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Just like an inspired wine pairing can elevate an average meal, a well-thought combination of operators in Rainbow Six Siege can turn a chaotic hostage rescue into a flawlessly executed extraction. In the Siege closed beta earlier this month, fans previewed a significant chunk of the final retail game, getting a feel for 14 of the 20 operators and how their play styles complement each other (or don’t).

Since players live or die on the strength of their tactical teamwork in Siege, I asked our panel of experts (comprised of Wikia staff and a core group of super fans) about their favorite “operator pairings” from the closed beta. Their responses are below.

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Blitz and Fuze paired really well together when breaching into a room. Fuze's Cluster Charge is great for softening up (or killing!) any defenders in the room, and Blitz can just drop in, flash whoever's decided to stick around, and soak up damage while Fuze finishes the defenders off.” (Apprentice125)

“I loved picking Twitch and pairing up with a breacher like Sledge or Thermite . I'd drop one of my drones, quickly scan a room for hostiles or defenses, then give the all-clear to bust open a new doorway.” (Bbretterson)

“Fuze and Thermite. Surprise defenders by using Thermite’s breach to get through barriers, then have Fuze clear out the room.” (CaptMattSparrow)

“Having Twitch and Montagne seemed to pair really well together. It’s especially effective if you are communicating properly. Twitch deploys her shock drone that can disable traps and distract enemies. Montagne can be told where to move and dispatch the enemies easily.” (Knakveey)

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“Making it difficult for the enemy team to breach a room that has an objective in it is paramount. The synergy between Jager and Mute is very nice as they can disrupt any electronic and projectiles from entering the area around the objective. It makes playing defense much easier as the enemy team is forced to use only their firearms and breach charges” (Knakveey)

“Mute and Smoke. Take out the attacker’s gadgets and drones -- effectively blinding them -- then let them walk into a trap of poisonous smoke.” (CaptMattSparrow)

Doc and pretty much any other defender. I know it’s not as flashy to play a support role, but with one-life per round, having Doc at your side in a firefight can make or break a match.” (Jalbor)

Bandit and Mute also make a great pairing. Mute pairs well with a lot of operators (see Knakveey and CaptMattSparrow above), but in this case it’s Bandit that amplifies Mute’s abilities. Toss a Shock Wire on top of his Signal Disruptor, and the opposing team will have a lot of trouble disabling it.” (Jalbor)

“Smoke and Pulse is also a great combination. Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor will allow Smoke to detonate his Gas Grenade at the optimal time. If you place it without guidance, you might just gas your teammates by accident. Not that I ever did that…” (Bbretterson)