I had a horrible losing streak against a team of platinums yesterday and it's negatively effecting the way I enjoy playing rainbowsix siege to the point where I considered trying out a different game to just get away from the pro league material bullshit in multiplayer.

Usually I'm a tough player to kill along with do everything I can to help my team win from sneaking up on players for quick kills or locating enemies on the map so my teammates can prepare themselves for an immenient attack.

But with these platinum players it's nearly fucking impossible to sneak up on let alone get an successful Assualt on them as they know the damn map too well and somehow have God like accuracy.

After four matches of this I felt defeated and confused on how to approach any match from now on because I'm afraid my teammates will just die like flies against people who do this for a chance to join the ESL.

Fuck the multiplayer, I'm going to play something.