Chungle Book

aka Omega_Prime_9 (PS4 User)

  • I live in United States-Connecticut
  • I was born on December 1
  • My occupation is Gamer
  • I am Male

Omega_Prime_9: Siege Enthusaist Edit

  • A member of Siege since Early Ember Rise

Favorite Operators:

  • Attacking Operators: Maverick, Finka & Fuze (I also love Montagne and Glaz)
  • Defending Operators: Kaid, Goyo, & Oryx (I also love Valkyrie and Maestro)

Echo/Maestro (coming soon!) and Fuze/Finka Main. However, I will play any character that I feel like would compliment the team nicely. I give it my best to choose a wide variety of Operators. A couple Operators may be listed in the Favorite Operators section that I don't have quite yet, and I'm working on that.

List of Owned Operators:Edit

Attackers: Edit

  • Pathfinders (Sledge Through IQ) 
  • Buck 
  • Blackbeard
  • Capitao
  • Jackal
  • Zofia
  • Finka

Defenders: Edit

  • Pathfinders (Smoke Through Bandit)
  • Frost
  • Valkyrie
  • Caviera
  • Mira
  • Ela
  • Kaid

All feedback is taken into consideration, any suggestions for more Ops will be appreciated. Just leave a comment on my Message Wall. Below is a general sense of my personality, I tried to use a website that didn't reveal too much of who I am as a person. This is simply due to the privacy that I cherish and would like to retain. There is also another link to show my personality traits and mental attitude.

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