Me and some friends had an interesting operator idea. A new Austrailian, 2-speed, 2-armor attacker named Vulture. His gadget allows him to scavenge the operator ability of any defender or attacker killed. Whenever an attacker or defender operator dies, they drop a small destroyable black box. If the operator's gadget has already been deployed or used up, they do not drop a black box. For example: if Vulture kills Caviera or get's Caviera's box, he can steal her Silent Step ability. If Fuze uses one of his charges before dying, Vulture can salvage two charges for his own use off of him. He can only salvage three gadgets, after which he's either stuck with the last gadget he salvaged, or reverts back to having no gadget. He is a highly flexible operator that can mold to any playstyle.