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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow is a sequel to the console version of Rainbow Six 3. It was developed and published by Ubisoft Montreal and released for the Xbox on August 5, 2004. Like Rainbow Six 3, Black Arrow was created to take advantage of Microsoft's popular Xbox Live online service.

Publisher's summary[]

  • Stop the terrorists from developing weapons of mass destruction, in 10 new single-player missions and 14 new multiplayer maps.
  • Objective-based game modes like Conquest and Capture the Flag, as players capture designated points or hold possession of the flag.
  • AI is smarter than ever - Watch the bad guys call for backup when outnumbered, or use hostages as human shields.
  • Take advantage of new Xbox Live 3.0 features - User-created tournaments, messaging and clan statistics.
  • Command AI squadmates in cooperative multiplayer mode and see how you compare with new statistics.

Plot summary[]

Rainbow and Ding Chavez face a Russian terrorist group funded by military officers and oil barons trying to develop a WMD and create a new country in the Caucasus region. Chavez storms their base alone and stops the launch.


  • Subway Station - London, 06.16.2008 (Chavez, Loiselle, Price, Weber)
  • Hotel - Cannes, 07.02.2008 (Chavez, Loiselle, Price, Weber)
  • Back Alley - Pavia, 07.12.2008 (Chavez, Loiselle, Price, Weber)
  • Streets of Milan - Milan, 07.13.2008 (Chavez, Loiselle, Price, Weber)
  • Nuclear Reactor - Bulgaria, 07.22.2008 (Chavez, Loiselle, Price, Weber)
  • Castle - Milan, 08.08.2008 (Chavez, Loiselle, Price, Weber)
  • Ruins - Tozeur, 08.14.2008 (Chavez, Price)
  • Agora - Athens, 09.01.2008 (Chavez, Loiselle, Price, Weber)
  • Military Base - Russia, 09.25.2008 (Chavez, Price)
  • Rocket Facility - Dagestan, 09.27.2008 (Chavez)

Weapons and Equipment[]


UK and Australian cover for Black Arrow.

Black Arrow adds two new gameplay modes for multiplayer, "conquest" and "capture the flag". Since the release of Black Arrow, new content has been released and is available to download via Xbox Live. The content includes:

Assault Pack 1 consisting of:

Assault Pack 2 consisting of:


  • Several maps in Black Arrow (notably the Subway Station map) have posters advertising Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia, both games developed by Ubisoft.