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Tower is a map featured in the Operation White Noise expansion for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.[1]


Map Layout

  • Tower - First Floor
  • Tower - Second Floor


  • An ornate case is present on a cabinet in 1F Bird Room. Destroying the top of the ornate case reveals that the case is connected to the cabinet and acts as a disguised opening to it, and the player can then throw a drone into the cabinet. Once inside, the drone can see several books. Destroying the books by jumping the drone on them reveals a hidden drone passage, which leads to a secret Easter Egg area.[2]
    • The Easter Egg area contains a small sculpture that casts a shadow showing the cover art of Rainbow Six Siege from a flashlight near it. The "Ballistic Shield" is adorned with the "6" from the Rainbow Six Siege logo.
  • Multiple chibi operator busts are hidden around the map:
    • A chibi Smoke is hidden inside the Easter Egg area.
    • A chibi Tachanka is hidden under the desk at the 2F Info Booth.
    • A chibi Montagne is hidden on a shelf in the 2F Supply Room.
  • The name of the tower, as observed in-game and provided by official materials, is Mok Myeok Tower (Korean: 목멱 타워).


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