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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas is a spin-off title of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). It was developed by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft Entertainment. It was released on June 12, 2007 in North America and on June 28, 2007 in Europe.


The game features similar gameplay to the console version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas though it has been simplified due to the hardware limitations of the PSP. A unique aspect of the game is that it features two playable characters. Players automatically switch between both characters at different moments in a level, providing direct support to the other character in order to proceed in the level. Like the console version, the game features health regeneration as well as a third-person cover system that allows players to blind-fire around corners. Unlike the console version, the game does not feature health regeneration. Additionally, resupply crates are not available and enemy weapons cannot be picked up. As result, players cannot heal or resupply ammunition during missions. This makes player actions and conversation of ammunition important to succeed in missions.



Following the kidnapping of Gabriel Nowak and Kan Akahashi at the Mexican Border, Brian Armstrong and Shawn Rivers have been tasked with recovering both operatives while Logan Keller and his team engage with terrorists at the Calypso Casino in Las Vegas. Armstrong and Rivers travel to a villa owned by Irena Morales outside of Las Vegas where they believe Nowak and Akahashi are being held. After engaging with multiple terrorists throughout the compound, they find no sign of their fellow operatives. Despite this, Armstrong recovers a hostage and later hacks the communications apparatus. He learns that the terrorists may have taken them to a private airport that is also owned by Morales. Armstrong and Rivers then escort the hostage to the villa garden where they successfully hold off the remaining terrorists until they are extracted via helicopter.

Armstrong and Rivers travel to a private airport owned by Morales. With information from the hostage, they make their way toward a hanger owned by an associate of Morales named Lucas Picares, engaging terrorists in several firefights along the way. At the hanger, they discover a biochemical lab, deducing that Picares is producing chemical weapons. They then receive word from Joanna Torres that Picares has arranged for a plane to fly out of the airport. They arrive at the control tower and engage with several terrorists. As Armstong enters the tower to access the navigation computer, however, Rivers warns him of an incoming RPG. Armstrong manages to survive the explosion and accesses the computer. He patches into a radio transmission between Picares and an unknown man and learns that Picares is attempting to escape the airport. Armstrong and Rivers return to the hangar and dispatch the remaining terrorists. Rivers corners the man he believes to be Picares and attempts to arrest him. The man refuses Rivers' orders and instead injects himself with a sample of Picares' bio-weapon, killing himself. Before he died, the man had stated that the same fate would soon befall all of the people of Las Vegas. Rainbow later learns the man who died was not Picares but a man named William Morrison. With no other leads, they depart the airport and travel to an office building in Las Vegas leased by Morrison. Not long after entering, they find the same biohazard chemicals that were found in Picares' hangar. With the threat of a biochemical weapon now apparent, Six has Torres order Armstrong and Rivers to give up their search of Nowak and Akahashi in favor of stopping Picares. Torres reassures Armstrong and Rivers that other Rainbow teams would continue to search for Nowak and Akahashi.

Both operatives then make their way to an old casino vault in the building and find a network access point. They learn that Morrison's company had also rented out the building's penthouse and that it holds a computer with encrypted data. Armstrong takes the elevator to the penthouse and dispatches the remaining terrorists while Rivers provides sniper support from the helicopter. Armstrong rescues a civilian being held hostage as well as the computer hard drive. Unfortunately, Morrison had rigged the penthouse to explode should the hard drive be taken, prompting Armstrong and the hostage to race back to the elevator. Despite the subsequent explosion, Armstrong and the hostage escape unharmed.

Armstrong and Rivers are deployed to a water filtration plant in Las Vegas in an attempt to stop Picares from unleashing his biological weapon into the city's water supply. As they make their way through a construction site to the facility's main building, Torres notifies them that Nowak and Akahashi have been found. They arrive at the main building and attempt to shut off the power to the water pumps before the contaminated water can be distributed. As Armstrong is about to cut the power, however, he is called by Torres who notifies him that Picares has a backup plan. Should the power be cut, the plant is rigged explode, crippling the city's water supply. Torres decides that this will be their fallback plan. Rivers is tasked with shutting down the pumps manually and disarming the bombs while Armstrong is placed on standby at the main breaker. Rivers manages to reach the pump control panel but learns that the pump overrides have been sabotaged. He is then ambushed by Picares who shoots Rivers before escaping. Rivers is injured but survives the shooting. He tells Armstrong that the only way to stop the contaminated water now is to cut the power. Armstong is hesitant to do so until Rivers escapes the building to safety. Rivers then radios Armstrong that he made it out safely, prompting Armstrong to cut the power. As expected, the the facility explodes though contact is lost with Rivers.

Picares flees to the Nevada Dam and is unknowingly followed by Armstrong. After engaging with several terrorists, he meets a security guard who gives him access to the dam's lower levels. The guard also tells him that to gain access to the dam's penestock pipe vault, he must locate a keycard. While searching for the keycard, Torres informs him that they found Rivers. It is revealed that Rivers did not make it out of the water plant in time and died from a combination of his injuries and the explosion. Torres and Armstrong surmised that Rivers knew that he did not have enough time and sacrificed himself by telling Armstrong he was safe in order to prevent the release of the bio-weapon into the water supply.

Determined to find out what Picares was planning, Armstrong heads deeper into the vault. A short time later, Torres informs him that releasing the bio-weapon into Las Vegas' water supply was only Picares' secondary objective. She tells him that his primary objective is connected to the dam but they are unable to properly intercept enemy transmissions. Not long after, however, Armstrong discovers a planted nuclear device, revealing Picares' true plan to detonate the device, destroying the dam but also heavily contaminating the water supply of Las Vegas and the surrounding cities. Torres informs Armstrong that the device matches the description of one that had been stolen the year before and tells him that he must recover the device's input controller laptop in order to stop it.

While making his way toward Picares, Armstrong is contacted by Six who tells him that there was an "issue" with the helicopter. Torres and her pilot are safe but Armstrong is on his own for the time being. Upon reaching Picares, Armstrong engages in a large firefight with numerous terrorists attempting to protect the laptop. Eventually, Armstrong is able to dispatch the terrorists and Picares himself and recovers the laptop, diffusing the bomb.

On the helicopter ride out of the dam, Armstrong expresses his sorrow for Rivers' death, acknowledging that Rivers had said that this was going to be a "bad mission". Torres consoles Armsrong, reminding him that they saved the lives of thousands of innocent people and that if Rivers was here he would tell them that he wrong about his initial assumption about the mission. The two then fly back to Las Vegas to be debriefed.


The game features five available missions. Once a mission has been completed, players will have the option to replay the mission in either mission mode or in Terrorist Hunt.


Maps and Gamemodes[]

The game features six available multiplayer maps. Two gamemodes are available in multiplayer: Survival and Team Survival. The PSP only supports matches with a maximum of four players.

Weapons & Equipment[]


The PSP version of the game has received mixed reviews.

  • Gamespot gave the game a 6.8/10, citing the game's short singleplayer campaign, limited multiplayer, and the sense the game gives players that they are not playing in Las Vegas.[1]