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"The closer you are to death, the more vibrant life becomes."
— Wamai

Ngũgĩ Muchoki Furaha, codenamed Wamai, is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. He was introduced in the Operation Shifting Tides expansion alongside Kali.


Born to a fishing family on the coast of Kenya, Furaha spent his childhood hunting sharks and collecting lost treasures from the ocean floor of the Lamu Archipelago. It soon became apparent that he was able to stay underwater far longer than his peers, and medical exploration revealed an abnormal physiology that contributed to Furaha's long-held belief that he was “not from here.” When the opportunity arose to join the Kenyan Navy, and later the Kenya Special Boat Unit, he put his skills to good use. He quickly drew the attention of generals within the navy as well as the worldwide scientific community for his prolific and frequent record-breaking freedives. He later transitioned to NIGHTHAVEN, drawn by the promise of more down-time and a private boat to take him to where his next dive site might be.

In 2019, Furaha and other NIGHTHAVEN operatives answered a distress call on the super tanker Argus. Pirates attacked the ship and threatened to kill everyone onboard should they not receive command of the ship. NIGHTHAVEN was able to successfully neutralize the pirates without such incident. This incident later led Furaha, Kali, and by extension, NIGHTHAVEN, to be recruited into Rainbow.

In early 2022, Furaha was places on Team Kali for the Six Invitational. At the conclusion of the event, Kali officially cut ties with Rainbow and managed to recruit all of the Rainbow operatives on their team into NIGHTHAVEN. Wamai and the other NIGHTHAVEN operatives supported Kali's decision and left the organization as well.

Psychological Profile[]

Talking to Specialist Ngũgĩ Muchoki “Wamai” Furaha is like talking underwater. Words are exchanged, but it's not certain that meaning follows. […] Surprisingly, I find myself refreshed by our exchanges. There's a purity that comes with free association, with being able to jump from one abstract concept to the next. Furaha senses, too, when other people are likely to get lost – at the moments where I find myself most without an anchor, his quick smile and change of topic reassure me that we have not gone beyond all human thought, never to return. […] It makes me question whether I should be more flexible in my thought processes, followed quickly by wondering, if I were, who I would become.

The existential questions raised by someone who spends their free time anoxic are not those we ask ourselves often. And, perhaps deprived of Furaha's particular sensitivity to these topics, I'm not certain I see value in them. His unaccustomed approach results in strategies that are completely alien. Furaha's ability to conceptualize 3D space in not just the horizontal but the vertical is something I've only seen in the most obsessive of pilots. Yet his internal dimension is surprisingly absent.

I once spoke with a renowned monk who had spent his life in pursuit of “complete zero.” In him, I saw the same depth of being I see now in Furaha, but where many people's spirituality serves to shore up those parts of their personality that they most admire, theirs is the inverse. Furaha's life is in service to his spirituality. Anoxia is part of his addiction.

In all of my consultations, I strive for neutrality. Furaha is a talented operator, capable, intelligent, and unpredictable. His ability to put a room at ease is invaluable. Yet one never has the sense that they hold the whole picture of him in their mind. Like the nitrogen that must disperse back into the diver's body before resurfacing, Furaha's true nature is diffuse. To define him would be to limit him, and I have the distinct sense that there is nothing he would despise more.

- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description[]

A Medium Armored Operator, Wamai's Unique Gadget is the Mag-NET, essentially a powerful electromagnet that intercepts and redirects projectiles towards itself, then detonates them. As well as drawing projectiles away from their intended targets, it can be used strategically to use Attacker's projectiles against them.

  • Wamai starts the round with 1 Mag-NET and gains another every 40 seconds into the round. He will gain a new one right as the Action Phase begins.
  • The Mag-NET is deployed by throwing and can stick to any surface, except other gadgets.
  • Mag-NETs can be easily destroyed by any damage source; including melees and gunfire.
  • When an Attacker projectile enters a Mag-NET's active radius of 3.5 meters and line of sight, the Mag-NET will stop the projectile's flight midair, reset the projectile's detonation timer, attract the projectile toward it, then detonate it at the Mag-NET's location 3.5 seconds after the Mag-NET has grabbed the projectile.
  • Each Mag-NET can only grab one projectile, up to 6 projectiles in total.
  • If a Mag-NET is destroyed before its projectile explodes, the grabbed projectile will be dropped and return to normal behavior.
  • Projectiles attracted by Mag-NETs are physically normal, and those that can be destroyed by gunfire can still be destroyed when they are captured.
  • Mag-NETs have a light throwing profile, similar to Impact Grenades. This means Mag-NETs can be thrown a fair distance if need be.
  • The Mag-NET can attract and detonate Attacker projectiles and gadgets, including:
  • Hibana's X-KAIROS Pellets and Twitch's Shock Drone charges are not affected by the Mag-NET.
  • One projectile cannot simultaneously activate Wamai's Mag-NETs and Jäger's ADS.
  • If a projectile simultaneously enters the active radius of a Mag-NET and an ADS, the ADS is prioritized over the Mag-NET.
  • Kills caused by projectiles that were attracted by Mag-NETs are attributed to the original owners of the projectiles, except in the case where a Hostage who has not moved is damaged by a projectile attracted by a Mag-NET, in which case Wamai is considered to have injured the hostage.
  • If the Hostage was moved by an Attacker picking them up however, damage dealt to the hostage from a projectile attracted by a Mag-NET is attributed to the Attacker.


  • Wamai can work with Goyo to make the Volcán Shield act like a trap if Attackers were to throw an explosive like a Frag Grenade into a Mag-NET's area of effect. The Mag-NET would pull the Frag Grenade to itself and detonate the Volcán Shield.


  • IQ can detect the Mag-NET, just like other electronic gadgets.
  • If the Mag-NETs do not have a direct line of sight of Thatcher's EMP grenades, they will temporarily disable the Mag-NETs.
  • While not a direct counter, Fuze's Cluster Charge can destroy a Mag-NET, whilst the other charges can explode within the room.
  • Twitch's Shock Drone can destroy Mag-NETs if they are within range of the dart.
  • If close enough when deployed on a wall, Kali's LV Lances can destroy Mag-NETs.


  • Mag-NET x 6
"Thrown adhesive gadget that affects and captures an opponent's projectile, and then self-destructs to detonate it."
— In-game Description

The Mag-NET System is a thrown, adhesive gadget. It sticks to surfaces and walls. Its function is to attract an opponent's projectile to its position, reset the detonation timer, then exploding that projectile.

This way, not only can Wamai make Attackers' grenades and projectile gadgets useless, but he can also use strategic placement to turn those projectiles against them. There's nothing quite like a commandeered stun or frag grenade to turn the tide in Wamai's favor. Starting with one Mag-NET, Wamai regularly gains an additional charge up to a maximum of five. Make sure to place them wisely, as they can be destroyed with a single hit should they be spotted.

Device Evaluation[]

Device: Magnetic Neutralizing Electronic Targeting (Mag-NET) System
Operator: Specialist Ngũgĩ Muchoki "Wamai" Furaha
Evaluation Lead: Emmanuelle "Twitch" Pichon, Project Lead Defense R&D

Mira -

Specialist Jaimini Kalimohan (Kali) Shah came to see me. Apparently Specialists Ngũgĩ Muchoki (Wamai) Furaha and Shuhrat (Fuze) Kessikbayev have been spending a lot of time in the shoot house, testing various strategies against each other. Kali was concerned that Fuze might be getting too familiar with her proprietary technology. So let's do just that.

As far as perimeter defense systems go, it's pretty smart for a "not-smart" object. Neodymium magnets, arranged in a Halbach cylinder, create the pull when an object of sufficient magnetic mass enters its detection radius. After that, the magnets pull the captured object apart, destroying the device itself in the process. This type of autothysis is wasteful, but effective. Much like Specialist Max (Mozzie) Goose's Pest, nothing is left for the enemy to analyze. Due to the alloys I use in our drones, they won't be affected. Other Operators are going to have to make a decision: Carry only Claymores or Breach Charges, or learn to recognize when the Mag-NET System is active. I will be doing both.

-- Twitch


Wamai's Quotes
  • "Be on your guard."
  • "Come. Breathe with me."
  • "Enhance your calm."
  • "I agree."
  • "I look forward to working with you."
  • "If you feel overwhelmed, simply breathe."
  • "If you need help, just call."
  • "I'm glad we are on the same side."
  • "It is true. This moment will never exist again."
  • "Silent is safe. You understand?"
  • "Strategy begins with a thought."
  • "The longer the wait, the greater the reward."
  • "The longer we wait, the more brats we take."
  • "There's room for error in every approach."
  • "Waiting... I know how to do that."
  • "We are what we pretend to be."
  • "We'll talk later."
  • "We'll work well together."
  • "What beauty does the world hold for us today?"
  • "Your dedication is appreciated."
Deploying Mag-NET
  • "Adding overwatch."
  • "Adding some protection from grenades."
  • "Boosting our defences."
  • "Catching projectiles."
  • "Defences up."
  • "Defences online!"
  • "Deploying device!"
  • "Deploying Mag-NET."
  • "Device in play."
  • "Device active."
  • "Device deployed."
  • "Device discharged."
  • "Device en route."
  • "Device out."
  • "Device going out!"
  • "Device thrown."
  • "Device set."
  • "Increasing our defences."
  • "I will watch over us."
  • "Mag-NET activated."
  • "Mag-NET active."
  • "Mag-NET deployed."
  • "Mag-NET expanded."
  • "Mag-NET online."
  • "Mag-NET ready, let them come."
  • "Mag-NET set!"
  • "Mag-NET will watch over us."
  • "My Mag-NET will protect us."
  • "Perimeter defence active."
  • "Perimeter defence online."
  • "Perimeter defence up."
  • "Raising our defences!"
  • "Ready for grenades."
  • "Retargeting."
  • "Stay clear of the blast zone."
  • "There goes the element of surprise."
  • "Think of the Mag-NET as your lucky charm."
  • "This will protect us."
  • "Throwing device."
  • "Throwing Mag-NET."
  • "We are protected."
  • "We know their approach vector."
  • "You can worry less about grenades now."
Setting Deployable Shield
  • "Deploying shield!"
  • "Shield's ready!"
  • "Shield's up!"
Setting Barbed Wire
  • "Deploying razor wire."
  • "Razor wire deployed."
  • "Razor wire in position."
  • "Razor wire up."
  • "Floor reinforced!"
  • "Floor reinforcement complete!"
  • "Floor secured."
  • "Reinforcing the floor!"
  • "Reinforcing wall!"
  • "Securing the floor!"
  • "Wall fortified."
  • "Wall secured!"
  • "Wall's done."
  • "Barricade up!"
  • "Door secured!"
  • "Doorway secured."
  • "Window barricade up!"
  • "Window secured."
  • "Window's barricaded!"
  • "Changing mags."
  • "I'm reloading!"
  • "I need to reload."
  • "Loading ammo."
  • "Loading new magazine."
  • "Loading new mag."
  • "Out of ammo."
  • "Reload."
  • "Reloading."
  • "Reloading, cover me!"
  • "Swapping mags."
No More Ammunition
  • "Ammo's out!"
  • "I'm dry."
  • "I'm out of ammo."
  • "No ammo!"
  • "No more mags."
  • "Ran dry, last mag."
  • "Aiding friendly."
  • "Applying first aid."
  • "Giving aid!"
  • "Helping ally!"
  • "I'll get you through this. I promise."
  • "I will be you strength."
  • "Lean on me."
  • "Let me help you up, my friend."
  • "You'll be alright."
  • "You're strong. You will survive this."
Scanning Enemies
  • "Enemy inbound."
  • "Hostile in my sight!"
  • "Hostile spotted."
  • "Tango located."
  • "Target detected."
  • "Target located."
  • "They're here."
  • "We have company."
Friendly Fire
  • "Blue on blue! Don't shoot!"
  • "Cease fire! Cease fire!"
  • "Friendly! Cease fire!"
White Masks Reloading
  • "Target is reloading."
  • "They're swapping mags."


  • Ash strongly opposed Kali and Wamai's recruitment into Rainbow, telling Six he was "making a mistake".
  • "Wamai" is a derived from the Swahili phrase "wa maji" (pronounced "wa ma-yi"), which means "of water", referencing Wamai's naval background.
  • Wamai's middle and last name mean "happy hour" in Shona.


Concept Art[]