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"This battle rifle features the same famous system for mitigating muzzle rise seen in its .45 ACP cousin. It is fed from a 50-round drum."
— In-game description

The V308 is an assault rifle featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in the Operation Chimera expansion pack. It is available for use by the CBRN Operator Lion.[1]

Weapon Attachments

Under Barrel


The V308 is a Battle Rifle that is chambered in the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge. The gun uses the chassis and feed system of the KRISS Vector, known as the Vector .45 ACP in-game, which is a weapon available for the GEO operator Mira as well as the FES operator Goyo. According to the weapon's description, the weapon also utilizes the recoil mitigation system in the Vector to reduce vertical muzzle climb.

Unlike its .45 ACP cousin, it cannot equip the Extended barrel. However, it can equip the angled or vertical grip as well as 5 optics; the M4S Red Dot, Holographic, Reflex, Scope 2.0x and the ACOG (Scope 2.5x). The gun also has a high 50+1 capacity, which is the highest in the rifle class. It has an average reload time at 3.3 seconds empty and 2.4 seconds tactical and also has a 0.4 millisecond ADS time and .28 milliseconds with the angled grip.

Along with all the customization and ease of use, the gun also possesses a high damage per shot and average damage per second compared to other attacker rifles. With the high damage, the gun has a very consistent shots to down/kill. It takes 3 shots to down or kill an enemy of any armor rating and also level 1 armor enemies wearing Rook armor. It then takes 4 shots to down or kill a level 2 and 3 armor rating wearing Rook armor. This makes the gun very deadly on paper, but the low RPM and average DPS make it balanced. 

The weapon has above average recoil, in both vertical and horizontal aspects compared to the other rifles in the game, so using a Flash Hider or Compensator with a Vertical Grip is a good option to reduce muzzle climb and horizontal recoil.

With all these aspects combined, the V308 is a very versatile weapon and has a high damage profile and mag capacity but is balanced out by a lower RPM and damage range.


  • The V308's was incorrectly stated to have a fire rate of 850 RPM. This has since been fixed following Patch 3.1.1.[2][3]
  • The V308's drum magazine is based on the X-Products X-91 HK91/G3 50-round drum magazine, similar to the G8A1's said drum magazine. As for the stock, it uses the Magpul UBR Stock.
  • There is no real-life version of the KRISS Vector that is chambered in a .308 round, or any intermediate/full-powered rifle cartridge. This version of the gun simply uses the chassis and feed system of a Vector, but is chambered in a .308 round. The V308 is a completely fictional version and use of the Vector system and does not exist in real life.


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