Fuze is arguably one of the strongest attackers in the game when used correctly, but he never is. When I watch other players use Fuze, I get second hand embarrassment. Too many players just plant his charge in random locations hoping to get a kill on the unsuspecting anchor. This is probably the worst strategy to use with this operator. I used to main Fuze back in the beginning of Neon Dawn. His 3 armor rating was helpful to me, a player who wasn’t the best player at the time, and he has the best assault rifle in the game with the fastest TTK across all armor types. I realized that getting kills with his gadget is quite difficult without the luck of the clover on your side. What his gadget is good at is removing a lot of utility in a few seconds. Since this realization I began to play less of an entry frag role and more of a support role with him. If you utilize his gadget to the fullest, every shock wire, frost trap and ADS in a room will disappear. This makes the incoming push much easier for the hard breacher and entry frag operators. His charge acts like a frag grenade on steroids and works very well in conjunction with an Ace or Thermite. Once I got better at the game I decided to leave Fuze for another operator I was good at. This blog post is for any beginner who is struggling and wants to try something new to benefit their team. He can help open the wall and maybe even get a free kill with some luck. I wish any new player good luck with their Siege journey and fun for many many seasons to come.

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