This will take a while but it is going to be good. This is all opinionated and is subject to change.

Operator Rankings in PVP


  1. Thermite
  2. Sledge
  3. Montagne
  4. Fuze
  5. Ash
  6. Blackbeard
  7. Buck
  8. Blitz
  9. IQ
  10. Twitch
  11. Glaz
  12. Thatcher
  13. Recruit


  1. Rook
  2. Valkerie
  3. Doc
  4. Smoke
  5. Bandit
  6. Mute
  7. Jager
  8. Frost
  9. Tachanka
  10. Kapykam
  11. Pulse
  12. Castle
  13. Recruit

Operator Rankings in Terrorist Hunt


  1. Montagne
  2. Sledge
  3. Buck
  4. Blackbeard
  5. Thatcher
  6. Blitz
  7. Fuze
  8. Twitch
  9. IQ
  10. Glaz
  11. Ash
  12. Thermite
  13. Recruit


  1. Bandit
  2. Doc
  3. Rook
  4. Kapykam
  5. Tachanka
  6. Pulse
  7. Castle
  8. Frost
  9. Jager
  10. Valkerie
  11. Smoke
  12. Recruit
  13. Mute



Primary Weapons: 7/10

Sledge is able to equip the L85 which in my opinion, is a very good gun. His shotgun, however, is the worst shotgun in-game. I personally like the L85 with the holographic sight and the shotgun only in very easy matches. I dislike the ACOG scope. I think that if you want to use an ACOG, you probably like the magnification, use Glaz, and ACOG is practically useless in CQB, which RB6 is based off of.

Secondary Weapons: 9/10

Sledge is one of the two operators that is able to use the SMG-11, which I like to call an UZI. The SMG-11 is probably the best secondary weapon in-game and definitely could pass as a weak primary. Although I noticed that it received a slight nerf, the nerf is still not enough to balance the SMG-11 to the 225 MK 25. The SMG-11 comes useful when you have to escort the hostage and meet resistance on your way to the extraction point.

Ability: 10/10

Sledge has a sledge hammer which is a silent breaching charge that can be used a lot of time. I often use his sledgehammer to breech a room in multiple places to cause confusion. The sledgehammer, I think, is the most useful ability in terrorist hunt. It is needed to destroy all those annoying rooms of barbed wire and is a good humiliation tool when you kill people with it who are DNBO.

Usefulness: 10/10

You always want this guy in your team along with Thermite. No explanation needed.

Operators that work well with Sledge:

  1. Thermite
  2. Riot Shielders (Montagne in particular)

Operators that counter Sledge: None

Operators that Sledge counters:

  1. Mute
  2. Castle

Sledge in Terrorist Hunt: 10/10

Sledges capability of breaching multiple walls is really useful in Terrorist hunt mode, where you have to sack the building (usually) and having the element of surprise (wall breaches) can be very good since the terrorists are generally very stupid (with the exception to the bomber).

Gadget: 9/10

His gadget is the hand grenade and a breaching charge, which are arguably the 2 best and most useful in game. The breaching charge is kind of useless with Sledge because his hammer is pretty much the same thing but is very fun to created multiply holes in a room at the same time. The hand grenade is the best gadget in-game. It damages people very well and is a fun gadget to annoy people with. The only reason, why you wouldn't want to use the hand grenade is when its a hostage situation, which I personally would sill use to clear out rooms that do not contain the hostage.

My typical Sledge Loadout:


  • L85A2 with Holo, vertical grip, compansator
  • SMG-11 with Reflex sight, vertical grip and compensator
  • Hand Grenade


  • M590 with iron
  • SMG-11 with Reflex sight, vertical grip and compensator
  • Hand Grenade

Improvements that can be made to Sledge

  • Allow Sledge to hit unlimited times with his sledgehammer. A real life full metal military sledgehammer, would be able to strike much more than 10-15 hits
  • Give him a better shotgun or buff his original shotgun
  • Allow Sledge to smash and break the windows of the airplane
  • 'Allow Sledge to make a tiny hole in when he hits reinforced walls

Nerfs that can be made to Sledge

  • Give him 5 shots for his shotgun
  • Take away his L85 and replace it with an rifle that is just as bad as the FMG9

(Italicized statements are things that I would like to insert in-game)


Primary Weapons: 8/10

Thatcher has his 2 assault primary weapons: his AR33 and his L85. The L85 is a decent and standard gun for the British. His AR33 however, is a top-notch British gun. His AR33 has a good fire rate which I believe is faster than the L85 and does good damage as well along with the fire rate. The only bad part of the AR33 is that it has 26 bullets which causes you to reload more often. I equip the AR33 more than the L85 with Thatcher. And of course, he can also use the SAS trash shotgun just like Sledge.

Secondary Weapons: 7/10

The P226 is the lesser of the SAS secondaries, and is inferior compared to the SAS other secondary, the SMG-11. I think the pistol is an average one, just like the other operators pistols. I think that the reason the developers didn't give Thatcher the SMG-11 is that he has the AR33, which is pretty good.

Ability: 5/10

I don't think a lot of people who will agree with my rating but I will tell how I think of Thatcher's EMP grenades. Thatcher's EMP grenades can destroy any electronic things within its blast radius with the sometimes the exception of Jager's anti-grenade things. EMP grenades can also disable lasers, and even better, any type of sight except for iron sights. Here the explanation of why Thatcher's EMPs are not as good as you think. First of all, those EMP grenades are usually thrown behind reinforced walls to try to destroy the bandit batteries and mute jammers. When that happens, there is a blue explosive radius. Noticing the blue radius, is EVEN BETTER THAN SCANNING THEN ENEMIES, AND REVEALS THE ATTACKERS POSITION IMMEDIATELY. That is even better than scanning the enemy on camera. Now by them, giving away their position, there is NO MORE SENSE OF SURPRISE, because now we know that most likely Thermite is going to use his Thermite charges and breech the wall. By knowing this, there is time to train you guns on enemy positions and hide being cover and set C4. Thatcher is only useful for clearing out the annoying rooms of C4 in Terrorist Hunt. Otherwise Thatcher is not really good.

Usefulness: 5/10

Thatcher is as useful as his EMP grenades.

Operators that work well with Thatcher:

  1. Thermite
  2. Fuze

Operator that counter Thatcher:

  1. Jager

Operators that Thatcher counters:

  1. Mute
  2. Bandit
  3. Jager (sometimes)
  4. Pulse

Thatcher in Terrorist Hunt: 5/10

Thatcher is just a convinced in Terrorist Hunt mode as he can clear all those annoying rooms of C4 with an EMP faster than you can shoot them. He can also disable the bomber with an EMP grenade but seriously, you are just going to empty your clip at the bomber when you see one, and usually forget to go fancy and throw an EMP.

Gadget: 8/10

Thatcher can use a breaching charge or a stun grenade which are the two standard operator gadgets in-game. I would go with breaching charges because breaching charges always work. I would not use stun grenades, because stun grenades usually are not effective at stunning the enemy. Stun grenades are only good at alerting your opponents to your position. Breaching charges would pair up well with his EMPs, because if any Mute player dumb enough to put his mute jammers under regular barricades and/or unfortified walls, then his EMP would work with the breaching charge at the cost of surprising the enemy.

My Typical Thatcher Loadout:


  • AR33 with Holo, grip and compensator
  • P226
  • Breaching charge


  • L85 with Holo, grip, compensator and laser
  • P226
  • Breaching charge


  • M590 with iron and laser
  • P226
  • Breaching charge

Improvements that can be made to Thatcher

  • Give Thatcher 5 EMPs
  • Do not have the blue explosion radius in his EMPs
  • Make the EMPs glow blue slightly, not flashing blue
  • Let his EMPs disable any sights other than iron, lasers, and Pulse's sensor forever after they EMPs are thrown

Nerfs that can be made for Thatcher

  • Make the EMP explosive radius smaller


Primary Weapons: 6/10

Mute is just like the one of the operators in the GIGN; they get an MP5 and a pump shotgun. However, the MP5K is a copy of the MP5 and therefore isn't as good as it. The MP5K has a really good rate of fire but the damage isn't good. However, I am more comfortable with the recoil and its more predictable for me. The shotgun that Mute has is the worst in the game, and I have already established that.

Secondary Weapons: 7/10

His P226 is just the average pistol, and there is nothing unique about it. It would come in really usuful if you are being a troll and using his shotgun, when you have to engage in longer ranges which his shotgun is useless (its useless either way close or short)

Ability : 7/10

I have yet to seen a player who plays Mute correctly. His jammers have two purposes, to jam drones and to stop thermite charges. Usally players only do one of these (jam drones). Mute has two purposes for a reason. In preperation phase, you run and put your jammers where where drones might come (but drones can still jump over them). Then you pick up armour (if you have a Rook) and reinforce walls. Then you go pick up jammers and jam the reinforced walls or castle walls so they can't be breached. I feel that jamming castle walls on windows are the most effective, since then, the attackers will either have to go from another way or melee it 12 times, which by then you can C4 the window. 

Usefullness : 8/10

Mute can be a pain in the rear end for the enemy if used properly.

Operators that work well with Mute:

  1. Bandit
  2. Castle

Operator that counter Mute:

  1. Thatcher
  2. Twitch
  3. Fuze
  4. IQ

Operators that Mute counters:

  1. Thermite
  2. Fuze
  3. Twitch

Mute in Terrorist Hunt : 1/10

Mute is trash in terrorist hunt. There is basically nothing for his mute jammers to jam rendering his gadget useless and his weapons aren't really good either.

Gadget : 8/10

Mute's can use C4 or a put-down-shield which are two of the most useful gadgets for the defending team. I would go with C4 in PVP to deal with annoying riot shielders and a put-down-shield in terrorist hunt.

My Typical Mute Loadout:


  • MP5K with holo and compensator
  • P226
  • C4


  • M590
  • P226
  • C4

Improvements that can be made to Mute

  • Drones cannot jump over mute jammers
  • Mute jammers get a bigger jamming radius
  • Increase the damage on the MP5K by 2
  • Mute gets the SMG-11
  • When carrying his jammers Mute can jam drones

Nerfs that can be done to Mute

  • Increase the recoil on his MP5K to P90 recoil level
  • Mute cannot jam windows
  • Drones can jump over jammers more easier


Primary Weapons: 4/10

Smoke probably has downright the worst primary weapons in Rainbow six. His shotgun is absolute trash and his FMG9 is no better. I enjoy the fire rate of the FMG but the damage is very low and on top of that, the iron sights are not very clean. I would go with the FMG9 with the reflex because it is only good in close quarters and use it as a secondary and the SMG-11 as a primary. The SMG-11 outplays the FMG by alot even after the nerf. After the buff to pump shotguns, I would go with his shotgun now, since it can 1 shot kill someone at acceptable shotgun range.

Secondary Weapons: 9/10

Secondary weapons will be the most important thing that Smoke would need. Ubisoft enhanced this by giving Smoke the best secondary in my opinion, the SMG-11. I always treat the SMG-11 as a primary and equip it with ACOG / Holo, which I never do. (I usually put a reflex because it is very useful in close range). You would need the the SMG for long range encounters and short range encounters as his FMG and his shotgun are neither good in both.

Ablilty: 9/10

Smoke has three gas grenades, all doing damage over time. His gas grenades are useful for the counter of riot shield users, especially Montangne, since he is slow moving. His gas grenades, however, do not get any kills. His gas grenades are used for covering up a door when enemies open up something. That time when the smoke is active, you usually throw C4 in the direction of the enemy, since they always seem to be watching the smoke closely. Spraying also works after you smoke a doorway. I also find his Smoke grenades to be useful for taking out downed enemies. The only problem that I have with the smoke grenades are that the grenades can't be thrown far and the smoke radius should be bigger. 

Usefullness: 9/10

Smoke should be on every team on PVP because of his grenades that can be used to seal off doors and provide a hassle for the enemy. Smoke is also the best roamer and counter to riot shield guys since his smoke can be used as a C4 replacement when his uses up his C4. Also, if there are too many enemies for Smoke to fend off, then the could throw a smoke grenade and bolt.

Operators that work well with Smoke:

  • Anyone with C4

Operators that counter Smoke:

  • Thatcher
  • Twitch
  • IQ
  • Fuze

Operators that Smoke counters:

  • Montagne
  • Blitz
  • Fuze (with shield)
  • Recruit (with shield)

Smoke in Terrorist Hunt: 3/10

Smoke's not really good in terrorist hunt, because after you ran out of smoke grenades, which might get you one or two kills, you are stuck with a bad primary and a machine pistol that will you need to reload constantly.

Gadget: 8/10

Smoke can use the C4 and barbed wire. Barbed wire is just annoying, and I would always go with C4 just because of the annoying shields but barbed wire is also a good choice, because it can hold your enemies in place while you smoke them.

My Typical Smoke Loadout:


  • M590
  • SMG-11 with Reflex sight, vertical grip and compensator
  • C4


  • FMG9 with reflex
  • SMG-11 with Reflex sight, vertical grip and compensator
  • C4

Improvements that can be made to Smoke

  • Smoke gets a bigger smoke bomb that last longer and produces more smoke
  • FMG9 gets a damage buff
  • Smoke can throw his grenades farther

Nerfs that can be done to Smoke

  • Smoke grenades do not stick

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