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Sandbox 1 - M120 CLEM for Gadget Pages
Sandbox 2 - Weapon Skin page rework (Temporary Archival)
Sandbox 3 - WIP pages

Gun Models/Unreleased Weapons without pages

Gun Game Mission/Map
AKMS Lockdown Estate

Unreleased/Cut/Other Skins

Name Image Cost Availability Weapon
Anthill N/A Unreleased for "being an influential member of the community"[1] All OR Seasonal
Concrete N/A Unreleased for "being an influential member of the community"[2] All OR Seasonal
Unnamed skin similar to Concrete and Anthill - N/A Unknown[3] At least the L85A2
Mutant Splatter Mutant Splatter L85A2 Skin N/A Unreleased (Ember Rise)[4] L85A2
PENTA 2019 300 R6S-credits-icon Unreleased for Pilot Program Wave 2[5] SMG-11
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