Hello, yes I am back to wikia doing something. I haven't done much so I decided that the best thing to do would be to revamp once a gain my attachment ideas. I have been sitting here doing nothing so I might as well do something. Pls note that some of the attachments are from my 2nd attachment ideas, these are just some more. Anyways let's begin!


IRNV Scope

Returns once again except a bit different. The IRNV Scope is a 1x zoom Scope with night vision capabilities. This time the Scope can see through smoke, remote gas and other particle effects. The sight is disrupted by signal jammers and being in gas or smoke while aiming. To counter this problem while aiming pressing the fire mode switch button will switch the sight into a normal sight with the same reflex reticle and acog details. The sight also can be disabled by thatchers's EMP on defenders side.


Can see in dark areas

Can see through smoke

Has a normal vision


Nearly impossible to see in bright light with IRNV on

Normal vision has no special effects

Can be disrupted by mute jammers and thatcher's EMP in IRNV mode

Most obstructive 1x zoom optic

This sight is available on all assault rifles, DMRs (excluding the Ots-03), and all SMGs (excluding the UMP-45, MP5k, Mpx, 9mm c1, M12, and P90).

Vortex Scope

A 3x zoom Scope for long distance firing. Basically it.


Highest zoom rating


Large and obstructive

Terrible close quarters

Only available for a small amount of weapons

This optic is only usable with the C7E, AR33, 556xi, Aug A2, R4-C, C8-SFW, and all DMR's excluding the Ots-03.


Basically before I go over this is taking up the Underbarrel slot for the laser because there isn't much stuff for underbarrel so this makes more sense.

Extended Mags

You know what this is pretty much. An increase in mag caps at the cost of reload speed. Reserve ammo is however not increased. Certain weapons have a higher mag increase for example the C7E will have 40+1 but the R4-C would have 45+1.


Increase mag cap

Available on nearly every weapon

LMGs have guaranteed twice the ammo cap


Slight reload time increased (10%)

Reserve ammo not increased

Some weapons have lessor affect on the increase

This accessory is available on all weapons except for pistols, machine pistols, and DMRs.

Compact mag

Opposite of the extended. Faster reloads by 25% at the cost of smaller mags. Some weapons have even smaller mags then others. The C7E has 18+1 but the F2 will have 25+1.

Pros ah you know what no I don't need to

This is equipable on the same weapons as extended

Recoil control stock

This is simple, reduced horizontal and vertical recoil by 25%.


Less recoil


Well uh you are sacrificing some other useful attachments

Available for Assault rifles, LMGs, DMRs and the MP5SD.

Shotgun Stuff

For shotguns only! All attachments have no weapon restrictions


Increased range, reduced damage fall off seems op right! Well there is one problem, each pellet does less damage.


Increased range by 25%

Reduced damage fall off by 30%


Reduced damage per pellet by 30%


A barrel that changes the spread to a more horizontal approach, useful for headshots. No need for pros and cons.

Shotgun Accessories

Basically ammo types.


Tighter spread and increased damage per pellet by 50%. Hard to hit multiple targets and increased damage fall off by 60%.


Increased damage

Tighter spread

Good at making murderholes and killing singular targets


Makes a shotgun crap further then 3 feet

Terrible for hitting multiple targets

Half the pellets are fired

HE Rounds

Explosive rounds with extra bang for ya buck!


Slightly increased damage

Extremely great at making murderholes

AOE effect

Extremely powerful on direct hits


Terrible accuracy

Heavily reduced range

Small aoe range (2.5 meters)

Increased chance of self inflicted and team damage

Reduced ammo count for your mag tube and reserve


Used for longer ranged attacks.


Increased range

Tighter spread

Reduced damage fall off


Cuts damage in half per pellet

Terrible at making murderholes


Those were all the new ideas! Anyways if you find anything underpowered or overpowered suggest any rebalance. Anyways bye.