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"Capable of producing a relentless barrage of projectiles, this Archæan shapeshifts quickly in and out of Sprawl to assault its target. Track it carefully."
— Site description

Tormentors are Tier 3 Archæans that appear in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. They can shape-shift into Sprawl to move quickly and are able to shoot projectiles.


Tormentors are tall humanoid Archæans with the ability to transform into a fluid Sprawl form. This allows them to move quickly and surprise threats by appearing behind them. This non-Newtonian fluidity also gives them the added benefit of avoiding ballastic damage. A Tormentor's main offensive capability is launching projectiles with a limited homing capability. These glowing projectiles are a form of high-energy Sprawl. It can shoot several small projectiles in quick successiom as well as a large, slow moving projectile. Direct hits from both can cause severe injuries if contact is made. Observations have shown that a Tormentor's weak point is located in their head.


Tormentors appear in subzones on higher difficulties. When not alert, they will patrol areas in their bipedal form. Once alerted, Tormentors will melt into a thick puddle of Sprawl and attempt to corner players. Tormentors will momentarily lose any pings or scanning outlines while moving in Sprawl form. They cannot move through walls in Sprawl form but can go through large holes in the base of walls.

When back in its bipedal form, Tormentor will fire highly damaging homing projectiles at players. Its small projectiles can deal large amounts of damage quickly but caution should especially be taken when it fires its large projectile. This projectile is a large and slow moving orb that can instantly down a player if hit. Its slow speed does give players an opportunity to destroy the projectile with gun fire, provided there is enough distance between players and the Tormentor. A Field Wall is very useful in stopping Tormentor projectiles. Should a player get too close to it, a Tormentor will swing its arms to deal moderate damage with each hit.

Like several other Archæans, the Tormentors weak point is its head. It will quickly switch to its Sprawl form if it takes damage. As soon as it reveals itself, a Glue Grenade, Paralysis Grenade, or Stun Grenade can be used to keep a Tormentor in place long enough to deal damage to its head or perform a Takedown. Explosives are also effective when engaging Tormentors.



Mira Study Portrait.pngTheatre Of Torment (Alaska)

Stun Still
Objective Kill or Assist killing 2 stunned Tormentors. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngBloodsucker Weapon Skin

15,000 XP
Brief "Tormentors shapeshift into Sprawl form in order to move. You have different options to stop them, such as using a stun grenade, Ela's Grzmot mine, or even Sledge's charged hammer swing!" - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Nature of the Chimera."

"How can one organism copy from so many complex and diverse behaviors? How do we explain Tormentors and their ability to alter shape and generate energy projectiles? What other unique — bizarre! — properties does the Chimera have?" - Mira

Objective Destroy Tormentor projectiles with firearms. 15,000 XP
Brief "The Tormentor has two types of projectiles. The stronger projectile is slower. This should provide plenty of time to react and defuse it before it reaches you." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Classification"

"Eliza, We know this Chimera strain is some evolved variation of the Outbreak Event. This shapeshifting bacteria is unlike anything we've seen on earth. How different is it compared to earth-borne bacteria?" - Mira

Explosive Reaction
Objective Damage 2 Tormentors with Explosives. Charms Logo Common.pngHotspot Charm

15,000 XP
Brief "Some enemies may be too hard to deal with using regular weapons. Remember, REACT Tech and abilities are there to help you." - Mira
Logbook Entry AK-0096

"The Tormentor emerges from within the Sprawl. It uses projectiles and can even be reabsorbed. ¡Madre mía! It's impossible to get my head around. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen with my own eyes." - Mira


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Don't Talk to Rangers Achievement.png Don't Talk to Rangers Kill 150 Tormentors and Spikers. 15G Bronze

Ubisoft Connect[]

Image Name Description Reward
De-ranged Challenge.png De-ranged Kill 50 Tormentors or Spikers 50 XP


  • Tormentors were known as Harassers during development. They are still referred to as Harassers in the De-ranged core challenge on Ubisoft Connect. It requires players to kill 50 Tormentors or Spikers.


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