Violet Scythe
Location Novo Brdo, Kosovo
Date March 10, 2003
07:00 Hours
Objective Rescue hostages
Neutralize all terrorists
Game Rainbow Six Rogue Spear (GBA)
Next mission Operation: Resolute Bridge
Previous mission Operation: Descending Crown

Violet Scythe is the eighth mission of the Gameboy Advance game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective: 

Control - The UN soldiers have been rescued, but Lt. Major Ramsey couldn't be found. Intelligence reports that he might be held in the old city's northern district. 

Your mission is to enter the district and rescue the Lt. Major. 

Remember, their plan has partially failed. The enemy won't hesitate to kill the hostage as soon as they notice you are in the area. 


John Clark - Our job in Kosovo isn't over yet. We're still trying to figure out why ex-KLA would try such an action, knowing that the release of Bekim Kerushi is highly unlikely. Even though we've got our ringleader, this situation is just a little too similar to last year's mission in Djakovica. Get in there, rescue the UN officer and put an end to this. 

Mission success

John Clark - Talking with Lt. Major Ramsey was important. He discovered that there was an organization operating from within Russia, providing his captors with weapons and - more importantly - intelligence. How everything we are facing ties to Russia is strange. Especially now that Kiriakov has been captured. We hope to have more information soon.