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About Me

Hello, my name is Michael, although most will call me Clover here. I don't necessarily care what you call me out of the two. Ghost Recon was actually my first FPS game, and I've always been interested in Tom Clancy titles ever since. Yeah, I was pretty bad at it considering I was a child, but I loved it! I'm very interested in firearms and military gear. Researching firearms is actually one of my hobbies! I'm very addicted to fighting and shooting games. I came here months ago to check on my favorite weapons in the games, but I noticed it was severely lacking. I joined to start adding info myself, to bring fans of Rainbow Six together, which I hopefully have. I LOVE anything Tom Clancy, and I hope to bring the same love I have to fans like me.

I'm one of the Admins of this wiki, and I fix things pertaining to the weapons section. I mainly handle the weapon pages, trivia for each firearm, and galleries (Showcases, gameplay screencaps, etc). Feel free to ask me any questions you have, but you might want to refer to other admins for questions about code.

I usually respond to messages within a few minutes/hours if you have any questions/concerns, and I will be sure to respond as fast as I can. I usually don't edit over weekends, but I'm still available around this time.

To Do List

  • Finish Iron Wrath mission pages.
  • Add more info (and screenshots) to weapon pages.
  • Add subsections for how weapon performs in game modes of all games to free up stub articles.
  • Add Critical Hour to weapon pages.
  • Move showcase images to infobox of weapon.
  • Make infoboxes for all weapons shown in each game.
  • Add weapon navboxes to each weapon subsection for each game.
  • Shorten weapon overviews.

Pages I contributed to

  • Pretty much all of the weapon pages for Rainbow Six 1, Rogue Spear, Raven Shield, Black Arrow, Lockdown, Vegas 1 and 2, and Siege!

My Signature


Rainbow Six games I played

My favorite pages!

  • 552 Commando - My favorite assault rifle is known as the 552 commando! It's been one of my favorite rifles of the Vegas series, and I'm happy it's back in Siege!
  • MP5 - The MP5N was my favorite SMG of Vegas 1 and 2.
  • Logan Keller - My favorite character of Vegas 1 and 2.

Fun Facts About Me (Just for fun)

  • My favorite defending operators in Rainbow Six Siege are the operators Mute and Castle. You might have been able to tell already for Mute.
  • My favorite attacking operators in Rainbow Six Siege are the operators IQ and Ash.
  • I've joined this wiki on October 2nd, 2015.
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