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Timothy Hanley is an Australian Rainbow operative featured in several installments of the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise.


Born in Margaret River, Australia. Father is a winery foreman, mother is a homemaker. Two siblings, a brother and a sister. Attended Australian Defense Forces Academy in Canberra, 1983-87. Upon graduation was recruited into newly formed 1st squadron of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and remained with this unit when it was reorganized into the Australian Tactical Assault Group (TAG) shortly thereafter. His entire career has been with TAG with the exception of one tour of duty with the Australian Intelligence Corp (AustInt), 1993-96. Has lead counter-terrorist teams on three continents and has cross-trained with both the U.S. Delta Force and British Special Air Service. Unmarried. Hanley is a career CT officer. He is a veteran of dozens of assaults and approaches even the most dangerous missions with the easy-going good humor that has become his hallmark. Off duty he is an experienced backpacker and mountaineer and has taken part in amateur expeditions to many of the world's major peaks. He is in superb physical condition and has demonstrated an ability to endure even the most extreme physical hardship.