About me

I'm a gamer in my 20s currently in college. I've been playing R6 since launch. I have almost a month of playtime spent on Siege and although I am not the best at the game, it is my favorite video game and I still enjoy playing it daily. 

Although my aim is not the best, I make up for it with my ability to come up with great strategies and being able to give great callouts.

I also like to contribute to this wiki in any way that can be helpful or fun. The colors on the operator templets at the bottom of each operator's screen...that was my idea. :) I've also added quite a few map layouts on some pages to help players learn the maps better. 


I play on Playstation and I normally average a high Silver to low Gold rank, but these past few seasons i've been getting high Gold.

My Mains

I mainly choose my Operators based around what map it is, along with what operators my teammates pick. For instance, I won't play Thatcher if we don't have a hard breacher, and if it's Presidential Plane I'm going for Glaz.


I jump around a lot with attackers and wouldn't say that I have a main. Even though I have over 50 hours of playtime as Glaz, I don't consider him someone I use very much anymore. Operators I do use a lot on attacking are:



I 100% am a Kapkan main! That doesn't mean I don't use other operators, because depending on the situation, I won't choose him. That said, he's my favorite Operator to use. I've used him more than any other operator in the game and I have no intentions to stop. I have many strategies on where I place my EDDs that result in me getting kills with them. I know many people have an issue with the fact that his EDDs no longer are an instant kill, but I feel like it's fair. I tell people "a good Kapkan can place his EDDs down and still get kills using them." In other words, if you know where to put them, the damage doesn't matter.

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