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"Rainbow Six goes to the land Down Under for Operation Burnt Horizon. Protection specialists with the SASR Mobility Platoon, Gridlock and Mozzie are assigned protection detail for a high-value convoy across sunburnt country."
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Operation Burnt Horizon is the twelfth expansion for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It adds two new Operators from the Australian SASR CTU and the map Outback,[1][2] along with the limited time event Rainbow is Magic (April 1, 2019).

It was confirmed on February 8, 2019, released to the Tactical Test Server for PC users on February 18, 2019, and officially released on March 6, 2019 for Season Pass owners.





Renown Pricing for Operators

Operation Burnt Horizon adjusted the Renown prices for nearly all Operators prior to Burnt Horizon, based on their release date. All Base Game Operators were 12500 Renown and all DLC Operators were 25000 Renown prior to Burnt Horizon (besides those on sale).

The price model is based on how long the Operator has been in the game. The Operators will continue to drop in price by 5000 Renown for every season they exist, but not dropping below 10000 Renown.

Base Game

Returning to an older price model, operators released in the Base Game are now sold at a low but increasing price with every Operator purchased. The first Operator purchased out of a Base Game CTU (those being the Operators belong to the SAS, FBI SWAT, GIGN, Spetsnaz, and GSG 9) would be 500 Renown, the next 1000 Renown, then 1500, and the last being 2000. However, if you already owned an Operator from the CTU and chose to buy another, it would be the same price as though you had bought the first at 500 (making the second 1000).

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

After Burnt Horizon, the prices for the Operators listed and onwards will continue to change every season (i.e. in Y4S2, Y3S2 Operators will drop their price to 20000, and so on with every season introduced).



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  • In the Operation Burnt Horizon main menu, if the player waits long enough on the main menu, a special animation will play between Mozzie and Gridlock: Mozzie will dramatically draw a finger gun, shoot off the screen, and blow into his finger gun before putting it away. Mozzie and Gridlock will then look at each other, and Gridlock then makes an unenthusiastic finger gun to shoot at Mozzie, which disappoints Mozzie and cause him to gesture in disappointment. Cartoonish sound effects will play during the animation.[3]