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"Ladies and Gentlemen, what you are looking at is history, the history of team RAINBOW. From its inception, RAINBOW has existed to combat terror anywhere, at any time, in any form. The men and women of RAINBOW have faced every conceivable enemy and tactical situation and defeated it, through tactics, training and skill. So buckle up, because you're about to learn how they did it, pay attention. There will be a test, and it's going to last the rest of your lives."
— John Clark


Ubisoft brings together the elements found throughout the history of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® series to create the most intense chapter to date, Rainbow Six Critical Hour. This latest chapter marks the return to the franchise's roots by reintroducing the strategic and tactical gameplay synonymous with the Rainbow Six name while incorporating classic in-game elements (vintage maps, weapons, etc.) rebuilt using today's technology.

  • The End of an Era

Rainbow Six Critical Hour's storyline bids on nostalgia as John Clark retires and passes the torch to his son-in-law Ding Chavez.

  • Classic Missions Return

Seven single-player missions from the classic Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear™ games are revamped using today's technology.

  • Refocused Tactical Gameplay

Through slower pacing and an enhanced combat model, strategic planning is the central element of gameplay.

  • Advanced Combat Model

Choose your steps wisely - your actions can prove to be the difference between life and death. Weapon accuracy is affected by in-game maneuvers and events such as running, crouching, standing still, or firing while injured.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Match your wits against intelligent enemies thanks to an advanced AI system, making for startlingly realistic gameplay.

  • Superior Multiplayer Experience

Rainbow Six Critical Hour comes equipped with a superior multiplayer experience, including the revolutionary Persistent Elite Creation™ and Rivalry modes made famous by Rainbow Six Lockdown™, as well as the new and innovative Assassin and Free-for-All modes.

  • Single-Player Action

Close-quarter, non-linear level design challenges even the most tactical of gamers, increasing the importance of the infamous one-shot kill.

  • Weapons and Equipment

Enter the battle with today's most advanced weaponry (over 20 weapons in all) and high-tech equipment.

  • Span the Globe

From Idaho to Venice, Mexico City to Siberia, Team Rainbow travels the world to serve and protect the innocent from terrorist threats.



Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Critical Hour Trailer

  1. Fire Walk - September 10, 2000. 3:00AM Idaho, USA
    (Rainbow Six)
  2. Aztec Palace - June 20, 2003. 2:00PM Venice, Italy
    (Urban Operations)
  3. Razor Ice - September 19, 2000. 11:00PM Southampton, England
    (Rainbow Six)
  4. Infinite Seven - August 18, 2003. 5:45AM Mexico City, Mexico
    (Urban Operations)
  5. Deep Magic - September 26, 2000. 4:00AM San Francisco, USA
    (Rainbow Six)
  6. Black Star - September 30, 2000. 10:00AM Brazilian Rainforest
    (Rainbow Six)
  7. Zero Gambit - March 27, 2002. 2:00AM Cherkasy, Ukraine
    (Rogue Spear)