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|birthplace = [[wikipedia:Hong Kong|Hong Kong, Central]]
|birthplace = [[wikipedia:Hong Kong|Hong Kong, Central]]
|dob = May 12, 1983
|dob = May 12, 1983
|age = 35
|height = 5'3" (1.60M)
|height = 5'3" (1.60M)
|weight = 115lbs (52KG)
|weight = 115lbs (52KG)
|unlock = {{Color|renown|25,000}} {{Currency|renown}}<br />{{Color|credits|600}} {{Currency|credits}}<br />Free for Season Pass owners
|unlock = {{Color|renown|25,000}} {{Currency|renown}}<br />{{Color|credits|600}} {{Currency|credits}}<br />Free for Season Pass owners
|speed = <span style="font-size:24pt">&#9679;&#9679;&#9675;</span><br /><small>Medium</small>
|speed = <span style="font-size:24pt">&#9679;&#9679;&#9675;</span><br /><small>Medium</small>
|armor = <span style="font-size:24pt">&#9679;&#9679;&#9675;</span><br /><small>Medium</small>}}
|armor = <span style="font-size:24pt">&#9679;&#9679;&#9675;</span><br /><small>Medium</small>
{{Quote|The punch starts from the heart and does not miss.|[ Blog's subtitle]}}
{{Quote|The punch starts from the heart and does not miss.|[ Blog's subtitle]}}
[[File:Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Blood Orchid Ying Operator|300px]]
[[File:Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Blood Orchid Ying Operator|300px]]

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"The punch starts from the heart and does not miss."
Blog's subtitle
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Blood Orchid Ying Operator

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Blood Orchid Ying Operator

Siu "Ying" Mei Lin (Chinese: 蕭美蓮[1]) is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Blood Orchid expansion alongside Lesion and Ela.[2]


Born in the comfortable Central district of Hong Kong, Siu Mei Lin was a close protection operative before joining the Special Duties Unit (SDU). With her acute reflexes and cunning CQB methods, she took the lead on several VIP and witness protection operations.

Having deployed an explosive short-range power and combat skills, she joined an elite security service school after graduation. Aiming to become an all-purpose operative, she traveled to a female exclusive training facility in Tel Aviv, Israel. She spent two years there, developing an expertise in firearms and driving maneuvers. Part of Operation High Sun.

After completing her program she returned to Hong Kong, where she ensured the protection of several high-risk profiles. In 2008, she reoriented her toward the police force after being involved in a kidnapping situation.

She was first recruited to review the processes used by the Police Tactical Force's Security Wing. During this time, her interest to lead international rescue operations grew, which drove her to apply to the SDU.

As a Flying Tiger (SDU), she uses her experience in close protection to ensure minimum casualties while leading high-risk operations amidst Hong Kong's dense urban population.[3]

Psychological Profile

Her easy-going manner allows her to blend in, making her clients and teammates feel both secure and comfortable. Shows potential signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. She admitted having flashbacks of the car crash when she rushes into high-risk situations involving a number of civilians. Her extreme driving maneuvers may be a way for her to cope with stress, to assert control over those memories.[4]

Gameplay Description

A Medium Armored Operator, Ying comes equipped with her Candelas, specialized timed explosives which can either be thrown or anchored onto a deployable surface to shoot out six flash charges into an area.

  • Each Candela contains six customized Flash Charge that function slightly differently to Stun Grenades.
  • When tossed onto the floor, the Candela will immediately open to fire flashes in a star pattern (five flashes as the corners and then one in the middle), and will detonate in the order they are fired.
  • If it is deployed on a breakable surface, the Candela will act similarly to Fuze's Cluster Charges, firing its flashes on the other side of the surface. The first 5 flashes will fly in a line with the 6th flash dropping in front of the Candela charge. The 6th flash will detonate first, followed by the rest detonating in the order they are fired, every fifth of a second.
  • The effective range of the Flash Charges are far larger in size than a regular Stun Grenade, as it can reach across entire hallways (over 10 meters). However, the duration of each flash is half-a-second from such a distance, up to roughly 3 seconds at point-blank.
  • The maximum effectiveness of these Flash Charges (roughly 4 seconds) is reached if the Operator is progressively flashed by all six flashes. This requires no obstruction, thus a smaller room or narrow hallway.
  • The Candelas can be thrown like regular grenades, but they have a few other deployment options:
  • Like the Frag Grenade, it can be cooked before release. However, cooking a Candela will delay its fuze, not shorten it.
  • There are three lights on the Candela that will progressively light up; for each one lit, the Candela's delay timer will extend. 1 light is a 1 second-delay, two lights is a 3-second delay, and three lights is a 5-second delay.
  • Without being cooked, the Candela will unleash the flashes once it hits the ground, or after an extended amount of time of being in flight. The latter can be observed when tossing it high into the air outside.
  • Unlike other grenades, upon contact on the ground with its delayed timer, Candelas will not bounce around. Instead, it will start to roll smoothly, continuing in the direction it was thrown towards, rolling along walls and other physical obstacles.
  • Alternatively, when used against a breachable surface, cooking your release here will set an increasingly long delay timer. Candelas are vulnerable to destruction though.
  • Much like Fuze, the Candela can also punch through Castle's Armor Panels, though the hole left behind is much smaller.
  • Unlike normal grenades, Candelas can be destroyed by gunfire if they're shot before they activate.
  • Ying wears special glasses that make herself immune to her own flashes, which activate via a blue tint that can be seen from both herself and other Operators. However, she is only immune to her own Candelas, not regular Stun Grenades or Blitz's Flash Shield.


  • Thatcher, IQ and Twitch can be helpful allies when faced with a Jäger, as they can take out the Magpies before they can take out Ying's Candelas.
  • Fuze is a natural partner to Ying due to their similar functions. After Ying blinds enemies within with her Candela, Fuze can use his Cluster Charge to quickly take out the disoriented Defenders.
  • Utility-wise, Capitão can be a good ally to maximize disorientating enemies with his Micro Smoke Grenades alongside Ying's Candelas.


  • Candelas can be shot and destroyed by bullets and explosions.
  • Barbed Wire will slow down the Candelas' rolling speed.
  • Jäger's Active Defense Systems are able to shoot down Candelas that come into range, thus preventing all six flashes.
  • Even if the Candela is allowed to dispatch its flashes, the ADS can still target each separate flash it sends out.
  • Conversely, Ying can disable all three Defense Systems through a well-placed Candela, provided all charges come in range of all of them.
  • Being an electronic gadget, the Candelas can be destroyed by Bandit's Shock Wires like other gadgets of its type.



Unique Gadget

Unique Gadget

Candela x 3

"Cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored on a surface or rolled out like a grenade."
— Candela Description

Inspired by the new breed of stun grenades showcased by the SAS, this mercury and magnesium based explosive creates a multitude of blinding flashes. The Candela device releases a cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored on surfaces or thrown out as a grenade. This non-lethal explosive was specifically adapted to lead operations in Hong Kong’s densely populated areas, hereby limiting the risk of casualties. Coming with tinted eye pieces and earplugs, this device is geared to give your team a few precious seconds to break in and neutralize enemies.[2]


Ying's Quotes
  • "And then there was light."
  • "Been there, lit that."
  • "Don't blink."
  • "Ever saw The Symphony of Lights? I do it better."
  • "Hmph."
  • "I knew this guy once, it didn't end well. I broke his drone."
  • "I'm in the mood for some serious asskicking."
  • "I won't make this easy for you."
  • "If you can't keep up with me, you're dead weight."
  • "Let's not change history. My team always makes it though."
  • "Make sure they know you got what it takes."
  • "Make this one count."
  • "Never say goodbye. It sets you up for failure."
  • "No matter what happens, keep moving."
  • "So little time, so much asskicking."
  • "Stay focused, that's your best weapon out there."
  • "There's no room for hesitation here."
  • "They'll try to lure you in, but remember who's boss."
  • "This job will take everything from you, and then some."
  • "Waterproof everything. Puddles can be your worst enemy."
  • "With the right pace, killing becomes dancing too."
Throwing Candela
  • "Blinding them."
  • "Brace for flash."
  • "Brighten up."
  • "Flash incoming."
  • "Flash out."
  • "Lights on."
  • "Lighten up."
  • "Put your shades on."
  • "Rolling out."
  • "Stunning them."
  • "Throwing lights."
Anchoring Candela
  • "Flash set."
  • "Lights in position."
  • "Lights set."
  • "Setting up."
  • "Setting up flash."
  • "Setting up lights."
  • "Type 66 is up."
  • "Type 66 set."
Using Drone
  • "Screening."
Scanning Enemies
  • "Enemy spotted."
  • "Located enemy."
Getting Hostage
  • "Hostage recovered."
  • "Hostage retrieved."
  • "Hostage secured."
  • "Recovered the hostage."
  • "Retrieved the hostage."
  • "We have the hostage."
Moving Hostage
  • "Ceot1 faat3!" (Cantonese: 出發!)
  • "Come on. Let's go."
  • "Let's go."
  • "Stay with me."
Dropping Hostage
  • "Don't move."
  • "Stay here."
  • "Stay put."
  • "Administrating aid."
  • "Friendly injured."
  • ""ngo5 hai6 dou5!""
  • ""我係到!""
Friendly Fire
  • "Cease fire!"
  • "Friendly! Cease fire!"
  • "Hold your fire!"


  • Ying (Chinese: 螢), means "Firefly" in Chinese.
  • A Candela is an SI unit measurement for luminous intensity, specifically in regards to a particular direction.
  • In 2004, Ying had an altercation with Spetsnaz Operator Shurat "Fuze" Kessikbayev, considering him to be a "questionable asset" due to believing he had a disregard for civilian lives. It was only after FBI SWAT Operator Eliza "Ash" Cohen stepped in to help resolve it. The events of this altercation were redacted.[5][6]
  • Ying once collaborated and was formerly romantically involved with SAT Operator Masaru "Echo" Enatsu. They started dating in 2005 before breaking up a year later.[6]
  • Curiously, unlike the other Operators available in Outbreak, Ying has no unique lines.

Gameplay Videos

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- HOW TO USE YING - OPERATOR PROFILE

Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth- HOW TO USE YING - OPERATOR PROFILE

Patch Changes


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