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"Everyone's running from something. But the darkness within can't be vanquished by distance. It can only be tempered by finding something to run towards and the promising light of new horizons."
Harry Pandey

Operation Void Edge is the sixteenth expansion of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Unlike past expansions, it focused more on story-related content through the Battle Pass.

It was officially announced on November 19, 2019 and its name was revealed on February 10, 2020. The expansion was fully unveiled at the Six Invitational 2020 on February 15, 2020 and became available on the Test Server on February 17, 2020. It was released on March 10th, 2020 for Season Pass owners and was released worldwide on March 17, 2020.[1][2]





  • Terrorist Hunt Classic renamed to "Elimination"



  • Updated biographies for the following all Year 1 and 2 Operators as well as Year 3 Season 1 Operators.
  • Main menu redesign


For the full list of changes, see Patch 5.1.0.
  • Recruit Loadout rework
  • Barricades rework
  • Custom Loadout rework
  • Night map removal from Custom Game
  • Drone tweaks
  • Explosion and shrapnel improvements
  • Operator loadout changes and tweaks

Around The World Battle Pass[]

Main article: Battle Pass

When I was young, I collected rocks. I would spend hours on end, scouring empty lots and abandoned fields for just the right ones. I would examine them, turning them slowly over and over in my small hands. Some needed polishing, made smooth, and some were best left alone. Each was unique, with their own stories to tell. But I no longer collect rocks. Now I recruit people.

Like Thatcher, always threatening to retire, always there when you need him. Or Doc, already polished and smooth, ready to save the world. Ash, rough and tough as they come. Dokkaebi, a pearl in need of gentle care, waiting to shine. Buck, a lone wolf learning how to join the pack. And Mira, my keystone, without whom I'd be lost.

-Harry Pandey
Around The World Battlepass.jpeg

The expansion features its own Battle Pass known as "Around The World". It is composed of 35 tiers across a free and premium track. Each tier rewards players with exclusive customization items, Alpha Packs, currency packs, and boosters for a total of 50 rewards. Progression towards the Battle Pass can be earned in any playlist (excluding Training Grounds). It was released on March 25, 2020 and concluded on April 22, 2020.

Free Track[]

The Free track is available for all players. Those who purchase the Premium Track will still unlock rewards in the Free Track.

Tier Image Description
Corsica Memories Charm.PNG Corsica Memories Charm
"One day, my war will be over. Whatever battles, lost or won, will be behind me. And across the sea, Corsica awaits. There I will rest." - Thatcher
R6 Siege Alpha Pack 2.png Alpha Pack
Iron Ship AR33 Skin.png Iron Ship AR33 Weapon Skin
"When I walk away from the fields of battle, it will be time to put my guns into the ground. There shall I bury them, along with my rage." - Thatcher
Health Career Charm.PNG Health Career Charm
"Human beings are very simple: some have hearts, others do not. You need only listen." - Doc
1 Day Renown Booster 2.PNG 1 Day Renown Booster
Dokkaebi Flush Snowfall Headgear.PNG Flush Snowfall Dokkaebi Headgear
"It's cold up there. In the mountains. Clean. Clear. If you close your eyes, you can go there, anytime you like. Let it envelope you." - Dokkaebi
R6 Siege Alpha Pack 2.png Alpha Pack
Ash Scarlet Punch Uniform.PNG Scarlet Punch Ash Uniform
"Talk is cheap. It's what you do that counts. Your actions, not your words. Keep your hands up, keep your head and feet moving. See the opening. Strike." - Ash
Steel Impact Vector .45 ACP Skin.png Steel Impact Vector .45 ACP Weapon Skin
"With just a whiff of machine oil and I am transported back in time. I see him, my father, hunched over a car engine, looking up at me. Smiling." - Mira
Mira Crash Armadillo Headgear.PNG Crash Armadillo Mira Headgear
"When we were little my sister and I each got a doll. She dressed hers up and had tea parties. I took a knife and opened mine up to see how she worked." - Mira
R6 Siege Alpha Pack 2.png Alpha Pack
Boonie Beaver Charm.PNG Boonie Beaver Charm
"Never kill for sport. It is cruel and wasteful. Never kill in anger. It is empty and with meaning. The life you take will be yours forever." - Buck

Premium Track[]

The Premium track costs 1200 R6S-credits-icon.png. The Premium Bundle immediately unlocks 12 tiers alongside the Premium track and costs 2400 R6S-credits-icon.png. Season Pass holders have a 30% discount on these prices as well as a 30% boost on the amount of Battle Points earned.

Tier Image Description
Castle Blacksmith Bundle.PNG Castle Blacksmith Bundle
Mission Blacksmith Castle Headgear
Mission Blacksmith Castle Uniform
Mission Blacksmith UMP45 Weapon Skin
Castle Blacksmith Charm
1 Day Renown Booster 2.PNG 1 Day Renown Booster
Mission Blacksmith MPX Skin.png Mission Blacksmith MPX Weapon Skin
Blacksmith Valkyrie Charm.PNG Blacksmith Valkyrie Charm
Thatcher Trawler Slam Uniform.png Trawler Slam Thatcher Uniform
"When I am ready to leave it all behind, I will need no map to guide me to my island retreat. The Iron Maggie already knows where to carry me." - Thatcher
120 R6 Credits.PNG 120 R6 Credits
Doc Field Medic Uniform.png Field Medic Doc Uniform
"Blood is like a good meal. It is always better in then out." - Doc
Mission Blacksmith Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Skin.png Mission Blacksmith Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Weapon Skin
1 Day Renown Booster 2.PNG 1 Day Renown Booster
Blacksmith Ela Charm.PNG Blacksmith Ela Charm
R6 Siege Alpha Pack 2.png Alpha Pack
Doc Six Relief Headgear.png Six Relief Doc Headgear
"It is a great thing to have another's life in your hands. It is also a terrible thing; a power only gods possess, and with it, a great responsibility." - Doc
Fitness Tech Charm.PNG Fitness Tech Charm
"Technology is like a crutch. Lean too heavily on it and you'll fall flat on your face when it gets kicked out from under you." - Dokkaebi
120 R6 Credits.PNG 120 R6 Credits
R6 Siege Alpha Pack 2.png Alpha Pack
1 Day Renown Booster 2.PNG 1 Day Renown Booster
Flush Pillar Mk 14 EBR Skin.png Flush Pillar Mk 14 EBR Weapon Skin
"It's all about precision. Being a good shot. It's all about creating a moment of pure clarity and freeing yourself from the chaos that surrounds you." - Dokkaebi
Dokkaebi Flush Blizzard Uniform.PNG Flush Blizzard Dokkaebi Uniform
"It's only high in the mountains that I can find the serenity that sustains me. Free of the chaos and the noise and the anger of the world." - Dokkaebi
120 R6 Credits.PNG 120 R6 Credits
Ash Boxing Club Headgear.PNG Boxing Club Ash Headgear
"Pro Tip: It's not how many punches you can take that makes you tough. It's how many you can dodge that makes you smart." - Ash
Valkyrie Mission Blacksmith Uniform.PNG Mission Blacksmith Valkyrie Uniform
1 Day Renown Booster 2.PNG 1 Day Renown Booster
Brawler's Pair Charm.PNG Brawler's Pair Charm
"Never aim at your target. Aim past it, right through to the other side of the bone, muscle and the cartilage. You'll know when you get there."
Ela Mission Blacksmith Headgear.PNG Mission Blacksmith Ela Headgear
Director Mira Charm.PNG Director Mira Charm
"I am Elena Maria Alvarez, Rainbow Director of R&D. It is an honor and a privilege to serve Rainbow. And I know, my father would have been proud." - Mira
R6 Siege Alpha Pack 2.png Alpha Pack
120 R6 Credits.PNG 120 R6 Credits
Mira Modern Cuirass Uniform.PNG Modern Cuirass Mira Uniform
"I am a maker. I make things. With hammer and tongs. With wires and circuit boards. With purposeful intent. I make things and then set them free." - Mira
Valkyrie Mission Blacksmith Headgear.PNG Mission Blacksmith Valkyrie Headgear
1 Day Renown Booster 2.PNG 1 Day Renown Booster
R6 Siege Alpha Pack 2.png Alpha Pack
Ela Mission Blacksmith Uniform.PNG Mission Blacksmith Ela Uniform
120 R6 Credits.PNG 120 R6 Credits
Buck Peak Excursion Headgear.PNG Peak Excursion Buck Headgear
"Everything is a puzzle. Each piece fitting tightly against the other, interlocking and interdependent. Step and see you can see it. All of it."
Buck Mire Hike Headgear.PNG Mire Hike Buck Uniform
"See your target. Deer. Moose. Terrorist. Know where they're gonna be. Breathe in deeply. Then, let it out slowly. Ready? Now, pull the trigger."