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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Take-Down – Missions in Korea is the third installment in the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise, developed and published by Kama Digital Entertainment. It was released exclusively to South Korea in June 2001.


In August 2003, one of the biggest drug trafficking operations in Korea with about 550kg of ecstasy is a failure due to an anonymous tip for the Korean National Police Agency.

Suk-won Kim, a Zainichi also known by his Japanese name "Yasuo" was the informant of this drug operation. Kim was a one of the professional hitmen of Japan's largest Yakuza organization "Ikeshita-gumi" and is largely credited with the Ikeshita-gumi's victory in the war against Yamaguchi-gumi in July.

Suk-won Kim is framed by second-in-command (Wakagashira) of Ikeshita-gumi, Takao, because he is a threat to the Takao's current position. After Kim is exiled, he wants to exact revenge on his former organization. He contacts Takahashi, a former colleague and also an old orphanage buddy, to gather information on Ikeshita-gumi. Takahashi goes alone to Chuncheon, his mother's hometown, and keeps contact with Kim.

Meanwhile, after the failure of an extensive drug smuggling operation in Korea, Ikeshita-gumi hires ATX, a Palestinian terrorist group led by Hamad who have had financial problems since they lost support from the governments of Syria and Iran. Ten days later, they also deploy Takao with Sasamoto, the head hitman, and about 100 other hitmen of Ikeshita-gumi.

As Ikeshita-gumi's hired guns, ATX capture USFK colonel Smith and several Korean employees as hostages in Doosan Tower, Seoul. At the same time, the ecstasy shipment that had to originally be transported from the Busan District Prosecutor's Office to the National Intelligence Service bunker has been carjacked by Ikeshita-gumi's hitmen, causing the death of five and the injury of ten. RAINBOW is summoned by South Korean officials to be deployed to South Korea for the rescue operation of colonel Smith, and a joint operation with special response team including elites from the Korean National Police, military, and NIS. Further missions after the Doosan Tower's hostage situation continue to be placed under RAINBOW's watch, RAINBOW having revealed the connection between Ikeshita-gumi and ATX from Intels founded in Ikeshita-gumi's hideout in Korea. Also a place Locked up Col. Smith and watches him with some ATX members.

A few months later, RAINBOW and SRT receive an additional tip from Kim and resolve another Ikeshita-gumi's drug retrieval plan in Incheon and save the hostages. Still, remnants of ATX and Hamad cause another incident in COEX using a stolen identity from already murdered employees of United Medicine Company. As ATX members and Hamed have been neutralized, the case of ATX and Col.Smith's has been closed officially. John Clark decided to remain in South Korea until the Ikeshita-gumi's terror threat has been completely removed.

The RAINBOW and SRT give an eye to Tae-ho Choi, a Korean antiques dealer of Insa-dong in Seoul who is suspected of being a local organizer of Ikeshita-gumi. They infiltrate Choi's villa in North Gyeongsang Province to install a bug and surveillance. After they get the information of his extraction, Choi is surrounded in Insa-dong with Takao and his hitmen and take some citizens hostage. Soon Choi, Takao and his henchmen are all neutralized except Sasamoto.

Ikeshita-gumi has finally found who was the informant and they use his friend Takahashi to lure him to Children Hall in Chuncheon. Kim decides to escape the NIS safehouse and go for his friend, and RAINBOW and Special Response Team also arrive at Children Hall to rescue both. However, Kim has been kidnapped and Takahashi is already dead at the scene. Just before dying, he left a note about asking about entrusting his own family, and an E-mail account which is used for contacting Kim. Meanwhile, Intelligence catches the bank record that Choi sent his money to a company whose introduced some tourist submarine.

RAINBOW and SRT finally bring all the pieces of the puzzle to the right place. Joint Team dispatched to the Gadeokdo lighthouse falls to the Ikeshita-gumi. They neutralize all the Yakuzas including Sasamoto, rescue Kim and shut down the Ikeshita-gumi's drug smuggling operation.


Custom missionsEdit

  • Demolition Area - 07.30.2003 / 13:00 Hours
  • Kill House - 07.30.2003 / 23:00 Hours
  • Building Complex - 07.30.2003 / 13:00 Hours
  • Curved Building - 07.30.2003 / 23:00 Hours
  • Chunggye - 07.30.2003 / 23:00 Hours
  • Old Market - 07.30.2003 / 13:00 Hours
  • Chongdong - 07.30.2003 / 23:00 Hours
  • Maze Park - 07.30.2003 / 23:00 Hours
  • College - 07.30.2003 / 13:00 Hours
  • Palace - 07.30.2003 / 13:00 Hours
  • Wild Field - 07.30.2003 / 23:00 Hours
  • K-Fortress - 07.30.2003 / 23:00 Hours
  • Cave - 07.30.2003 / 23:00 Hours
  • Yongsan - 07.30.2003 / 33:00 Hours
  • PSINET - 07.30.2003 / 23:00 Hours
  • Convention Center - 07.30.2003 / 23:00 Hours
  • City Hall Station - 07.30.2003 / 13:00 Hours


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