Medlone Medlone 4 February 2017

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I love Rainbow Six games. And I love the idea of Wiki (free encyclopedia which can be edited by everyone), it's like a manual for the game, but made by players and people who are interested in series.

But... after browsing other Wikis and looking at this Wiki again - I now understand gripes from other users who came to this Wiki.

WARNING: Some parts of this blog are literally RANT or ENGRISH. English is not my native language, sorry in advance and thank you for reading.

To be honest my "main page" is Special:WikiActivity, but for most visitors it's Rainbow Six Wiki for sure. It looks... dated now, believe me. Some people may joke about game still being "beta", but that image in the corner is unnecessary. Slider is outdated too... so, I won't …

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Medlone Medlone 13 September 2016

Skull Rain and Reinforcements update

Useful links:

  • Mid Season Reinforcements - Official Page
  • Skull Rain - Official Page

New content
Skull Rain update (add new content: maps, ops, weapons, attachments, gadgets, features)
Mid Season Reinforcements update (add new content: attachments, gadgets, features)
  • Update original operators' pages with new formatting
  • Update weapons, gadgets and attachments pages

Special thanks to contributors who applied new formatting to other pages:
  • User:Aljohn_Salceda
  • User:GrimlockWarlock

Other stuff

  • Dust Line update
  • Black Ice update
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Medlone Medlone 9 May 2016

Dust Line update for wikia

Useful links:

  • Official "Operation Dust Line" webpage with detailed changelist
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dust Line wikia page

Changelist for wikia:

  • Dust Line content update (Maps, Operators, Weapons) Mostly Done, Needs More Info
  • New operators' loadouts Done
  • New weapons statistics WIP
  • Rebalance WIP
  • New skins and features (headgear, charms)

I still need to do some Black Ice updates too though.

Work in progress.

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Medlone Medlone 2 February 2016

Black Ice update for wikia

Here's webpage with detailed changelist

Changelist for wikia:

  • Thatcher can equip M590A1 now Done
  • Visual representation of armor-speed rating for Operators (for Infobox) Done
  • Content-wise update (Frost, Buck, Yacht pages) WIP
  • Fix weapon damage numbers (all Siege weapon pages needs to be revisited) WIP

Work in progress. Blog will be updated.

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Medlone Medlone 20 January 2016

JTF-2 Operator Pictures (repost from reddit)

External links:

In a nutshell: New operators - Frost and Buck, 5 new weapons. Also, possible new title screen.

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