs in Denver. The responsible terrorists are apprehended afterwards by a CIA team led by John Clark.
  • Lars Beckenbauer opens Pyrotechno GmbH, a security consulting firm.
  • Andrew Burke has a first tour of duty with British Special Air Service (SAS), 1989–91.
  • Alain DuBarry graduates the Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique (ESIEE) with a degree in electronics engineering and computer science.


  • Alain DuBarry joins the Gendarmerie Nationale in 1990 as an officer in their computer crime division.


  • John Clark begins working primarily in Japan and the Middle East.
  • Genedy Filatov resigns from "Alfa" in response to that organization's ambiguous response to the failed Soviet coup.
  • Genedy Filatov becomes the director of operations for a private security firm, 1991–96.


  • Karl Haider joins the regular Austrian army.
  • Catherine Winston earns a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from Stanford University.


  • Timothy Hanley has one tour of duty with the Australian Intelligence Corp (AustInt), 1993–96.
  • The Orca's Smile is purchased by the Capricon Corporation.


  • The Petromech tanker Edmund banks becomes wrecked off the shore of the Orkney Islands.
  • Alain DuBarry is instrumental in thwarting a 1994 attempt by a group of Algerian nationals to bring down the French Minitel computer network using a virus spread by telephone switching software.
  • Santiago Arnavisca begins serving as a brigade commander in the Western European Union (WEU) administration of Mostar in Bosnia. There, he would be instrumental in rebuilding the local police force.
  • Esztergom Dam becomes the target of protests by environmentalists.


  • Ding Chavez earns his B.S. in Political Science from George Mason University.
  • Catherine Winston is awarded a MacArthur fellowship.


  • Alain DuBarry is recruited by the Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (GIGN), France's elite counter-terrorist unit, as a specialist in telephone and surveillance.
  • Karl Haider is transferred to Gendarmerieeinsatzkommando Cobra (GEK Cobra).
  • Catherine Winston is employed by Horizon Corporation in their advanced research group.
  • Andrew Burke begins his second tour of duty with British Special Air Service (SAS), 1996–1999.
  • Santiago Arnavisca ‘s assignment in Bosnia ends.
  • Worldpark opens its gates.
  • A police investigation of an instance of sabotage (a steel bar was welded to the tracks) which caused the deaths of four high-speed train passengers on the railroad tracks on the British side of the Channel Tunnel reveals the culprits’ identities as Free Europe, a British neo-Nazi terrorist group believed to be a spin-off of the earlier group Combat 18, whose agenda calls for the deportation of all immigrants of non-European ancestry and a national policy of strict economic and cultural isolationism. Since then, the name has come in conjunction with several other terrorist incidents, including the firebombing of a block of flats occupied by West African immigrants that killed a four-year old girl.


  • Genedy Filatov returns to "Alfa" during its restructuring under the Russian Federal Security Service.
  • Santiago Arnavisca is recruited by the Guardia Civil's counter-terrorism unit, the Unidad Especial de Intervención (UEI), as part of their focus on the growing threat of terrorism within the EU by ex-Yugoslavian citizens. Two years, later, he would leave to join Rainbow.
  • Daniel Bogart is discharged. He would join Rainbow two years later.
  • Roland Kunst attends University of Amsterdam, 1997–99.
  • Inception of Rainforest 2000 Project, U.S. initiative to encourage investment in the Amazon Basin.


  • Karl Haider participates in GEK Cobra raid on Deissenmayr GmbH headquarters in Vienna and was credited with single-handedly saving the lines of seven hostages.
  • Andrew Burke is awarded the Military Cross.


  • Karl Haider is married.
  • Ding Chavez earns a M.A. in International Relations from George Mason University. He would later leave the CIA to join Rainbow.
  • The elite international NATO black ops counterterrorism unit, Rainbow, is formed, with John Clark as its Director and Alistair Stanley as Deputy Director.
  • An epidemic decimates the local cattle population in the Congo, causing violence between the Hutus and Tutsis.
  • Catherine Winston discovers Ebola Brahma in the cattle population of West Africa.


  • Roland Kunst drops out of school after previously being active with the student branch of De Groenen, the Dutch Green Party.

2000 (Rainbow Six)

February 7

  • On the morning of the eighth anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty, 17 Free Europe members seize the Belgian Embassy in London and takes Belgian Ambassador Giles Doucet’s aide hostage. Doucet himself goes into hiding in his office. Both the SAS and ESI refuse to intervene, and therefore Rainbow is deployed in their stead.
  • Operation Steel Wind, 1700: Rainbow, on its first official mission, sends in Ding Chavez, Karl Haider (Blue Team), Santiago Arnavisca, Andrew Burke, Daniel Bogart (Red Team), Timothy Hanley, Jong Walther, and Renee Raymond (Green Team), and rescues both Doucet and his aide and eliminate the Free Europe members.

February 8

  • United News International (UNI) reports on the embassy rescue mission, receiving the details from Officer Nigel Fellows and crediting British government forces for the siege

April 15

  • Operation Cold Thunder.
    • Hutu rebels capture a research outpost in the Congo run by the Horizon Corporation. Rainbow rescue the American and European scientists without alerting the main body of the rebel force to their presence.

June 25

  • Operation Angel Wire.
    • An organization calling itself "the Phoenix Group" gain control of a Petromech drilling rig in the North Sea, take the crew hostage and mine the rig. Rainbow disarm all explosives and neutralize the aggressors.

August 3

  • Operation Sun Devil.
    • American and Brazilian nationals are kidnapped from a Horizon construction site in the Amazon rain forest. They are held nearby at the stronghold of known drug trafficker Ramon Calderon. Rainbow terminate Calderon's operation with minimum civilian losses.

August 10

  • Operation Lone Fox.

August 27

September 5

September 10

  • Operation Fire Walk.

September 13

  • Operation Red Wolf.

September 19

  • Operation Razor Ice.

September 23

  • Operation Winter Hawk.

September 26

  • Operation Deep Magic.

September 29

  • Operation Black Star.

October 1


January 25

  • 0700: Xander Thiessan contacts Rainbow, claiming to have valuable intel on the recent weapons imports into Russia. Due to the organization he used to be part of monitoring him at the time, only one operative can be sent to his location in Solhiea, Norway.
  • Operation Arctic Phoenix: Despite initial skepticism, Rainbow sends Ding Chavez to Solhiea to plant a bug in his cabin.

January 26

  • After a night of recording, Rainbow discovers that Xander Thiessan has been confirming their suspicions that the area around Solhiea is a base of operations for Thiessan’s former organization.
  • Operation Silent Shelter: Ding Chavez is sent to extract Thiessan from his cabin, only to find him missing and the cabin wired with claymores. He fights his way out, and later learns that Thiessan has been captured beforehand.
  • Operation Rapid Fox: Rainbow tracks Thiessan into a mountain cave system, which may the source of his organization’s weapon smuggling operation. Ding rescues Thiessan and sanitizes the entire cave.

January 26-28

  • Xander Thiessan is taken into Rainbow’s custody and interrogated. He eventually stops and refuses to give away further intel until his brother is rescued from captivity.

January 28

  • Operation Stone Feather: Ding Chavez is deployed into a resort chalet west of Solhiea and rescues Xander Thiessan’s brother, leading to Thlessan revealing that the location of his organization’s regional HQ is a valley farmhouse several miles east of Solhlea.

January 30

  • Operation Cold Talon: Ding Chavez is deployed to the regional HQ and sanitizes the area, ending the weapons import crisis.

March 10 (Eagle Watch)

  • Operation Little Wing

March 19

  • Operation Sapphire Rising

March 26

  • Operation Lion's Den

April 4

  • Operation Red Lightning

April 13

  • Operation Eagle Watch

August 8 (Rogue Spear)

  • Operation Pandora Trigger


March 27

  • Operation Zero Gambit

2003 (Urban Operations)

February 2

  • Operation Iron Comet

April 5

  • Operation Virgin Moon

May 20

  • Operation Aztec Palace

August 17

  • Operation Infinite Seven

December 5

  • Operation Jade Key


====January 17 (Covert Ops Essentials)

  • Operation Lucky Snare

January 21

  • Operation Scarlet Wheel (Korean Missions Pack)

February 2

  • Operation Arctic Zebra

February 7

  • Operation Burning Ash

April 15

  • Operation Brazen Heart

May 26 (Black Thorn)

  • Operation Desert Dragon

June 13

  • Operation Silent Ace

June 24

  • Operation Copper King

July 5

  • Operation Coarse Blade

July 19

  • Operation Spirit Clasp

July 30

  • Operation Golden Song

August 3

  • Operation Blunt Scroll

August 11

  • Operation Broken Sceptre

August 24

  • Operation Empty Cloud


Before November 30

  • Hostage situation in Píc des Pyreneés. Lieutenant Monroe is killed.

November 30 (Rainbow Six 3 PC)

  • Operation Stolen Flame

December 2

  • Operation Cold Dagger
  • Operation Mountain Watch


February 5

  • Operation Sentinel Wolf

March 10

  • Operation Falcon Hour

April 19

  • Operation Pearl Castle

May 17

  • Operation Crimson Hook

June 10

  • Operation Stone Cannon

August 9

  • Operation Shattered Glass

September 23

  • Operation Lion Shadow

November 11

  • Operation Broken Stone

December 22

  • Operation Briar Gate
  • Operation Talon Steel


January 10 (Rainbow Six 3 Console)

  • Training

February 4

  • Operation Whisper Blade
  • Operation Steel Rose

June 12 (Athena Sword)

  • Operation Azure Gate

June 13

  • Operation Hunter Storm

June 29

  • Operation Jasper Heart

July 6

  • Operation Omega Shadow

July 19

  • Operation Proud Flag

July 22

  • Operation Granite Cage

August 4

  • Operation Jagged Silver

August 11

  • Operation Athena Sword

August 22 (Iron Wrath)

  • Operation Scorched Legend

August 30

  • Operation Solo Furnace

September 16

  • Operation Dagger Harness

September 29

  • Operation Tower Shark

October 15

  • Alpine Village
  • Mountain Highway

October 17

  • Operation Radiant Heaven

October 29

  • Oil Refinery

November 4

  • Estate (conflicting date)

November 11

  • Shipyard

November 14

  • Operation Arcing Bronze

November 20

  • Crespo Foundation

December 1

  • Operation Ursa Cavern

December 2

  • Old City

December 20

  • Alcatraz


January 9

  • Import/Export

January 28

  • Penthouse

February 2

  • Meat plant

February 4

  • Garage
  • Parade

February 12

  • Airport

June 16 (Black Arrow)

  • Subway

July 2

  • Hotels

July 12

  • Back Alley

July 13

  • Streets

July 22

  • Nuclear reactor

August 8

  • Castle

August 14

  • Ruins

September 1

  • Agora

September 25

  • Military Base

September 27

  • Rocket Facility


March 29

  • Operation: Deadline (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)

May 2

  • South Africa (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

May 12

  • Operation: Backlash (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console) South Africa-May 2 (Chavez, Loiselle, Raymond, Yacoby)
  • Algeria (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

May 13

  • Desert Village (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

June 10

  • Operation: Dragon Hammer (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)
  • Operation: Ricochet (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)
  • Amsterdam (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

June 27

  • Parliament (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)
  • University (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

June 29

  • Operation: Chimera (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)

July 10

  • Operation: Bloodline(conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)
  • Catacombs (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

July 11

  • Operation: Bone Yard (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)
  • Operation: Breakpoint (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)

July 18

  • Distillery (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

July 19

  • Hospital (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

August 7

  • Operation: Leviathan (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)
  • Docks (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

August 8

  • Channel Ferry (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

August 19

  • Operation: Lowlife (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)
  • Marseilles (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

August 20

  • Operation: Sandstorm (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)
  • NATO Summit (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

August 22

  • Operation: Archer (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)
  • Operation: Catalyst (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)

August 23

  • Operation: Citadel (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)
  • Operation: Lockdown (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown console)

August 25

  • Estate (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)

August 26

  • Mercenary Base (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)
  • Castle (conflicting date, RSix Lockdown PC)


July 2-3

Missions in Korea Timeline



February 2

  • Team One is deployed to Pakistan to ambush the arms dealer Takfir.

March 4

  • Rainbow Six is disbanded by order of the European Federation; Team One lead by Logan Keller disobeys orders and has his team ambush Takfir as planned.


Siege Timeline


  • Rainbow is disbanded. This would result in the formation of numerous new terrorist organizations around the globe, including the enigmatic White Masks.





  • Early this year Arnot created the CBRN Threat Unit within Rainbow to counteract the growing threat of biological and chemical threats.
  • Few months later, she created the Urban Tactical Response Team as Rainbow's testbed for operations in dense urban centers.
  • Arnot resigns from the position of Six and succeeded by Harry Pandey.


  • Six (Harry) conceives The Program early this year, in order to decentralize Rainbow and increase operational capabilities.
  • Six, invites Kali, Wamai, and by extension, NIGHTHAVEN, to join Rainbow.


  • In January, Harry launched the first annual Tournament of Champions at the Stadium. Under the guise of a public training exercise for CTUs across the globe, the tournament served as an annual test of everything the Operators had learned since The Program had started.

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Quarantine Timeline

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