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''[ Rainbow Six: Gold Edition] is'' available on [ Steam]. As of 2017 there is still an active online multiplayer community for ''Raven Shield'' with many [ servers] playing ''Rogue Spear'', ''Athena Sword'' and ''Iron Wrath'' maps and custom made.
===Maps and Gamemodes===

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Rainbow Six Siege Icon "A lot of eyes are on us this time, especially since we have poor intel."
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Not to be confused with the console spin-off, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield is the fifth installment in the Rainbow Six Franchise, developed and published by Ubisoft. A tactical shooter with realistic properties, it adapts various features absent in previous installments of the franchise such as the ability to see one's weapon while in first-person view, many new weapons and upgrades, as well as a redesigned multiplayer.

It was released in North America on March 18, 2003 and on March 21, 2013 in Europe for Windows. A console version, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 was released for Xbox, Gamecube, and PlayStation 2.



Similar to past installments of the series, the player takes control of an Operator from Team Rainbow which is led by Six. The team participates in many counter-terrorist operations across the world based on current events.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Raven Shield Intro

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Raven Shield Intro

In 1945, as two members of the Nazi-sponsored Ustashe regime in Croatia manage to escape the country with huge amounts of Holocaust-era loot just before Allied troops move into the capital. Sixty years later, in 2005, elite multinational counter-terrorism task-force Rainbow finds itself investigating a series of attacks by Neo-Fascist terrorists against South American oil interests and European financial institutions.

Rainbow eventually traces the source of the attacks to Argentina, where Argentinian billionaire businessman Nikola Gospic and far-right Presidential candidate Alvaro Gutierrez are implicated. Team Rainbow learns that Gospic is an escaped Ustashe official, one of the two men shown escaping with Holocaust loot in the game's opening cutscene. Dying of liver cancer, Gospic plans to leave the world one last legacy of hate from the Second World War by using his vast wealth to resurrect global Fascism. To this end, Gospic has acquired a large amount of chemical weapons, including VX nerve gas and blister gas.

Gospic, through his ownership of a meat-packing plant, intends to contaminate large quantities of beef with VX, then ship the contaminated beef to dozens of countries across the world. Rainbow foils his scheme by raiding the meat-packing plant and confiscating the VX gas. Gospic then attempts to attack Rio De Janeiro with a blister gas bomb hidden inside a parade float in the Festa Junina parade. Rainbow launches a final raid on Gospic's operation, foiling Gospic's plan to attack the parade, and killing Gospic himself.

Afterwards, John Clark interrogates the captured Gutierrez and learns the full details of Gospic's plot. Gospic's plan was to kill hundreds of thousands of people in South America, creating an economic crisis and causing the price of South American oilfields to plummet. Gospic's heirs would then buy up the oilfields using Gospic's wealth, and use the massive oil proceeds to finance a new international Fascist movement.

Gospic was financing Gutierrez's presidential campaign, in exchange for political protection from Gutierrez. Gutierrez explains that Gospic was a raven picking the bones of an old war, and that Gutierrez would be his shield until his children were ready to fly. However, Gutierrez admits that since Gospic is now dead and he himself is going to jail, none of that matters anymore; Rainbow has won.


Maps and Gamemodes


Raven Shield features over 50 weapons available to the player.

Notable Features


Athena Sword

Athena Sword is the first expansion for the PC version of Raven Shield. Athena Sword expands on the original by adding eight new missions, five new multiplayer missions, three new multiplayer gamemodes, and seven new weapons. Athena Sword was developed by Ubisoft-Milan and released on March 9, 2004. A Mac port was released on November 23, 2004.

Iron Wrath

Iron Wrath is the second expansion for the PC version of Raven Shield. It was in production for almost 2 years before Ubisoft decided to release it as a free download on June 9, 2005 to FilePlanet subscribers. Developed by Ubisoft-Casablanca, this latest expansion features a 7-mission campaign, 2 classic missions, 8 new multiplayer maps, as well as 6 new weapons.


  • Several maps in Black Arrow (notably the Subway Station map) have posters advertising Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia, both games developed by Ubisoft.
  • Several maps also feature posters advertising the new wave/goth rock band Klimt 1918.
  • In Rainbow Six 3, several cinematics contain shots from newsflashes from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.
  • The song played in the living room during the raid on Gospic's island estate is a Barbara Bonney performance of "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert.


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