I love Rainbow Six games. And I love the idea of Wiki (free encyclopedia which can be edited by everyone), it's like a manual for the game, but made by players and people who are interested in series.

But... after browsing other Wikis and looking at this Wiki again - I now understand gripes from other users who came to this Wiki.

WARNING: Some parts of this blog are literally RANT or ENGRISH. English is not my native language, sorry in advance and thank you for reading.

Main Page

To be honest my "main page" is Special:WikiActivity, but for most visitors it's Rainbow Six Wiki for sure. It looks... dated now, believe me. Some people may joke about game still being "beta", but that image in the corner is unnecessary. Slider is outdated too... so, I won't bring up every section from page, but I'll suggest a layout:

Left (main, large) column Right (small) column
Welcome message, short description about Wiki (example:Battlefield Wiki) Information about current season or operation (example:Overwatch Wiki)
Slider (1. Current Operation; 2.3.4. Other stuff like weapons, operators, characters) R6 Twitter Widget
Portals (more navigation options, examples:Battlefield Wiki, Counter-Strike Wiki) R6 Facebook Widget
News (posts about new operation or other big changes worth mentioning) Poll
Galleries or blogs Affliates/Sister Wikis

I'm working on new version of code for Main Page. There will be many ideas from other Wikis and I don't think of it as bad idea - it's all WikiMedia thing after all and I really appreciate all contributors who made it easier to edit other Wikis.

Weapon overviews

TL;DR - Almost all weapon articles need clean-up.

I appreciate nice write-ups by User:GhostVikingUSMC for weapon articles and he's doing great job by adding information about legacy games (not just Rainbow Six). At the same time I do understand why some users got confused. It's Rainbow Six Wiki - it's about everything related to R6 (also, by logic, that includes novels, maybe films and other things as well since it's not Gamepedia which center around video games only). I enjoy reading about how some weapons gain their popularity in RL or what action, cartridge or other unknown unique things they use, and that's a good material for gun forum or gun site, or even guns wiki. But not for R6 Wiki. Yeah, I'm still with my opinion about this one and open for debate.

Some pages being empty or not that helpful - it's actually alright. This Wiki's community and staff shouldn't feel bad for it, but it should encourage ourselves and other visitors to add information related to R6's media. I don't have old games to fill in information, but I do believe other people can do it. There's no need for countless "this weapon is featured" or not-related-to-game overviews to fill in that space. I want to read the article with mostly R6 information with some snippets from other sources (related to the game) and other facts (good old trivia or even header if weapon appeared more than 4 or 5 times).

So, good examples of doing weapon articles right is (by my opinion) Counter-Strike Wiki. Those articles are rich and that's because of its community. R6 is still not popular and community is still not that big... even Reddit still have no link to this Wiki (I may be wrong here though). But I want people to be encouraged by those empty pages, so... some people will see it as lack of information, but other will see "ok, I have this game/piece of information, so I will fill it". You guys will be the best! Thanks in advance! Articles with actual and related information is what some pages here needs most. Don't worry about formatting - it's and advanced thing for some, so... just text or image is fine. There are also local debates about way of formatting (like "Semi-automatic" or "Semi-Automatic") so...


TL;DR - Every in-game weapon should has its own dedicated page

By browsing other Wikis and staying a bit in Community Central I got one thing - Infoboxes are designed as good starting point for viewers (very pronounced in Mobile view) and thus... there should be only ONE infobox for each article (page). Yeah. This section might sound very "Mobile viewers" but yes - Wiki needs to be accessible to everyone (interested) in all forms it can be. That includes mobile view.

Basically I'm suggesting all pages with multi-sections (involving more than one Infobox) to be revamped to "Main Page and Subs" thing. So, for example it will be "MP5, MP5/R6, MP5/Siege" or maybe even "Siege/MP5", but the last one will be hard to search.

This change sound BIG and HARD to me. It won't be easy to implement and "why fix unbroken", but (in my opinion) it will:

  • Make editing easier by worrying about lesser amount of text while editing
  • Editing is easier again since you edit knowing the section and what information it needs
  • More visibility
  • Easier navigation (by having top links for every section, like "Trivia" and games, example: Touhou Wiki, Star Wars Battlefront Wiki)

I'm on the fence with this one though, because it's going to be hard to implement and:

  • It will increase the number of pages (but it should not be a problem, you do it while acknowledging how easy it will be edit pages afterwards)
  • It will increase the number of links (yeah, and that's the point - user wants to know something trivial? "Trivia" link on top should help you)
  • It's so just hard to even think about (..yeah, kinda hard to sit down and do it to be honest)

That's why this would be a good discussion and it would be great also to hear other points like "Why it's totally unnecessary".


"Rainbow Six Siege is designed for the long term."
— Header of Year One Roadmap blog post

Legacy games are great! I do see how Ubisoft is shifting towards mainstream though and want Siege to be the logo and mascot of all Rainbow Six video game series. I don't want to make big things from this quote or anything - but this will be the reason why Siege will be the most this Wiki and its Main Page is going to be about. There will be links to other games and media related to R6. But all those esports and how players love watching Siege growing up with every update - people will be in need for Siege information. Don't be discouraged about older games, they still have some articles to be filled up.

TL;DR - Siege content is taking over. Please don't worry!

Okay, you can skip this one:

Formatting Wars

  • "Semi-automatic" or "Semi-Automatic" - Wikipedia states it as "Semi-automatic". I don't know from where "Always uppercase after hyphen" came from, but minor edits with this being the only edit are getting ridiculous
  • <br>, <br/>, <br /> - The last one is the most compatible with all browsers (I think), but it's not that important even for a minor edit, it won't ruin viewer's experience at all. Also I think Wiki's editor is automatically fixes it
  • Tables are great, they look stylish, cool, useful and all that, but some articles just don't need them. At all.
  • It's very critical error or bad formatting error you found out? Okay, you may edit it out! It's minor? Okay, you can too. Minor errors on +20 pages? Okay, chill out and take it slow, I need to check Special:WikiActivity every day and see every edit for vandalism and all things, don't run me over with your OCDs please.
  • I would like to thank staff and contributors for doing nice work!

Thanks for reading! I want it to be discussion. I have some ideas which I can try to implement and address to my own gripes, but I don't want to fill up Special:WikiActivity with those "tests" and I still don't know how sandbox thing works.