American religious cult. Founded in 1985 under the name Enlightenment Among Us (EAU) by Randolph Manweiler, an unemployed machinist living in Taos, New Mexico. During its first decade of existence EAU gathered a small following with its unique mixture of Millennial Christianity and Gnosticism. In 1994 Manweiler was found dead of heart failure in his Taos apartment, and control of the church passed to his second-in-command, a former male nurse named Michael Steuben.

In 1998 Steuben changed the name of the group to Universal Harmony (UH), closed the storefront that it had been using its meetings, and relocated operations to a ranch in the New Mexico desert. At the same time Steuben himself adopted the name Azriel Sol. According to the UH website church members believe that the future of humanity was charted by a French monk and theologian who lived in the 14th Century and wrote under the pen name Sansbarbus. UH has recently been targeted by the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for investigation of illegal weapons purchases.

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